What is on the most recent, tactical gear top trendy listing? Ultra-light laser cut stuff and PenCott GreenZone. And you will find both of it below. Thanks to Sprzętmilitarny.pl for giving us 4 SPECOPS pouches for testing and the more often I see “Made in Poland” on the label the better I fell. SPECOPS is existing for about 10 years but it appeared on the common market, including airsoft, quite recently debuting (yeah I know, first of all was Blue Force but not much stuff and more expensive and there is still Stronghold) with plate carrier vest made of laser cut, laminated Cordura and pistol/carbine pouches, belt and harness made the same way as a vest. So there is a few products from them you must know. Additionally they has start sewing gear with “regular” Cordura in PenCott GreenZone camouflage which you can’t find in, the widely known in Poland, MIWOs companies.
But let’s finish that bloviating and move to the gear. From Sprzetmilitarny.pl we got 3 laser cut Cordura MultiCam pouches – 2 pistol pouches ULP1 and one universal carbine pouch ULKBK and classic ones (PenCott GreenZone) – dump pouch WZM-1 and cargo pouch.



We can observe some kind of fashion on universal pouches – constructed that they are stretchy and can hold numerous types of magazines. Not only regular 5,45mm or 5,56mm but also 7,62mm (we described similar pouch from SAGear recently). Due to its universality it is great for owners of few different firearms which magazines aren’t exchangeable because “one pouch takes all” so buying different pouches isn’t needed. It saves money and time – have you ever imagined changing pouches every time when you change your gun?

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ULKBK – overall view.

ULKBK is made of one piece of laminated Cordura folded in a pouch simultaneously straighten with the kydex insert at the sides and bottom which holds a magazine and all is hold together with a shockcord. Anti-slip material is sewn inside to improving magazine holding. Kydex insert is slightly elastic and the capacity and pressure is done by the shockcord so we can fit almost everything.

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Pouch’s details – on the left we can see straps holding pouch on the vest and on the right we can see anti slip material.

Magazines holds AR magazines (regular, short, Magpul, PDW) and AK (47, 74, RPK) but also G36 magazines and AUG’s, G3, M14 and SWD. Construction of the ULKBK allows using most of them without any problem and by that I means taking them out and in the pouch (faster than from shingles or with flaps). There are two big pieces of anti-slip material sewn in and the input is unitary so the magazines won’t catch on with their pendant parts (yes, even G36 was coming out without problems). Only problem was with SWD magazine due to its shape – it was stuffing pouch the most than any other magazine, it was quite hard to put it in but getting it out wasn’t a problem.
You can face a minor problem inserting magazines when they can block on the pendant part of the anti-slip material but pressing harder a magazine is solving it.


ULKBK takes all: AR, AK, G36, G3 and M14.

Fitting pouch to magazines we do by regulating shockcord and a stopper – add a insert’s pressure and anti-slip material and we are good to use ULKBK upside down. Due to fact that magazines are held very tightly producer resigned from adding shockcord loop like in shingle pouches – just it’s not needed and that’s all… because pouches can even hold SIG P226 replica “full metal”. Of course it was just a fun trying that and after few strong shakes pistol is falling out but nevertheless it shows us that magazine will not slip out.


ULKBK was designed for magazines but as you can so, it holds pistol as well 😀 Despite that, in the upside down mounting it will be good only for plastic replicas like “überkanone” Cyma Glock 18.

Mounting straps are made of laminated Cordura as well but not everyone can be satisfied with straps’ ending – producer resigned with using press studs or Velcro and decided to fold a material in half and sew it with inner strengthening part. I would prefer Velcro or press stud but such a solution would make a trouble mounting them on laser cut gear. Due to lack of regular MOLLE webbing straps are put through pouches. It is slightly more burdensome but user become accustomed to it after some time. To end any imprecisions, that type of mounting is good and holds pouches on place but it is not as stable as classic thick MOLLE straps. Regular pouches are more stable while using RPK magazines or other higher but we must remember that this is the price of universality and it is caused by construction based on shockcord.


These are pistol pouches of course but type of mounting them on the vest/belts is identical like in ULKBK.


Inner side of ULKBK – you can notice Kydex insert mounted to the laminated Cordura with two press studs.

ULKBK in MultiCam costs around 69PLN (about 17EUR) which is quite normal price for that type of pouch – and is much more than for regular pouches or shingles. Of course, there are cheaper ones but SPECOPS is checked and made with the highest quality but as I said – I prefer other ending type of straps. It isn’t fault-free – it is open type pouch so it tend to gather sand and other but still it’s better than KDS pouch which doesn’t have kydex insert protecting sides. Stitches are plain… but single (see photos) which can be controversial but we will send after using it for a while. Good thing is that Specops gives 3 year of warranty.


Pistol pouch isn’t as universal as bigger brother, ULKBK but it can fit regular pistol and MP5 magazines. Frankly, we didn’t have any of MP7, UMP 0.40 cal., long G18 magazines but I assume they would fit as well as the rest. Different thing is that due to the length of SMG’s magazines pouches can become unstable.

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In ULP1 user faces one major problem. It is so hard to interlace straps that tweezers are very useful at it. That problems occurs only in small pouches.


As shown above, pistol pouches fits not only magazines. As like in ULKBK we can find here an anti-slip material too.

