The amount of 25-30L bachpacks available on the Polish market is increasing every year. A few months ago we’ve received a Templars Gears’ Vector 2 backpack in Pencott Greenzone ( and one in MC Tropic for ThePesh)  for tests. It’s roots can be traced bach to the Spearpoints’ line of backpacks. Thanks to their cooperation we’ve got something we like to call „Almost 3 day pack”. It’s actually good for every-day use, hiking or Airsoft.



The backpack looks very modern (Laser-cut and Greenzone!). it’s, capacity is around 26L, and it’s dimentions are 46x27x21cm. It’s quality is really good, and he material used to make it is 500D Cordura laminate. All of used straps are made with poliamid. All sews are straight, reinforced if needed. All buckles and plastic elemants are made by ITW Nexus.Img_0239Vector 2: on the left there is a transition version (made by Spearpoint with a Templars’ panel), on the right nearly final version, made by TG (in the final version all the straps are in Greenzone).

At the front and sides we have laser-cut MOLLE panels, compatible with 25mm standard. Moreover, it’s uniform color-wise. The backpack has one main chamber and 3 pockets (one on the outside, 2 inside- one mesh, and one for a camelback).

Img_0818Img_2395On the front there is a shock cord weaved through loops, enablind us to carry for example an extra jacket. Also, above a Velcro panel on the top there is quite a big pocket, great for carrying for example a map.

12356012_1235104266507176_716506078_oAdding a side panel caused quite a large change in the design- the zipper was moved from the middle to the front of the backpack.

Img_0242Some details: compression straps, side panel and bottom handles (only in TG version). 

On the bottom there are some straps that allow us to attach some extra gear/pouches.

11852253_1182359625114974_1817425854_oQuite an interesting solution was used on the carry handle- a 50mm strap, angled at about 2/3 of the height of the backpack torwards the back. Also, underneight it there are 2 holes for a hydration straw or cables.


Img_0582Moreover, there are two handles on the bottom of the backpack. They’re good for carrying the backpack, but also for attaching a stock of a rifle etc.

Img_0246The inside is lined with a bright orange fabric. It can be used as a sign or just to make finding stuff easier. On the back of the main chamber there i san open pocket  with shock cord, to stabilise it’s contents.  It can be used do carry a hydration pack (it’s isolated and has a strap to mount it to), 15” laptop and other flat objects. On the front of the chamber there is a mesh pochet, closed with a zipper, good for some smaller stuff. The backpack is closed with a two-way zipper that makes access to it’s contents easier.

Img_0240The ventilation system has a quite outstanding shape- it’s made out of a spacing grid, shaped like „U”. It’s stiffened with a plastic insert, that can be easily removed/replaced (there’s a pocket closed with a velcro, underneith the hydropack pocket on the inside). The spacing grid is quite thick, soi t does a good job of gathering water or sweat, especially on the bottom (which is very useful when it’s hot and we want to keep the water in the hydration pack cool).

Img_0108Shoulder straps are made out of a poliuretan foam, trimmed with Cordura, mountd to a backpack with a 50mm strap, stabilised with a adjustable 25mm straps. They have some laser-cut MOLLE space for some accesories. They also have a quich-release system (Fastex buckles on the bottom).

Img_0133The shoulder straps also have a detachable chest strap, closed with a buckle.


Img_0353The laser-cut MOLLE space is great for a CamelBak straw.

V2 isn’t cheap- it’s even more expensive than Direct Action backpacks, because it costs around  €136. For now, it’s available in Coyote, MultiCam and Pencott Greenzone.

Img_1421TG Vector 2 (26L, Pencott Greenzone) and TT MIssion Pack (45L, woodland)


LAZAR: I’ve used it in the field as well as in the city, i’ve took it to a couple of 2-3 days trainings and hiking in the mountains. We’ve had plenty of time together, so i think i could write a few words.

1933153_919570091469683_9119565890687532413_oLet me start with it’s drawbacks. One of the 25mm straps, stabilising the shoulder straps began to rip. It may have been incorrectly melted when cut and it was stretched because of the weight, or sewed in to shallow. The compressing straps on the sides could be a little bit longer, so we could mount something under them, like a coat (and in this case, some elastic to tuck the excess straps under would be nice).  Moreover , they are a little bit to thick and stiff, which makes adjusting them more difficult.

12375610_1235104286507174_1379968149_oFor me , a huge disadvantage is that plastic stiffening insert, which can be really uncomfortable, and even could rip the fabric. It’s nice that it’s replaceable, but in a backpack that expensive i’d expect some stiff foam (as replacement or an addition).

11920416_1166814770002793_664406376_nDespite that, it’s very comfortable to wear, as i’ve mentioned earlier it’s made very well- nothing to whine about there- there are no loose threads or badly sewed elements (except that strap). It’s one huge advantage is it’s looks- it looks really good.

DEV: I’ve used TG-V2 in the city, in the mountains and in the woods- it may be just 26L, but it’d very capable. It may not be a 3-day pack (it lacks about 5L), but it’s easily enough for a 24-hour supply of water, food and chlothes. For 2 people. Moreover, it can be easily expanded on the sides and the front. Even on the bottom.


Img_2413The shoulder straps are stiff and comfortable, very well shaped- very close to those on the Sparrow. The chest strap adds some extra comfort.

Img_0844V2 is great for airsoft, empty and compressed keep a really nice, low profile, as you can see on the photo above. Also, thanks to a lack of a standard MOLLE straps, it’s all in one color. Because of the wide shoulder straps it’s better to use it with Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers with low-profile shoulder straps. PC with shoulder pads or beltkits with thicker padding on the suspenders may be uncomfortable.

Img_2337I’ve got no concerns with the backpack itself- comfortable, well made, but yes, that strap started to rip. Not much, but that backpack is really expensive. Personally, i didn’t like the plastic insert- it would often bend, which made the ventilation worse. It’s just not stiff enough.

Img_0498I’ve noticed it while using the CamelBak Antidote 3L bladder. It should also be noticed, that despite  the hydration pack pocket isn’t fully isolated (from the back)it kept the water cool for around 4-5h in 30 degrees. Although it should be added- it still makes it heat up/cool down quicker.

Templars Gears’ V2 is a little too big for every-day carry, but it of course depends on how much you normally carry. I, personally don’t need such a big backpack, 15-20L like Sparrow 16/20 or Spearpoints’ V2 is just enough. Despite all that, for me it’s still the best backpack in the 25-30L category.

DSC_2232The backpack is so liked by our Staff, that it’s being borrowed by one person after another :p

12052614_128217907536351_7743196260424358476_oRocker in Bieszczady Mountains

11057299_885791564831377_7869995444779183956_oThePeshs’ MC Tropic collection.



TG Vector 2 is not only a very comfortable, but also universal backpack. It’s well made, capable, easily expandable- a little bit too big for every-day carry (but still pretty good), but just perfect for hiking and such, even longer than 24h. it’s also good for airsoft, but because of the thick shoulder straps and contoured back it may not work correctly with every type of gear. Despite the high price (136€ on e-militaria and previously 113€ on the Templars Gears’ website) it’s still worth every penny.



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