Let’s be honest, lasercut gear may look kind of ridiculous but it is effective and tacticool. You know, FULL TACTICAL SWAG! For some time there was large boom on that type of gear and for know it is stable and some of the companies have clarified on market that are specialized in that. Our domestic companies are Templars Gear, Stronghold Group i Specops and all of them offer at least plate carrier. There is also Direct Action but it is only form procommandodeltamogfokinSEAL and isn’t available for common airsoft player. They makes more marketing than releasing gear- still so little direct and even less action 😉 Specops is known for ther controversial ULPC, Stronghold has its prototype testing and Templars Gear is simply developing the plate carrier system and in our opinion is at the best place on the market. Fully operational and “order-ready”.

Let’s start with that TPC isn’t ultralight desing but classic plater carriermade of lasercut, laminated Cordura. True, molle webbing has been removed for zero-pals system but laminated cordura weights too and there isn’t so many cuts reducing weight as it at ULPC. TPC is slightly bigger JPC made by using laser cutting, with all of the advantages and disadvantages of the JPC design. Main objective was to remove molle webbing and achieve low profile construction, fully camouflaged (lack of the webbing which colors vary from the cordura).


We have tested TPC in many versions… Believe, MANY versions :v

As I mentioned above, TPC can be undestood as a whole system, not only a vest, which is constatly being developed with new attachments. So, what are parts of that system?
1. Main plate carrier with the Velcro panels to attach additional modules, with detachable front panel:
– standard front flap with inner pouch closed with Velcro or zipper which can be used as organizer/map panel or hold magazines inserts,
– flap with the integrated 3×1 shingle pouches or with 3×2 flap closed pouches,
2. Detachable cummerbund: standard lasercut (standard set) or made from elastic wide band with magazine pouches ,
3. Shoulderpads and inner comfortpads.

Primary version of TPC is vest, lasercut cummerbund and front flap with inner, velcro closed pouch. This set costs 144€ and additional 12€ for comfortpads and 12€ for shoulderpads. So we have 168€. It costs a bit but there are many camouflage/color versions, not like the opponents: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black and PenCott GreenZone, MTP, MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Kryptek Mandrake, A-TACS FG and US Woodland.

We have tested 2 versions without comfortpads (MC Tropic and MTP) and 2 ith comfortpads (CB and PenCott GreenZone). They are made from 500/500 denier laminated cordura, only MTP is made of 1000D Cordura.
We got also PinCott Charmingzone version but it was a polyester used by Templar to make fun of us. How in the hell you can explain it when you are waiting for box full of MultiCam?


Live fast, troll hard!


We are used to that everything from Templars Gear is superb quality. Don’t expect any defects and also there is no risk of delamination – technology is well-prepared but still not in 100%. Every further lamination could be a failure but every part of material is checked in Templars Gear. Everything is made of 500d Cordura but we had a 1000d Cordura in MTP which we have tested and nothing were ripped apart.


So, if the Templars Gear has its own tests so we decided to hung ourselves too.


Will it rip or not? – it didn’t rip, but we mentioned that we were testing heavier 1000d laminatedCordura and we do not reccomend similar tests because e.g. we ripped ULPC by Specops.


Mark right after hanging about 90kg on safety lanyard – maybe not so heavy but it started to rip a little. But as it was said earlier – this is not the purpose of this gear (but we know that in emrgency situation it will do well).

Serial production is made of laminated 500d Corduraand it is better not to make such tests. But the vest survived without any major damages after hanging 90kg of weight on two rows w cordura and on the part of the shoulder strap. Will we hang ourselves on vest made of 500D Cordura? Nope 😉 We have laready tested and our curiosity has been fulfilled.


Left is Templars Gear and right is Specops ULPC – what is interesting both in coyote brown. As one of our friends told us ther is coyote brown and coyote browner 😉 BTW, we cann notice differences in cut outs and stitches securing those .

Cut outs don’t fray to quickly when put into use and contrary to opinion of some people they don’t rip out. But you have seen it above – you can even hang on it. Of course as in TG-PT1 everything was strengthen with additional stitches. It is to prevent further delamination or mechanical damages – it will just stop on the stitches.

Upper and lower part have cut outs compatible with MOLLE system. On the upper part we have small part of Velcro which is size of standard nametag. Lower part is a loop side Velcro for cummerbund closure and right above it we have a Velcro (loop+hook side) to attach flap we just want (with inner pouch or pouches 3×1/3×2).