ULP1 is just smaller version of ULKBK – construction is the same in both of them. And it does well while mounted upside down. Only when using flat, single magazines like for Colt 1911 you must pull the shockcord really hard because the magazine can fall off. You can discover universality of this pouch in another way – it can fit a folding knife or multitool.


As you can see, every magazine fit in this pouch, even from the MP5 but frankly it is not stable and rocks a little bit.

In fact, ULP1 has the same advantages and disadvantages as a bigger brother but it can’t fit anything bigger than a pistol magazine 😉 It catches rubbish as well and is harder to mount due to its size.


As you can see, loop-a-like parts of the kydex insert are jutting outside but it is possible to mount two pouches side by side.

Pistol pouch costs 49PLN (about 12EUR) and for that money we can buy two classic MOLLE pistol pouches. Due to less universality than ULKBK less people will be interested in buying it but still fastmags are (as the name says) faster than shingles and some of the people will buy it because of that.

It doesn’t mean that the pouch isn’t interesting when we can’t write much about it. This time we have classic made Cordura pouch in PenCott GreenZone, closed by two-way zipper. Inside there are two compartments. It is very neat, no crooked stitches and MOLLE webbing has good sizing.

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Top straps are secured with additional, horizontal strap which strengthens whole construction and increase durability especially when carrying heavy stuff for a long time. For example in 200rnd SAW pouch webbing straps are sewn directly into material so they can rip off in some situations.


This pouch is destined to carry big objects rather than small ones so we won’t find any smaller pockets inside despite of 2 flat ones.

We can fit a lot of things in it, especially big ones. You can fit MRE, number of food cans or whatever you just want to.


What is more – even when stuffed it can be still closed. It is possible because of two way zipper.


Inner compartments are still useful for example to stabilize SIG P226 (KJW) with IMI holster as on the photo..


Next to the Specops cargo lies MIWO Praszka’s M249 ammo pouch. Cargo is a bit flatter do it isn’t good for the box but if someone wants he can still try 😉

What attracts attention is ringing of the zip pullers. It can be solved by paracord tied to them.
Cargo is more expensive than similar MIWO products but it must be remembered that we pay more for the material – PenCott license increases the final price so at the end we have to pay 95PLN (22 EUR) for it. It is also known that Specops makes less products than both MIWOs so the prices are higher per product but at the end we always find someone talking “wow, that’s expensive, I can buy the same but cheaper”.


Pouch like a pouch – following the producer it can fit 10 AR magazines or 8 AK and as photos show – it is really huge. Producer resigned from using the mesh at the bottom part. Despite it was helping cleaning the inner side form sand and other but sharp edges of the magazines were damaging it and causing holes. In substitute 3 tap holes (BBs can easily go through) are sewn in. It costs 80PLN (20EUR).


Dump pouch can be mounted both on the belt or on MOLLE standard gear.

Construction of the mounting panel allows us to mount the dump pouch on the belt (up to 50mm) or on the gear with MOLLE webbing. For me it is a great advantage because it gives us a choice to mount it on vest/MOLLE belt or normal belt (or other like Rescue belts, Better BDU Belts from Spec-Ops or a belt from Bayonet). What is more, dump pouch can be easily folded and compressed with the system of Velcro and profiled top edge.

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Here you can see a tunnel for belts and MOLLE straps.


After folding, dump pouch isn’t bigger than two AR magazines.

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Of course we have security cord sewn in at the top.

It is quite hard for magazines to fall out from the bag due to its depth but at the other side – it is noticeable when we have some magazines in and we run – shorter and wider dump pouch wouldn’t rock so much as this one.
As an interesting WZM can be used as a chef hat but don’t beg me to post that photos
GreenZone Cordura isn’t so vibrant as that used for Helikon’s CPU uniforms.


At the left is WZM made from GreenZone Cordura and next to it is Helikon’s NyCo.


Specops’ quality is as the Currahee’s so sewing is very neat and from the top materials. Of course there are some minor things but nothing important, more like personal taste. Laser-cut gear is very interesting and this topic will be expanded in the future – it looks like that gear will be present on the market permanently. What is more – Specops gives 3 year warranty for its gear.
Is ultra-light gear is as the name says? I think that technology is useful while making vests, panels, belts, suspenders, cargo pouches and chest rigs. For little things as ammo pouches – laminated Cardura is in fact very light but we must remember about kydex insert and anti-slip material. The weight isn’t very noticeable between classic and laser cut ammo pouches.
Universal pouches did extremely well, especially ULKBK due to its humongous universality. Despite prices it is worth to think about them because it isn’t very expensive and is perfect solution for the people who own many guns with different magazines. Thank to that pouches owners won’t have to buy another pouches (this takes place also when we sold our replica and buy another with different magazines) and will save their money and time they would spend on replacing pouches.
Gear in PenCott GreenZone do its job as well. Cargo is as it supposed to be – capacious and made very good, perfect for carrying lot of heavy stuff. The same thing is with the dump pouch which can be compressed to the size of a fist and unroll when it’s needed… but it quite rocks when unrolled. Do the Specops’ products worth buying? It depends on you if you need such gear. In this case you know for what you are paying for, especially for ULKBK which is really blinding.


Many thanks to Sprzetmilitarny.pl store because without them there wouldn’t be this article because they gave us all Specops stuff. Additional support was from Cytadala ASG store (magazines) and from Oliver, Marek and Filip (vests). Photos was made by Rocker as always.
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