Greenzone is our favourite camo, no doubt. This time we present you  the newest Wisport backpack- the ZipperFox. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, it has green straps. Why? Because original, greensone straps are waaaaay to expensive, so the producer decided to use single-color straps. Yes, it decreases camoflaged area, but it keeps the price lower.



ZipperFoxs’ design was, according to the producers,  inspired by a Silverfox backpack. It has 40L capablility and weights aruond 1,5kg. It’s available in clolors Olive, CB, black and RAL-7013, priced at 126€ and A-TACS FG/LE, Multican, PenCott Greenzone and Badlands camos, with single color straps for 137€. As you can see it’s preety well priced, especially when you consider how complicated it is. There are no problems with quality, except the color of course. Although, if the were to use Greenzone straps, the price would increase to 160€ (you can get those, if you put up a special order).

Main chamber
From the outside, the front and sides are covered with MOLLE space- as you can not on the entire Surface, only where it is most commonly used.


Yep, the view is quite painful.when you compae it to Vector 2 or Sparrow backpacks with GZ straps, those olive ones just hurt. there is also a velcro panel for patches and 4 rings for extra equipement.


Attaching pouches on the sides may be tricky, due to how the compression straps are placed.

But there are more important thing than camo. As you can se the overall shape is preety constricted, with compression straps on the sides and bottom with buckles and elastic bands to gather extra straps. They are long enough to be used to hold extra equipement. There are three carry handles, one on te top and two on the sides. Side ones can be used co stabilise carried gear, for example a gun.


The bottom of the backpack- you won’t be able to attach any pouches, but you definitely can carry a sleeping bag or a jacket. you may also notice a pocket for a rain cover

Alright, time to get to the point- a real treat, the main zipper, which, when zipped all the way down, makes the entire backpack wide open. To make it more interested- there are 4 sliders, to make accessing the contents easier. The front flap is designed in a way that it covers up the zipper- it’s covered all the way to the top. On the very top though it’s uncovered, which is a bit odd. To open the main flap, we have to undo the buckles on the compression straps.


The amount of sliders is enough to foe example open it a bit on the top and bottom at the same time. Very comfortable and smart solution.


In the transport mode, buckles secure the zipper.


You can even reach all the stuff on the bottom.


A view from the top into the main chamber. You can see the mesh pocket on the flap and an inside pocket on the back- both closed with a zipper.


And here’s a side view. As you can see, we now have access to all the inside and side pockets.

You can open it all the way daown, and here you are! There are just as many pockets as you may need- mesh one the flap, organizer over the hydration ( or something else, deatils coming soon) pocket. There is a MOLLE panel on one side (sewed in on the sides only) and two open mesh pockets, with a rubber band on the top. On the other side there is a mesh pocket, divided into two halfs with a common  two- way zipper.



An example of the contents- great for a day at the shooting range. You can even use it to pack for an Airsoft game.


Empty side with a MOLLE panel…


…And with some stuff.


And here’s the other side. A very good organiser, with a comfortable access, thanks to the two-way zipper.


A very good place for a first aid kit or some tools for your gun.

In the ZipperFox they used a new, modified SAS carry system, with a detachable frame and waist belt. There is of course a chest strap.Img_2250The shoulder straps have a very common, comfortable design with adjustable height in relation to the main chamber, and a quick-release system on the bottom (buckles). There are two horizontal straps on both sides- the top one is elastic, the bottom one is not. They’re good for a hydratio tube or cables from a radio. Below them, there are detachable bits for attaching the end of a hydration tube. The chest strap id detachable, as well as the waist belt, mounted with velcro in a sleeve on the bottom of the back side.




The detachable frame of the SAS Plus.

Both on the back, shoulder straps and the waist belt, there is no spacing net. Insterad, they’ve used fabric, so it doesn’t  catch any mud, leafs etc.- it’s designed for longer trips, not a walk in the park on the Sunday.

On the back, there is a pocket for a hyratio bladder, closed with a zipper. On the top there is a flap with velcro for the hydration tube.




Yeah, the starp hust a little, but despite that, it blends in very well. I’m not sure, but CB straps and buckles could look better- they did on the Vector (the REAL CB, no the „golden” kind).


Img_2021There in nothing to complain about in the terms of comfort. A large capability is enough for longer trips, and the waist belt and a chest strap add some extra comfort. The carry system in easy to adjust, and gives good stability. Although you should be careful-  it may be comfortable for a long march, but once you lay down with a helmet  you may not be able to lift your head high enough!

Img_2011Accessing the contents – piece of cake! No matter of it’s on the top or the bottom or even on the sides- it can be easily accessed. Only question is- what if it gets damaged? It may be indestructible, but ot goes all the way down the backpack.


As you can see, opening the backpack all the way gives us quite a lot of space to lay down or take our gun down without the risk of losing anything.

40L is quite a lot of room- we can easily fit all neccessary stuff for an Airsoft game, as long as we use a chast rig or a small plate carrier. The gun can easily be attached to the side.


Chest rig with 10 mags, viperhood, some smaller stuff and a gun on the side.


Despite it’s capability, most of the times youyou don’t really feel it. It fits very well, it can be compressed and it just works great even in the hardest of terrains.


Due to it’s size and high position (when using the waist belt) a viperhood doesn’t cover the top of the backpack.


The Zipperfox works really well with chest rigs and PCs with low-profile shoulder straps. i’ve used it with the TPC with all the comfort pads, which means a bit larger profile.


Although, you may want to not use the waist belt in that cade, Stability doesn’t suffer too much, but it gives you more possibilities in terms of gear choices.


Despite the green straps that aren’t good fot the estetics, the Zipperfox is a really comfotable, capable and well made backpack. It’s biggest advantage is its’ ability to open all the way down, and in the independent spots, giving us a very convenient access to the contents. An we can use it to tinker with our gun in the field. The carry system is great, very comfortable even for a long time and very stable. It’s really great if you prefer higher and slimmer backpacks (like Wisport Silverfox) to those shorter and wider (like Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack).




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  1. Greenzone webbing is wayyyyyy more expensive? it can’t be more than 10€ more on such a pack. I would have gladly paid thatto wisport. I could still buy the ZipperFox and add pencott webbing on my own, would cost me around 5€ – but I won’t. That would honor wisports bad decision and support more such nonsense in future. heck, even the chinese can do it!
    I will rather buy from a manufacturer who does the full 100% camo. Zentauron can do it, TT, Templars Gear, even Be-X can. (though I will have to add greenzone webbing to their canteen pouch, I have no clue why all their pouches have pencott webbing but not that one)
    Big Fail Wisport!
    (else it’s a great backpack)

    • Well, exactly 100zł (about 25€) more for Zipperfox with GZ webbing. Wisport said that 90% customers take backpacks with 1-colour webbing. Fuck logic, right? 😛 Still… Wisport backpacks are just great 🙂

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