Prototype version in MC Tropic has front flap sewn permanently. As you can see inner pouch can easily hold 3 AR magazines but to stabilize them you need to use an insert.

In gen.2, front flaps are detachable, also they have been equipped with little side grips which made easier to get it up and loops from elastic band. Perfect for comm cables or hydration. Upper part of front panel has also slanted single webbing which can be used as a platform for mounting PTT or end of the hydration tube.


Here is a gen.2 version with detachable front flap. Laminated cordura is 1000D. (Brits are using it so only that is available) – it is heavier than 500d, more rigid but also more durable


Inner pouch fits also a magazine insert for submachine gun, here is the insert Devil’s Designers (Wkurzony) for 4 MP7 magazines .

Img_1359 (2)

And here we got version with 3 single pouches. As you can all see, laminated cordura in MC Tropic doesn’t vary from Leo Kohler’s uniformin that camouflage.

From the inner side, vest has 2 strips of Velcro’s loop side (or in MTP is velour) to attach comfortpads made from foam nad 3d mesh.


Vest with full et of comfortpads attached to Velcro (2x front, 2x rear, 2x shoulderpads).


Of course in every moment we can deattach them and go low profile.


And here is the velour version – this material has one major disadvantage, it is getting dirty much faster than Velcro.


And here whole space is covered with zero-pals system also. What is more, edges has trimming on the whole part when cummerbung goes through which lowers the risk of delamination. Cummerbund goes through the tunnel at lower part of the panel. On the upper part producer made also loops to attach coom’s wiring or hydration tube. Pesh with his prototype put the wiring inside the vest which photo below shows (MC Tropic).


After some analysis Templars Gear has begun strengthening with the trimming the most damage vulnerable spots (preventing from further delamination)


Despite the plate inside, plate carrier still has very low profile.

For this type of desing and its size there is no emergency grip for evacuation. What is interesting the laminated cordura is strong enough to attach a lanyard’s piton to it and evacuat wounded user – but this affect in damaging the vest.


Lack of emergency grip? Bitch please XD.


It is integral part of the front and rear panel – they are being hold together by Velcro, the same like in the JPC. When adding shoulderpads you just mount them on the earlier regulated straps.

_igp3734 (2)

Shoulde straps in TPC are nearly as thin as those in JPC but due to higher inflexibility they are more stable.


Very thin. About JPC similarities – TPC was clearly patterned after it. Just look at the shoulder straps.


Shoulderpads are mounted by closing them with the velcro flap and the yave 2 loops from elastic band ( replaced now by velcro straps)which can be used for stabilizing comm;s wiring or hydration tube.


And from the bottom.


Sholderpads doesn’t make vest much more bulky than without them but greatly increase comfort of usage. Of course it doesn’t work well with the backpack.


Still thin… 😉

In fact, it is made out of 2 parts connected with the shockcord which provides some flexibility so it all “works” when user is breathing. It is strenghten vertically so it doesn’t collapse and encroach like it was with the JPC cummerbund and still it is very light and breathable.


Cummerbund is very simple and easy to regulate.


Vertical strengthening. Of course in great point laminated cordura is hard enough to provide stability to the cummerbund


You can see a strengthening inserts.

_igp4240 (2)

And whole side part of cummerbund.


And pink version 🙂


As I mentioned at the beginning, TPC has advantages and disadvantages similar to those from JPC. Advantages are of course low profile, good cooperation with backapacks and disadvantages are shoulder straps regulation (which cause that front and rear panel tends to place awkward). Cummerbund has been greatly improved which is now inner, not outer.


Low Pro 🙂 Maybe TPC isn’t ultra light but it has good profile.


As seen on the photo TPC is very slim and sometimes you may wonder if there is any plates in it. Although you can also see that it is very important to watch rear panel place because it tends to slide down if it is loaded (and here with the slim cargo pouch from Orkan Tactical).


And this is what I am talking about…


And here it is in correct position.

As in JPC, vest gives us great mobility and it is more comfortable than in design from Crye – cummerbund bands don’t encroach and due to more inflexible shoulder stability it is more stable. Of course we can load tons of stuff on it but if more than we should use shoulderpads. Thank to this solution, TPC is quite universal because it can be set as DA loadout or heavy loadout (CIRAS style) and only add shoulderpads – just a moment. If I would have to choose between JPC and TPC i would choose TPC due to its greater universality and modularity.


