We have been testing TG belts  since the very beginning of them. We had a prototype belt for testing (laminated Cordura in Ranger Green) and later better profiled serial constructions in PenCott GreenZone and Multicam Tropic (Cordura 500D/550D) and British MTP (Cordura 1000D/500d) as well as the Hello Kitty version (to be precise – Charming Girl)… And after receiving a prototype we were sure that it would be one of the most comfortable and the best 2-row, molle belts and what is more – laser cut. Don’t be afraid of its durability, we tested it in every possible way, including using it in the way it shouldn’t be used 😀

Of course we face a question – why using laser cut cordura when classic belts are sometimes lighter? Well, when it comes to profiled belts it is not true. Also durability of laminated and laser-cut cordura is controversial – it is useless because it is still a cordura and laminating it and laser-cutting provides very high durability of the material. Templars Gear’s main purpose wasn’t making “ultra light” construction – it weights like the classic belt, mostly because of the foam hardening insert but producer is still working on it. Why then? To solve a problem of different colors between cordura and the webbing, availability of both or the risk of stucking molle cells on branches etc. Let’s move to the important stuff now.


Part of the stuff we got from Templars Gear: TG-PC prototype plate carrier, TG-PT1 belts, single carbine shingle pouches, universal pistol pouches, IFAK, light chest rig.



PT1 belt is a profiled construction which lacks MOLLE webbing due to system called “zero-molle”, compatible with MOLLE which consists of laser cut spaces in laminated Cordura. PT1 is more like the MOLLE “sleeve” for the belt, not the belt itself but for our convenience we will call it a belt – it requires an inner belt, like the THIRDLINE belt we are using from Bayonet.pl. Belt is a 2 row construction available in XS, S, M, L, XL sizes. We have used a M size version every time (92-100cm, I have about 88cm of waistband and it is OK), which has 18 columns. It has 4 D-Rings (in case of attaching harness) and a zippered pouch through which we can get the foam insert out. It can be replaced of the ballistic soft insert of the right size, like in the PT RATS belt.


PT1 along with the Thirdline belt from the Bayonet, What is really interesting is the profile – not straight but curved so it fits better to the user.

From the inner we have 3D mesh.


Inner side 3D mesh – you can see strengthening stitches. Between mesh and mounting side is a layer of Cordura which makes a place for foam/ballistic insert.


Foam insert – easy to get out, harder to put it in but removing it helps mounting an inner belt.


TG crew is working on lighter insert because its weight is the biggest with the same air flow and inflexibility. It is very possible that heavier material will be used than now but weight will remain the same but it will improve air flow (photo source: Templars Gear Facebook)

Part with laser-cut mounting system is divided into 3 segments – 2 side and one middle and al tree are divided into 3, double column parts where between them are vertical cuts to let user put part of the inner belt outside. It is made that to attaching to belt other gear like holsters or hip panels. It is better than making holes at the bottom part of the belt because it isn’t lower stability of the whole construction which has great issue when using kydex holsters.


Vertical cuts are made for this – in this case it is possible to attach a hip panel, holster without losing stability and inflexibility of the belt as it is in the belts with holes in the bottom part.


And then we can attach even a holster with belt mount – here we have IMI holster for SIG SAUER P226.

Quality is on the highest level – everything cut is very neat (lemme use mah lazor!) and sewed and what is most important – no problem with webbing in different color than Cordura. MOLLE cuts are identically cut and placed so there is no problem with crooked cells – which is quite often if you want know.
Sometimes we can find loose threads. In older versions of the laminated Cordura (RG and MCT, GZ are prototypes) we faced some delaminating process on small parts – now it is gone. Of course due to hardening stitches it wasn’t very important for the user and what we can see on the photo below – it happened not on every part. Future series will be made with new laminated Cordura and with the guarantee from the provider. Problem will disappear fully – in MCT there is no such a problem.


Places endangered of damaging and delamination are secured with additional horizontal and vertical stitches which prevents from major material damaging. And what with the edges? To be honest – only a visual disadvantage but it will be cool when it won’t be in next versions.


It costs 200zł which is similar price of the Specops’ ULPP Specops’ ULPP which has an inner belt included (simple webbing band and fastex). TG-PT1 is available not only in RG, CB and MC but also in MC Tropic, MTP, PenCott GreenZone, Kryptek Mandrake, A-Atacs FG and US Woodland.


Fanboys of most classy and popular camouflages this season will be very pleased – TG offers his stuff in MultiCam Tropic and PenCott GreenZone.

It must be remembered that laminated Cordura will delaminate after some time – like with Gore-Tex. Probably it will last for few years but everything depends on how hard it will be used of course because if you want youkan destroy it in one day… And that’s why those vertical and horizontal stitches are made which prevent from further ripping or delamination of the material. Time will show us how long this gear will last. I won’t take edges into considerations because there are no essential during usage

Laminated Cordura itself is very durable but for crash tests (Templars do his own) we have used gear made of Cordura 1000D which is stronger than 500d. Of course we will test the lighter material as soon as we will get it in our hands 😀 Remember that belt or vest are not made for hanging on them on some marks after doing it will remain – better don’t risk too much. We made it for our own entertainment and we know that with the bigger weight it would be ripped. Only MTP 1000d Cordura is now available and finally TG products are going to be made only from the 500d Cordura.


80kg hanged on two rows (section between vertical cuts). Nothing ripped, just the material was slightly stretched.


And that how the belt looked like after Hell was hinging on it.


