So, what this mysterious Individual Solutions Design” means? It’s actually slogan of the Spearpoint and it means that all their products are individually adjusted to each client. So yes – Spearpoint has no problems with fitting equipment to you, each product can be fully personalized and changed. The company even requires, and advises to think about changes, because in the end, who needs equipment that will not fit?

To better illustrate this, I’ll make some examples. We can choose (but really the ideas are endless):
vest: dimensions taken from user (no longer only S, M, L sizes)
bags: any size you want, side transport handles, shoulder transport belt with comfortpad, internal and external pockets, foam pads for delicate equipment (eg. hearing active protectors, goggles), internal molle panels, type of zip fasteners
pouches: 1/2-way zipper, internal pockets and organizers, foam cushioning (eg. pocket on the phone)
fanny pack: the size of the side flaps with molle, shoulder belt, internal pockets full of modifiables (mesh pockets with zipper, velcro, tapes & bands, flexible or rigid)
backpacks: any inner and outer pockets, including zippers, organizers, exterior pockets for bottles or insulated inner camelbak pouch.

spearpoint gear

Spearpoint – you tell us what you need, we saw it.

We get for testing 2 transport bags, cosmetic bag and 3 pouches, in a basic configuration as prototypes and/or demonstrators.
Of course, this is not the equipment for a typical weekend warriors (airsofters) Spearpoint prices are not small, but this is due to the personalization of each project as well as high quality (higher than in any other Polish gear manufacturers). This is BIG. Gear quality is pro-level and you can really see a huge contribution of time and work in precision execution. Spearpoint projects are well-designed, reliable and fully customizable. It is the equipment for years, more solid than the military gear from MIWO, and so it must cost.
The equipment is available in black, ranger green and coyote brown.

Bags are universal type, but ultimately it all depends on the “finishing” it can be airsoft equipment, climbing gear, gym, shooting, or the usual tourist bag. As a matter we can from start to finish design bags, including even the inner weapons sockets.


Different sizes, different constructions.

Starting from a larger bag it has dimensions of approx. 44x26x24cm (length x width x height) and is reinforced transport handles comes from the top to the bottom and are additionally supported by two narrower tapes. Of course, their indirect role is also to harden the bag itself, however, remains a major gain and in fact you can easily push a lot in the bag. The main transport grips are combined with one scraper” made ​​ofhook and loop fastener (velcro). The main pocket has two-way zipper.


Here you can see both types of reinforcement tapes.

As you can see in the picture above, bag also has side handles on both sides. With their help, 2 persons can carry it, but also it’s useful simply when you want to move it somewhere higher (pickup trunk, high shelf, etc..). On the one side we have a Velcro panel for nametag/patch, on the other side transparent plastic “window” for mayby owner informations (name, adres, etc).


Bag datails – a window for owner informations (velcro on the other side), side carrying handle, hooking for shoulder belt and ( picture on the right) side pocket.

Hooking tapes on the side top are used to add transport belt, so that you can sling the bag over shoulder. Side pockets are fitted between the reinforcement tapes. The bottom and smaller side walls are reinforced with foam, which is intended to harden the body of the bag, as well as cushion the less solid contents in contact with the ground.


Internal strengthening larger bag. Once again, it draws attention to care for enforcement, including interior design by Spearpoint.

General comments? The bag has a really large capacity, yet internally it can be freely designed, with heavier reinforcements on cameras, lenses, and other electronics. In the raw”version, bag safely hold PACA low-profile vest with balistic inserts, pouch with 4 magazines, as well as tactical boots.

PACA and LOWA Desert Elite – bag still closes and you can even add some additional stuff.

The smaller bag
has dimensions 38x24x22cm and different construction. Reinforcement tapes (main handle) goes through the bag, passes through the interior of the side pocket, and then go to the bottom. Thanks to this, side pockets are as big as entire side surface. Main zipper is 2-way.


Visible inside passing tape. The whole is solidly sewn and reinforces, so in case if someone came up with the idea of ​​transporting a large amount of ammunition in the bag – don’t worry 🙂 It is possible that in first part of the Matrix, were used such bags in a scene in a skyscraper 😀


Thanks to tapes going through inside, side pockets are much bigger. Of course, the locks are 2-way. The smaller sides of the bag are solved as in bigger brother – transport handles, hooking for transport belt, and velcro/name “window”. Main handles are connected by two Velcro tapes, but you can do just as well as in a larger version.