Is it vest for machinegunner? Nope, unless we put most of the stuff on the belt. Remember that TPC is small plate carrier and bigger pouches at sides will decrease our arms mobility. To be precise – elbows up because cummerbund is quite high.


And low-pro from near… Vest works well as a DA platform, CQB or playing as a medic – very light and doesn’t reduce mobility.


Flat shoulder straps allows very good stability of the stock while firing.


Unless we didn’t choose a proper size (S, M, L) and we don’t have any comfortpads the problem may appear – loose ends of the shoulder straps stick out. They can be put throught the holes but it isn’t a perfect solution.


The problem with too much straps in JPC-a-like desingns. Well, Olka is petite and a vest is in M size.

With or without comfortpads – PC is very low profile. Although it is bigger than JPC it isn’t worse at any point. It can be easily hidden under a jacket or shirt and cooperate well with smaller (tested with 25-35L) or bigger bacpack (80L).


TPC with bacpack Spearpoint Vector 2.0 MUD, designed to cooperate with vests and chest rigs.


As shown – it works perfect.

Vest doesn’t bother even while driving a car. Of course it is most comfortable without comfortpads.
But when we want to pust dozens of magazines, IFAK, pistol and backpack/hydration we just simply attach all 6 comfortpads which will greatly increase comfort of usage. After walking for few hours it can’t be noticed just try walk like that for 6-8 and mount more than 3 hi-cap magazines. You will change your opinion 😉


WOŚP 2015 – or just 12h walking in full gear, mostly only with hard plates, 2 magazines, comms and a granade, plus bacpack with empty bag in it. Frankly my shoulders suffered also next day. So here is my opinion – yu can use it without comfortpads but why ?

Modularity – iwas talking about it again and again. TPC is a gear that provides great flexibility in action. It can be configured for DA or for long time fights with lot of ammo on it. In first case we tend to have a low profile and in the second we just add comfortpads and have more comfortabe usage losing only (slightly) low profile and comfort when using backpack.
Comfortpads are one point, front flap and cummerbund is another. Cummerbund can be choose standard lasercut or elastic with inner magazine pouches which provides greater movability (we just assume because we didn;t get it for testing). Changeable flaps allows user to quickly change the configuration in cae of changin the weapon or place of action: in cQB we mount flap with pouches for MP-5 for example and when we go back oustide, into the woods we can easily change it to a flap with pouches for 5,56mm or 7,62mm carbine (or replica 😉 ) Or even connect it – insert with 5,56mm magazines and on the flap 9mm pouches 😛
Our only attention to the flap is that sometimes it just detached itself when we were opening it with one hand and have it loaded. Templars Gear changed it and made Velcro bigger.. and it turned out that some of the people like the earlier version. Personal preferences and it can’t be anything done with it. Panel itself can be easily “opened”.

Lasercut gear has one great advantage – there is no webbing that may vary in color and the producer doesn’t need to buy them with proper color/ camouflage and then sew them properly.


MultiCam Tropic.


Całe oporządzenie w MC Tropic to szpej Templars Gear.MCT Cordura isn’t so colourful as on the uniform, but there is no major differences in colours.


MTP (jacket, belt, PC) i MC (trusers, helmet, backpack) – some mixing but it is still good.


At some distance differences can’t be noticed, right?


And here we go with PenCott Greenzone!


Cos’ more Greenzone, more fun!

To be honest, MC/MTP works quite well with PenCott Badlands.


PenCott Badlands + TPC in MTP.


TPC is for now the best lasercut plate carrier in Poland and taking selling it worldwide into consideration – very popular abroad. Most of all, it is made with high qulity materials and very neat and it is sold for reasonable price. Of course after some time delamination may occur, but later than earlier 😉 And i doesn’t rip after hangin on it 😉 Templars Gear offers wide amount of camouflages – PenCott, MultiCam, Kryptek as well as traditional and classic M81 Woodland which is nearly impossible to get despite G.I gear. Plate carrier from Templars gear is a very good design but with disadvantages that mostly come of its patterning on JPC. But it is better than JPC.
It is a modular vest, great for DA and for longer actions. It gives the user very low profile, quick change of configuration thank to detachable flap and cummerbund. There aren’t many vests like that one. So if you decide for TPC, you won’t regret it and you will be able to constantly make it different, because Templars Gear is making further modules.



In action:


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