On Airsoft battlefield we want to became invisible or opponent, so we can make an ambush or accomplish the objectives without being even noticed. Sometimes the camouflage and face and weapon painting may be not enough if opponent is too watchful and alerted. With help comes up ghille suit camouflaging systems (known for Scots since XIX centuries) which, if well made, can give us additional advantage on battlefield. There’s a cheaper way, of course – ghile suit DYI ex. uniform blouse with masking grid and dyed pieces of jute twine. It’s a good solution if you don’t wear much amount of equipement because wearing a west on ghille suit makes it useless. With help comes up Sprinter Custom Ghille – masking systems procucer which is known for a longer time. One of their products is Viper Hood Pro Multicam, which we can show you this time!


Hell (GI-07) – with commando boonie also from SGC


Viper Hood Pro Multicam from SCG is, somehow, “lightweight sleeve with a hood” which is the last we wear while wearing equipement. A bolero or something like that! With this we can get any equipement we want without tangling around with ghille. One day pew pew event? Here we go! 24 h milsim while at you need so much gear, the “light infantry” is the last thing you could say describing it? Wear everything, then get viperhood on yourself like a star on the Christmas tree and you’re free to go! Of course, we have to say that Sprinter uses only the high quality materials, which we can only confirm – even holding it you can feel it by yourself.



Viper Hood’s base is Duro netting in Multicam camo (207g/m2 grammage) which is somehow unbrekable on airsoft battlefield. The netting is separated on two elements

  1. sleeve – from shoulders and back to elbows
  2. hood – covering whole head, coneccted with Pasamon tapes to sleeve
462841_846208932089659_4708746397239417822_o (2)

Bare viper hood – bolero 😉


Construction doesn’t cover the back so we can use all backpacks we want

What a ghille could be without jute, rafla (a fiber effectively imitating grass), pieces of sniper scarfs and real flora? A rag to the ground, I guess. On our hood we’ve got paracord rack for these things. Not too much, not too few.


How to melt with a background, even with Plate Carrier on yourself

With a good design Viper Hood is highly universal, for any operator – big or short or tall or fat or whatever. You can adjust it with pullers ended with shockcords. Adjusting is smooth and nice, it won’t move while a run or prone. We can hide them after adjust into sleeves so it won’t distract us.

On the front there’s Nexus buckles with tapes on both sides, for hood’s stabilization.


Viper off

Whole constriction is feather-weight even with the masking stuffing, while wearing it you barely feel you’ve got something on your shoulders.


Viper Hood is also a compression sack which of we can make a small ball and attach to equipement


We recived our Viper Hood without masking stuff on, which were in other bag (Grabek had something to do :D) so we could adapt it to our needs and likes. We wanted it to work with PenCott Greenzone, but it also worked well with Badlands and MultiCamo/MTP. Attaching stuffing is easy and intuitive, a monkey with average education could do it in 2-2,5h. We attached everything we recived from SCG on our Hood – jute, raffia, cutted sniper scarves and pieces of material in the SS-Lato. Everything looked pretty good and at terrain tests Dev said about it: “Grabek, in this Viper Hood you can burn villages and still nobody could see you”.


Yeah, we should have a better masking or brighter paint on our airsoft replica


Viperhood blends contours at the front …


… sides…


… and back. Depending on masking stuffing it can cover more or less of our back and backpack. There’s even a backpack covers the SGC offers for a custom orders which can be a great follow-up of Hoodie.

Viper Hood were used on different equipement systems and on every one were just perfect. We used KSP-12 Miwo, chest-rigs, harnesses, plate carriers. It’s because it is worn on top of everything else and adjusting system, it’s really universal for every set and user. We can also as quickly attach it as take it off.




With all the masking stuffing attached Hoodie is still airy and lightweight. It can be a little bit hotter when we wear the hood, but it’s because of jute which works as isolatior. We’re using with it a Commando Boonie from SGC which makes the hood “float” around out eyeline.


Commando boonie SCG.


While wearing the Viper Hood, it’s hard to not forget about it running around on battlefield. On “BITWA DRUŻYN 4” it were attached to Micro Pack from SCG/WTTG where it was hanging for 9h of maneuvers.


Viper is easlily compressing on itself, even with all the stuffing on it.  The pack is as big as 2 MREs and you can attach it  under buttpack (we still used Sprinter’s Micro Pack) or backpack.


We can honestly recommend the whol Viper Hood Pro series –  it’s well designed, high quality equipement of which used materials makes him feather-weight universal and airy masking system. The user can decide if he want the masking stuffing, or without it so he can make his own. The Viper Hood is just perfect, no doubt about it!



  • light weight and airy masking system
  • not limiting movements
  • universal
  • we can compress it while not used
  • we can attach it on every equipenent system


  • price – about $135 or €120 (but the quality!)
  • you can tangle some stuffing on viper hood with your rifle



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