Shoulder transport belt with comfortpad.

In prototype, side pockets consist 2 smaller pockets and you can put in 4 M4 magazines to each.


Ammo side pocket (up to 8 M4 mags on side).

In this bag version, all the surfaces of bag are reinforcedwith foam reinforced, excluding the top. This protects not only the hardware (and other “soft” gear), but also hardens the bag, but there are no problems with roll the bag and hide it in a backpack, another bag or locker.


“Foamed” smaller bag interrior.

Cosmetic bag
is perhaps the least tactical, but it bears mentioning. In the end, form many of us “gearwhores”, everything has to be in tactical style. Even if it is for toothpaste and toothbrush. Cosmetic pouch is very simple – the main pocket ( hooking tape, so you can hook it for e.x. backpack) and side pocket, transparent.


Well… this tactical make-up bag is nothing but the bag. You won’t put in here pistol or spare magazines, don’t you? : P


It holds everything you need, including basic first aid kit.

The smallest mini utylity pouch was basically the most useful. It’s
all-purpose and handy pocket. What is more, it does not take much space on molle panel, and you will always find some place for it on belt, backpack, vest, bag, or even another pouch.


Visible tested pockets from Spearpoint – the smallest utylity holds all small-gear such as mobile, handkerchiefs, lighter and muesli bar.

In the current version of the pocket was sewn only Velcro panel. In final version, I think it is worth to add foam from the outer side (to protect your mobile from bumps and BBs), and from the insidetwo elastic bands or mesh pocket with zipper for coins, documents and keys.


Base version interrior.


Although pouch is small, it has 2 more molle tapes at the bottom, so you can make quick mini “EDC” kit by adding flashlight pocket.

All pouches have of the same fastening method a rigid closed strip section, which serves to secure “the plug” out from the pouch. It is similar solution as in SPECOPS pouches. Here, however, Spearpoint made ​​it better, both convenient adding pouch to other molle system item and the rigid tip is more stable after fastening all.

Only Spearpoint convinced me to this type of pouches fastening system.

I used utylity pouch with “fastpocket as first aid kit. While hiking in the mountains, in the outer pocket I hold individual bandage, while in inner pocket standard med kit (hydrogen peroxide, another bandage, scissors, pain kilers, etc..). As the pocket can be modified, the interior space can be adapted to carry these things (but in tapes and pockets, not in 1 bag), but in that case, must be increase range of the zipper.


“First aid” utylity. Also visible mini-utylity and SPECOPS rolly-polly blow-out bag.

In present form pouch consists two pockets: external, with open flap fastened with Velcro and paracord and internal with 2-ways zipper.


In fact, in the outer pocket we can put everything from personal bandage, small food pack or AK/M4/G36 magazine.


Shockcord-based and main “zippered” pocket.

Main pocket zipper is two-ways. Of course, it is multipurpose cargo, so it may be as well “food pocket or for airsoft accessory (BBs loader, battery, lipo buzzer, etc.) and it depends on how we design the interior.

Utylity pouch with Velcro pocket it’s basically a typical cargo, enriched with external pocket for a quick access stuff. It is quite big, e.g. it holds four M4 mags in the main pocket and two more in the side.


Again, the main lock is fastened in two directions. Outside pocket has a tape hook to which we can add carabiner to increase the rate of opening… or just swag meter.

Cargo was using as food pocket and holds meat can, packet of biscuits, a few granola bars and some other snacks. Enough for one day trip. Pocket can be arranged as an ammunition slot main chamber holds 1kg BBs, while the outer (version with additional internat tapes/organizer and perhaps zipped to do not lose anything), can accommodate quick loader and batteries.


Cargo pouch pockets.

If you are looking for great quality equipment, made ​​according to your guidelines Spearpoint is a manufactureryou are looking for. The fact is that in lesser or greater extent, each of us has their own individual preferences for equipment, including its configuration. Spearpoint equipment is not cheap, due to the customization of all gear and high quality. It is not airsoft gear (but works there as well), because it is a professional equipment designed for the uniformed services (military, police) or range shooters. But if someone is airsofter and wants to have a really solid gear which will works for years and is personalized, after this article should know what to do.

The equipment was provided by the manufacturer – Spearpoint.


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