Wisport previously was known as a producer of rather large tourist backpacks, but fairly quickly he conquer market of 20-40 l backpacks. Sparrow is a backpack with a capacity of 20 liters and is made from 500d Cordura, so thin and light, but still very durable. Moreover, as a every day backpack (EDC), the fact that it is lighter rather helps, right? It Costs about 169PLN for 20 liters version (about 40-50$ or euros) and approx. 250PLN for 30 liters (60-65$/euros). Sparrows are available in black, olive, coyote brown versions and camouflages: wz.93 (polish army camo), A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Multicam, UCP, DPM.


Sparrow 20 is ideal for 1-day trips, but for more days I suggest 30 liters version.

Backpack is well sewn, there is no objection to the quality.Everything is made equally, symmetrically, with reinforcements in the right places. Thanks to the molle system and many fastex, the backpack is very modular and multi-functional. At first glance, one may wonder whether the 20 liter capacity is not enough. But remember that we treat this backpack as everyday, so in this case its capacity is fully acceptable. You can always use the side panels to attach some extra pockets for more gear.

sparrow og贸lny

Overall view. With proudly polish patch 馃檪

Moreover, the backpack is significantly smaller and more compact than the Janysport Grot PP25l (5 liters makes a really BIG difference as you can see), which is very convenient when you move by crowded public transport. It’s easier to find some place with smaller gear, right?
pp25 vs sparrow luz

Janysport PP25 vs Wisport Sparrow. Bigger is not always better. By the way, Sparrow’s tapes are made in molle system, Janysport ‘molle-like” (but are compatible with molle 25m and polish 20mm system).


From the bottom, you can hook not only additional pouches, but e.g. rolled-up sleeping mat… when we get additional tapes. The lower brackets doesn’t have it.

The difference between sizes of backpacks is best seen, when they are on the back. Then it is clearly visible and you can imagine what has smaller profile.
pp25 vs wsp

Both backpacks have the same side molle surface. Although in Sparrow some of it cover compression straps, but in the end you only need to loosen it.

Sparrow has overall 6 compression straps: 2 on both sides and 2 on front panel, all with Fastex. Wisport logo with the Polish flag is a patch on Velcro, and you can also add as well name tag, or morale patch. Carrying handle is made of a singletape, which should be enough, although it could be composed of a double layer of material. Between the shoulder straps (why not at the top?) is situated hole for Camelbak tube. ACS carrying system provides quite good back ventilation. The rear part of the backpack is stiff-padded with three profiled comfortpads for shoulders and hips.Thanks to the profiled elements with mesh, back sweats less or even stays dry . This is something extremely important in a backpack that is not worn on the vest. Sparrow with ACS is suitable for running and cycling, because it has really good ventilation.

System ACS, czyli ulga dla plec贸w. W g贸rnej cz臋艣ci, mi臋dzy szelkami widoczna jest patka, pod kt贸r膮 znajduje si臋 wyj艣cie dla w臋偶yka systemu hydratacyjnego. The ACS, which is a relief for the back. In the upper part between harness strap, ther is velcro-hidden hole for hydration system tube. Ath the bottom you can see side plastic hooks for additional hip belt to improve stability of Sparrow during sport activities.

Also, the shoulders straps are profiled and padded with mesh. In addition, theyhave quick release system (fastex) and elastic bands to hold CamelBak tube (also plastic clips for it).

Shoulder straps with elastic bands and plastic clips for camelbak tube. Also you can see chest tape wit fastex.

Sparrow interior consists 3 chambers: – main chamber (it opens to the bottom of backpack for a two-way zipper) has a pocket on a Camel from the back, and on the opposite side zippered mesh pocket:

Of course, don’t throw sharpen metal objects in the mesh pocket, because it won’t “live” for a long. Camelbak pocket is completed with elastic band.

second zippered pocket is (again 2-ways zipper)divided by mesh pouch (zippered) which creates also second open pocket with two non-elastic hooked tapes:

Internal mesh pocket is ideal for small items such as keys, coins, cigarette lighter, etc.

the smallest pocket, external (shown in the first picture of this article, belov velcro patch) is already without internal pockets and bands. It’s good organizer for small items that may damage mesh pockets. In the case of vests, Sparrow is best fot harness/belts and chest rigs or low profile PCs such as JPC. Because of the profiled back I don’t recommend it with bigger PCs or integrated vests (e.g. CIRAS with plates and kevlar) a better choice would be here PP25 or another backpack with flat” back. Nevertheless, when we have a PC with flat braces, without the Camelbak, it is quite comfortable:
sparrow wsh

WSH with SAPI, but without shoulder comfortpads.


Sparrow with Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear chest rig.


Same here 馃檪

What can I add more? Obvious things CB fits MC/MTP, and both work well in autumn:


Sparrow with MVP jacket (MTP) and Helikon UTP pants and beanie (CB).

Sparrow more

Hell yeah, CB always look greate in autumn 馃榾

SUMMARY Why DEFINITELY choose Sparrow for everyday use? Because he has a great ventilation system, is lightweight, has a large number of pockets, is well made, has a gooood price and has a lot of possibilities for installing additional molle pouches. When using with gear carriers, definitely works best with harness/belts and chest rigs, but because of the profiled backit’s not cool for PCS and other bulky vests. If anyone is looking for a every daybackpack I would definitely recommend him Sparrow.


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