For several years we played as a brave American soldiers. Fascinated by the latest equipment available on the battlefields of early twenty-first century all so nicely advertised in mind blowing movies and computer games. With mandatory US style uniform and one of all american AR15 rifles family replica. The world seemed to be carried away by the “fashion” for Multicam – fashion which did not spared us. In attempt to broaden our horizons and desire to stand out from crowd of all players who use airsoft Multicam and its variants like MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern), Camogrom, etc. We have decided to change camouflage.

From some time “dark side” – the Russians drawn our attention. Among many available on the market camouflage patterns and uniform systems used by descendants of USSR we decided give a try to Vitiaz Specoznaszczenie (Vitiaz Special purpose) ‘VSO’ offer – Maschalat Partizan M Medusa.


Maskałat Partizan M Medusa – VSO. Wild, Wild East 🙂

At this point we should explain what ‘Maschalat’ means, in simple words it is exactly this same type of gear like white outer liner used in winter, but printed with camouflage pattern and is not for winter only. Our ‘maschalat’ is distinguished by two features
– first it is a double sided (with a predominance of a brownish autumn colors on one side and with juicy green on later),
– secondly Partizan camouflage pattern derives directly from World War II German design”Eichenlaubmuster” (Oak Leaf) .
Maskalat differs from the typical uniform in almost everything. First of all loose cut with distort soldier silhouettes in field and accommodate more or less layers underneath depending on weather. The kit consists hooded jacket and throusers. Both parts will be discussed separately.


It is loosely sewn more like the British “Smock” than a typical uniform. It has four pockets – two smaller ones can be found on the chest and the two more just under waist line. All of the pockets have fold over tops secured by Canadian pattern buttons. It has slightly oversized hood that allows it to accommodate helm but it can be easily adapted with draw string to fit head if needed. At the ears height on both sides hood have mesh patches to lessen impact on hearing and peripherial vision. Hood also has small peak.
At the wrist height sleeves have elastic band sewn in, cuff go nicely over upper part of palm, elbows are reinforced with an extra layer of material. Adjustment can be easily done using three draw strings (hood, waist and bottom). Front is all canadian style buttons.
Camouflage ‘fixing’ points are provided at shoulders and hood sides top, in form of several rows of loops sown on, which make east job to use of vegetation to mask / blur silhouette – threading in some small branches or leaves/grass.



Elastic bands sewn in at the waist and ankles, loose fit, two front pockets – it’s hard not to compare with ones in sweat trousers. The waist have drawstring for adjustment. Pants have a fly fastened with a button. Pockets have fold over tops secured by Canadian pattern buttons. The pockets are quite large. The downside is lack of cargo pockets on the sides, but we understand the idea they would not work well with double side thing. Knees are reinforced with an extra layer of material. Hem go well over boots.


‘Maschalat’ is perfectly suited to the colder weather due to decent thicknes and tight woving of the fabrick. The material includes 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Loose fit allows extra layers for cold days. The material is not waterproof, but well protected from the cold breath of wind. Not recommended for very hot summer days. Sewing quality is very good but the strings are suitable for replacement and cord locks.
The European climates Russian version of camouflage “Eichenlaubmuster” (Oak Leaf) is doing brilliantly – in this case, thanks to the German scientists. Double-sideness of ‘maschalat’ is presented in the following video and photo gallery contains pictures for the side with spring-summer camouflage. We would definitely recommend it.


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