The last summer gave us really tough time – over 30°C outside, full sun, clear skies, no rain. Getting out for arisoft game without any hat was just a suicide so we had to get something on our heads in precious Pencott Greenone camo – but the shops remained nearly empty. We could get HELIKON’s baseball cap and (they also released a boonie) but I didn’t really liked the idea of being tactical in this or UFPRO boonie hat which had dfferent style and much smaller brim made me look at it sceptical. I finally got myself a Sprinter Custom Ghile’s Commando Boonie, which you can easily adjust to yourself, but later about that.


SCG Boonie with a fancy company.


Sprinter gave us a wide spectrum of camos for his Commando Boonie:

– GreenZone,
– Badlands,
– WZ.93,
– Multicam,
– Mutlicam Tropic,
– Olive,
– Woodland.
Also, if you bring SGC other materials, also custom ones.


Boonies! MCT vs Pencott Greenzone.


And the back shot.

Boonies are made of NyCo (if you don’t know what is it, here’s the well-known sewing forum – which is great even for high temperatures. Commando Boonie is a mix of Panama hat and british „Bush Hat”. The brim is just perfect – not too long, not too short, it covers our neck’s back and face from sun. Also it works pretty good with Viper Hood holding the hood on the brim and don;t disturb us while in action.


As it’s visible on the pictures the hood of Viper Hood Pro from SCG perfectly stops at the end of the hat’s brim.


Sznojpa Dev, Viper Hood Pro i Commando Boonie.


Talking about the spectrum of avaiable sizes, SGC made only two of them – <59 cm and 59-64 cm. But, how? Well, thanks to the shockcord with elastic strips. It’s easy to use and if you adjust it correctly there’s no way of loosing it.


In hat’s back there’s a 5x5cm velctro for your favorite patches with naked girls or about killing ISIS. Also there are some tapes for additional camouflages – natural stuffing.



Visible velctro panel and adjusting system which works just perfectly.


The hat has tapes for natural stuffing.


Sprinter also offers sewing into the top of the hat ventilation ports – you can ask for them if you want them, or not if you don’t need them.

Img_0102 (2)

Boonie trio! 😉

We can’t say anything bad about these hats – we can’t find anything wrong. It’s made really good, with caring about the smallest details. Even Sprinter himself says about them – „Product made of highest quality materials and precision”.


Grabek – I bought the Commando Bonnie without vent ports, thinking the more greenzone, the more swag. I wasn’t dissapointed. I never complained about lack of them because the air circulationis really nice. Also the adjusting system is suprisingly well working. No worrying if the size is too big or too small when ordering. As user of SGC Viper Hood, i really like how it works when I put the hood on and it stays on hat’s brim. No lack on field of view, no disturbing. I didn’t used the tapes for natural stuffing because I just don’t like it. You don;t need it when you have Greenzone 😀 And trough I love morale patchesm I didn’t put any on back of the hat. I’m satisfited with Commando Boonie and if i’d have to get a new hat with different camo, it woild be SCG’s product again.


ThePesH – If there’ll be any „Best Gear Contest” this hat should be on the highest place with quality stamp. I own two of them and use them alternately – Greenzone and Tropic. Both are without vents – in UK there’s more often rain than sun. The size and proportions of Boonie are perfectly done, as well as the adjusting system. Also, the lack of thin part is a good idea. As a satisfited user I recommend it for everyone.

maniek (2)

MC Tropic Man

Dev – I’ve already used few types of boonie hats, including the Greenzone one from UF PRO and SGC one seems to be much better. The first thing, air cylculation – the heat is getting out much easier trough one layer of material. Second, adjusting system – depending on that if you have a sheingmah or any other thing on our head you can easily adjust the size. The brim is just alright – covers from rain and sun, doesn’t lower the field of view. Two weeks of walking on moutains made me sure it’s better than any other hat. Not to metion the training and airsoft games.



 We can recommend this boonie for everyone looking for a good price-quality ratio. For only €32 we can get the version without vents. Yeah, only €32. For €35 is the Luxury Vip Headshoot Military Hero by GZ with ventilation vents version. We especially recommend them for those who already use SGC camouflage systems because they complement with each other.



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