In today’s gear review we’d like to introduce you to the VSO one-point organiser backpack. It’s inpired by the Remora Gearslinger by Maxpedition. It’s been through really long tests conducted in various conditions. We’ve took it to work, out to the city, on short trips in the woods, longer ones in the mountains, and even the Woodstock festival. And it never let us down. Thanks to it’s compact size, we’ve found it perfect for every-day use like going around the city- it won’t bother other people in public transport and it won’t get heavy after extended use- compact, agile and comfortable – these three words preety much describe it perfectly. But we have some more to say…

The front…

… and the back.

 The first thing worth noting is its capacity- it’s really not too much, so you will definitely need to learn to organise and compromise. One you get used to it you will fing it to be quite a handy little backpack. It can hold:
– a bottle of water,
– a jacket,
–  some documents,
–  a book, notebook or  a tablet.


– a camera, two lenses and a lamp (i’m a photographer and i ofter take phtos out in the city)

It’s your typical “sling” type backpack, which means it has only one shoulder strap, going across your chest, and a seond one going under your arm, which makes it more stable when moving. both straps are buckled with fastex buckles, which makes it really easy to take off with no unnecessary gymnastics. Of course both of them can be fitted to wear on both left and right sides, which makes it even more versitile. 

Front and the buckles.

The side view.

The back and the way it lays on the users back.

A second side view.

It’s made really well- we were not able to locate any faulty stitches or any other imperfections. There were no rips or stretches, despite packing it to it’s full capacity, both in dimensions and weight. After nearly half a year of use the oly thing we’ve noticed was a minor “felting” of fabric on the front pocket. Not bad at all. 

It’s available in only one colour option- olive, and it’s available for purchase on VSOs website as well as various stores carrying VSO products, like Bunkier ASG for example.

And the price? Quite good, right around 37 EUR. 


 Its dimensions are 28x21x12cm. there is a carry handle on the top, reinforced with an extra strap and two D-rings on either ends. behind it there is a single shoulder strap, with symmetrical cutouts, so it can be worn on both shoulders and still be comfortable. on the top of the shoulder strap there are two MOLLE straps for an extra pouch. below them, in the middle of the shoulder strap there are two D-rings and the shoulder strap ends with a big fastex buckle and a mounting point for the secondary strap. The shoulder strap and the back side of the backpack are lined with spacing mesh, except from the area where it’s in contact with the users shoulder. 

Secondary strap buckle

Main shoulder strap buckle.

In my opinion, the weakest part of the backpack- a rotary carabiner mounting the shoulder strap the the rest of the backack. Not too trustworthy, but there were no issues with it.

On the front there are two extra pouches, covered with MOLLE. 

The bigger pocket:
– The dimensions are 20x18x4cm,
– on the front there is an additional small pocket for some flat objecst like documents, medicine or cigarettes,
– it’s closed with a two-way zipper (which can open about half way down the pocket)- which can be problematic when accesing smaller objects, despite it not being too deep, 
– on the inside there is a wide elastic strap, divided into two slots that serves as a sort of an organiser.
– on the opposite side to that, there is a small flat pocket for some more flat objects like maps, as well as another elastic strap divided into three slots on said pochet, great for a multitool, flashlight or an extra pistol mag 🙂
– and last, but cestainly not least- a carabiner with a strap great for keys etc.

The front of the backpack and front pockets.

The bigger pocket can hold quite a lot of useful stuff and is easily accesible. It’s fitted with elastic and a carabiner for organising.

A flat pocket great for documents etc.

Over that there is a smaller, 7x18x4cm pocket with two rows of MOLLE. inside there is yet another orgniser. on the back there is a pocket with another elastic strap divided into three slots. It can also be used for a flashlight, multitool etc. 

The small pocket is great for an extra pistol mag or a bandage.

The main compartment is closed with a two-way zipper with paracord loops. It can be opened all the way down, giving us full access, which is a big plus. on the front flap there is a small pocket closed with a zipper, good for some of more valuable objects. ondet it there is yet another pocket (closed with velcro at the bottom of the top pocket). It can easily hold a book and is also lined with velcro, so it can hold something fitted with the “hook” velcro. 

The main compartment. As you can see it can be fully opened, which means really easy access. You may also notice the back pocket, great for a 10″ tablet.

The front flap pocket. great for money, documents and all other stuff you’d prefer not to lose.

And the pocket under the previous one. closed with velcro. there is a soft velcro inside for an organiser or a map holder.

On the back of the main compartment there is yet another pocket, meant to carry a small netbook or a 10″ tablet. It’s closed with a wide elastic strap with Velcro. 

On the outside, in the back there is… yes! Yet another pocket, clised with a push buttom, with loop velcro on the insideand with a D-ring for hanging the backpack. The pocket itself is covered with spacing mesh and has a loop at the bottom to stabilise the backpack on a belt. 

And here’s the last pocket. It’s closed with a strap with a puch button and a D-ring. I’ve personally used it for a notebook or a book, but it can be used for much more things.


Rocker (The Beer King)
I’ve used it preety much every day with no mercy. I’ve used it for work, going out, concerts or outdoors. and through a couple of months there was no damage whatsoever. It’s comfortable, and makes access to it’s contents very easy. It’s capable enough to carry everything you might need out in the city while staying compact enough to not make any trouble in public transport. And it’s of course way more capable than a waist pack. It can serve as it’s substitute or an addition. The pockets allow us to keep all of our stuff in check. For me, it’s a perfect every-day use item with a great price (some waist packs cost just as much).


– simplicity and high quality,
– many organisers,
– a lots of pockets (anti-pickpocketing?) fitted for various items,
– comfort,
– the price!

– a very small selection of colours.


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