Belarusian company VSO (Vitez Specoznaszczenie) have in their offer four types of maskchalat Partizan. They differ in the thickness of the fabric and the pattern of camouflage. We described maskchalat Partizan Medusa in our previous review. This time we present models under the trade names: “Anorak Medusa” and “Anorak Lieto”.

Both maskchalat models described have the same style jackets and trousers (trousers style are identical in all four Partizan models in VSO company). In this case, described maskchalats differ with thicknesses of fabric and mentioned camouflage. In both products fabric is 35% cotton and 65% polyester.

Unlike previously described by us Partizan Medusa this jackets are anorak style. Maskchalats are two-sided (camouflage is printed on both sides “SS Spring” and “SS Autumn”). However the Anorak Lieto is printed on one side (obverse – “SS Summer”) and on the reverse side we have a paler camouflage print. Used pattern is a Russian modification of camouflage “Eichenlaubmuster” (Oak Leaf).


Maybe Putin is evil, but he’s got cool stuff…

Style used in both jacket is well known anorak. It is fastened by four buttons from halfway up. Two top ones are sewn in very close distance (about 5cm) and can be used for regulating ventilation. All the buttons are Canadian Military tape style – are great for easy fastening and unfastening with hands in gloves.

Jacket has a large hood that allows to wear on a helmet. Hood is with drawstring and tie-string. On the head circumference, both sides of the hood we have sewn mesh that improves ventilation and prevents ambient noise attenuation. The hood has a soft visor (same in all four models of maskchalats partizan from VSO company). The hood and the shoulders has sewn narrow strips of the same camouflage fabric in several rows. Those strips are useful for masking / blur your silhouette – when used with plants or other materials.

This hoodie has two pockets located on the chest with flap closure by single Canadian Military tape style button. We want to make you aware that these maskchalats have also two-sided pockets with ability to turn them over. Same is with buttons. Cuffs have bowl shape and covering one third the length of your hand with elastic around your wrist. The elbows and forearms have extra layer of fabric to increase durability. Jacket have adjustable strings in the waist and at the bottom (on the side). The cut is quite loose.

As mentioned earlier all four types of trousers are sewn in the same style. They have elastic at the waist and ankles. They are not zipped – instead is one button. They have five wide belt loops.
There is also an additional string in waist. Trousers have two front pockets with flaps fastened with buttons also these are Canadian Military tape style. The cut is quite loose. Further reinforcing layer of fabric is sewn on knees. The downside is the lack of cargo pockets but it is justified by the two-sidedness of the whole structure.


Anorak Medusa:
Weight of fabric – 180g/m2.
Camouflage – Russian modification of camouflage “Eichenlaubmuster” (Oak Leaf) respectively on the two sides of the versions of “SS Spring” and “SS Autumn”.

Anorak Lieto:
Weight of fabric – 160g/m2.
Camouflage – Russian modification of camouflage “Eichenlaubmuster” (Oak Leaf), printed on one side in “SS Lieto.”
Due to the thickness of the material it cannot be printing on both sides. Thus, the reverse of maskchalats have a paler camouflage print in obverse.

Maskchalats have been designed to use adequately: Anorak Medusa all year round, Anorak Lieto on warm summer days. During the tests was windy, like most time in the mountains and with temperature around 20 ° C.
Anorak Medusa worn only on underwear and did very well. We can say that this model is ideally suited for autumn and spring.
On hot sunny days we strongly recommend the Anorak Lieto made ​​of a thin, breathable material. Once again, we do not like the quality of strings – they should be exchanged.
Because the weight of fabric in Anorak Medusa is lower than Partizan Medusa, camouflage printing is slightly darker compare to each other.

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