Eye protection is one of the very basics of airsoft. It’s the basic function of our eye protection, other features like protection against sun etc. are just add-ons. One of the most popular are made by ESS (such as many variations of ICE goggles) Uvex and Bolle and, maybe not as popular but still deserving a mention, Revision and SwissEye. And today, we’ll be taking a look at SwissEyes LANCER glasses, kindly provived to us by  SpecBrands.pl



There are no fireworks or high-tech stuff- just some slick glasses. It comes with a microfiber rag and a case.

Img_2911The glasses are made out of policarbonate. they are also shaped, coated with antifog (not permament but it lasts a while) and an anti-scratch coating. According to the producer the dimmed lenses protect against UV which we can’t deny and we can confirm that they do in fact work really well on a sunny day.



The frames are low-profile, elastic, soft and adjustable.

The glasses are available with 4 different lenses- clear, dimmed, yellow and orange. the price is around 21 EUR and it’s here where we’d like to highlight one problem- you can’t order the lenses separately. A second drawback that you can’t fit corrective lenses in there (unlike the more expensie Raptors).

And here’s some specifics:
– protection against UV, UVB i UVC -400,
– Policarbonate leses with an anti-scratch coating,
– 160° field of view,
– ballistic protection- STANAG 2920 / 4296. protection level – 1 (normy EN 1836:2005+A1:2007 i ANSI Z87 / ANSI Z87+), where:
a) STANAG 2920 – NATO ballistic protection norm since 1985 roku.In this method you calculate V50, which means elocity in m/s, At which there is a 50% chance, that a shrapnel that weighs 1,1 g can penetrate said ballistic protection;
b) STANAG 4296 – a NATO ballistic protection norm that describes:
– durability of an eye protection (glasses, goggles, masks) against an impact by a steel projectile equal to 5,6 mm (0,22″) caliber at 275 m/s (990 km/h),
– usability after 10 years in storage and 1 year of usage,
– compability with other protection systems (helmets, mask).


I’ve got to admit, at first, i dd’t really like their looks, mainly because of the matt middle section on the lenses. Yes, they are a big and look a lot like fly eyes, but they have more protective surface.


The original antifog works great, but it will wear off over time.

Firtst of all- comfort. They fit better than Uvex i-vo or ESS ICE. Finally, there was nothing biting into my skull behind my ears thanks to flat and thin earstraps which are better than those in ESS ICE). The nose piece is also fine- comfortable and durable. Overall, they are light, slick and comfortable for shooting, driving and laying on the beach. The smoked lenses are also just right.

Professor Cheeki Breeki na wakacjach w Abchazji.

Professor Cheeki Breeki on vacation in Abchasia.

Protection- no problems either. They passed our field stress test with flying colors! They have big surface, they don’t restrict your field of view, there are no weakpoints… but why read all that when you can watch our video below? 🙂

Tak, całość zakończono kilkukrotnym trafieniem cegłówką z podłożem wykonanym z drugiej cegłówki, co już nie znalazło się na filmiku (może i całe szczęście). Ramka nie przeżyła, ale szkła jak najbardziej dały radę. Powłoka chroniąca szkła przed zarysowaniami ewidentnie jest i spełnia swoją rolę, więc nie musimy się obawiać niepoprawnego przechowywania Lancerów (czyt. odkładania gdzie popadnie i przechowywania poza pokrowcem – rysują się dużo mniej od ICE), ale i typowych sytuacji podczas strzelanek, tj. przedzierania się przez krzaki, kontaktu z piaskiem i oczywiście – zarobienia kulki prosto w japę… Nawet przy strzelaniu z paru metrów z replik o najpopularniejszej mocy (przynajmniej na Mazowszu), czyli ok. 400-450 FPS, większość śladów można po prostu zetrzeć ręką, zaś szkła fizycznie nie ulegają uszkodzeniu. Yep, we finished it off with a brick, but (probably for the best) didn’t make the final cut. The frame gave up, but lenses didn’t. The anti-scratch coating is definitely there and it does it’s job, so you don’t have to worry about proper storage ( you can preety much put them wherever and not care, they won’t scratch, unlike ESS ICE). or typical airsoft activities like going through bushes, sand and getting shot in the face, even when shooting it with the most usual fps (in Masovia at least)  so around 400-450 fps from a couple of meters most damage you can just wipe off and the lenses are undamaged.

As to fogging, the are way better than ESS ICE and Uvex I-vo. The less you wipe them, the longer does the producers antifog last.



 One has to admit, that Lancers are quite a good position on the eye protection market. Without a doubt they are indestructible, very comfortable and the price is very reasonable. We can’t really determine wether unchangable lenses are a con or pro, because there are just so many different variation on the marke, that it’s just a matter of personal preference and needs.  So to sum up- they have everything you need to protect your eye against fast flying pieces of plastic.



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