What was known from the beginning – belt fits perfectly and it is the most comfortable 2 row belt on Polish market now. It is quite thick (10mm foam+2mm od 3D mesh and laminated Cordura) and rigid but despite this it fits perfectly. So good that with the proper inner belt there is no need of using harness, even when it is heavily loaded. Also, we don’t risk in getting any bruises etc. PT1 holds tightly on hips and doesn’t move while proning, running or jumping – it lies stable with all stuff on it. Of course when someone will decide to put on it a buttpack with chow for 2 days, 2 canteens, pistol, few magazines, IFAK ad something else it will be needed to add a harness. But when we carry just essential stuff on airsoft games like:
– M4, holster with a sidearm it, 2 pistol magazines, 4 shingles/TACOs, IFAK, dump pouch and cargo pouch
– M249, holster with a sidearm, 2 pistol magazines, IFAK, dump pouch, 200rd box with 2kg of BBs
there is no problem with running for a few hours – everything stays on its place and doesn’t fall down, just slightly move horizontally.


ThePesh has only essentials – few magazines and IFAK


Lack of webbing is a lack of differences between colors. TG’s stuff in MC Tropic blends perfectly with the uniform in MC Tropic from Leo Kohler.


When you have a right size of your belt even carrying a sidearm, few other little things and 200rd box filled with 2kf of BBs doesn’t need harness – belt will not move from its place (photo: Gosia Rain Piotrowska)

Mounting pouches is not a bigger problem than with a standard MOLLE – it is the same annoying and time taking as usual unless we use malice clips. Inner belt may cause some minor problems with mounting stuff but as I said, minor 😉 And here we have a great solution for kydex holsters which need stable and durable mounting – with malice clips we can mount it through Molle-cuts and inner belt simultaneously. By doing that we solve problems with getting a pistol from a holster.
On the other hand IMI Molle adapters don’t do well, like in the Stronghold gear we had. They were designed for classic MOLLE, not laser cut.


IMI holsters with its MOLLE adapter don’t work properly on laser cut gear – they are unstable so much they can detach.

_igp4267 (2)

And on this photo we have a kydex holster made by Crazy Lumberjack – perfect connection of gear.

Belt is fully profiled – shaped in the right way so it doesn’t disturb while kneeling, squatting and other activities. Shortly – it stays on place so good that user can easily forget about it. 3D mesh reduces sweating and it will be decreased even more because foam insert will be cut for greater respiration. Due to heavier material, inflexibility and weight will stay the same but there will be greater respiration under the belt.


Playing as a medic while wearing Templars Gear stuff is pure pleasure – everything is on right place, low profile, high mobility without any difficulties


As you can see – M size (with my 88cm) belt fits perfectly, front part is only an inner belt (Thirdline) so nothing stick in our stomach. TG-PT1 is a low profile belt but it can hold quite large amount of “necessary” gear (photo by Gosia “Rain” Piotrowska)(zdjęcie: Gosia Rain Piotrowska).


Even “spotter style” position is possible with that belt 😉 (photo by Katarzyna Bednarz)


Belt should be fastened on „belt height” not on hips – but this is AleX 😛


…apparently Hell decided to wear belt on belt 😀 Literally 😀

Set of TG-PT1 and a small plate carrier (TG-PC, ULPC, JPC, PSPB) or chest rig is a very great stuff but with limitations I have mentioned. If someone carries “everything and lots of it” on belt must consider another belt, made exactly for it, but I am not saying it is not possible with PT-1 with harness. Just a big-ass buttpack won’t fit very good because it requires more than two rows. This belt is better for hit&run actions rather than LRRP, it is perfect for light setups but a machine gunner will find it interesting – 4kg of BBs on belt and no harness is needed 😉 But if you want to carry 4 more ammo boxes, than you must consider harness 😀


TG-PT1 and Specops ULPC.



If we want to carry more stuff, better solution is a bigger belt, designed especially for it.


Here’s we got MIWO TCP with prototype TG-PT. It is easy to choose which belt will be more stable while carrying more stuff, including big cargo pouch or buttpack.


TG-PT1 belt is a new project but well made. Maybe not ultra-light as all laser cut gear is connected with. More or less, it is very comfortable, even after long period of usage and in most situations harness is not needed. It is stable but requires good, inner belt which will provide great mounting place for kydex holsters. Despite the fact it is laser cut, it is very durable but for longer period it has one disadvantage, it delaminates. All of those stitches are due to it.


But admit it – it is fcking awesome, isn’t it? 😀

Quality is very good which cause higher price, especially with the production technology, than products from MIWO or similar. Don’t be sad, it may satisfy you that there are plenty of modern camouflages which can be chosen 😉 and “oldie but goldie” US woodland :D. We highly recommend this belt as Gear Inferno crew because it was a long time we last had a belt which suited for all of us.

In this article we had used gear from Orkan Tactical (1 to 2 and 2 to point slings, cargo pouch, flashbang pouch, pistol pouch), Spearpoint (safety lanyard), Specops (ULPC and pouches) and belt from Bayonet.

W artykule wykorzystano również sprzet (zawieszenia 1/2 i 2/3 punktowe, cargo, kieszeń na granat hukowy, ładownica pistoletowa), lonżę asekuracyjną Spearpoint, ULPC i ładownice Specopsa oraz pas Bagneta.


Photos: Hell/Rocker Tankista/Tom/Katarzyna Bednarz – CSAR


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