Are classic uniform’s shirts becoming a thing of the past? Well, if you use any tactical vest or even a chest rigs with backpack, they surely will, the faster it warmer outside is. New generations of farbics with better breathability than ripstops are not only the future, but present as well. UBACS has started the revolution – now, who don’t want a free sauna under his tactical vest uses combat shirts. Until now we tested (and even painted) UBACS, ACS US Army and few Ultimate Tactical uniforms. Here we present you BS-1, Bluza Szturmowa (pol. Combat Blouse) sewn by Polish SPECOPS.


Combat shirt BS-1 i combat pants UF PRO Striker XT.


This blouse is made like many combat shirts – sleeves, neck, shoulders and sternum are made of standard uniform materials (here, PenCott Greenzone) NyCo 50/50 (nylon/cotton 50%/50%) and the corpse of elastic flame resistant Polartec Power Dry FR. For TBS-1, every material meets the FR requirements, not the corpse only. In this version the sleeves farbic is changed to Defender M.




The thermoactive material’s lining is also under the NyCo on corpse – under the neck, shoulders and sternum which makes wearing it more comfortable – nothing is scratching or incuring over the skin.
Sleeves has adjustable cuffbands (velcro), on top of these there are double pockets on both sides of the shirt. The internal one is closed with zip while other one – with velctro. Of course there are velctors for morale patches (a bit different than usual, with molle system 2×3).


There’s two elastic bands on both sides of back, for example. for cables or lightsticks.

We can attach a small pouch on our shoulders with molle – 2×3 segments. If someone wants to, of course, for me even a multitool is a way too much. There’s also pockets for protector pads on elbows.


Inside the velctro closed pocket we have 3 loops for pen or compass leash and similliar things.


The neck has the soft part velctro panel and a loop.

The green thermoactive material color is just perfect for Greenzone, much better than brown of UF PRO pants. It’s really flexible and fitted to body what maximilize the draining body’s moisture. You should choose a smaller size than usual – with mine 108 cm chest I usually use M sized Combat Shirts, yet this time I decided to get S and it’s perfect. The BS-1 cost is about 110€… well, PenCott is not cheap, Specops even more, but we pay for the quality… and the low quantitative production.


Good combat shirt should be breathable and not be constrainble – BS is meeting both these requirements. It’s made of durable elastic material which breathability is really good, it doesn’t limit movements and the corpse part is just long enough to not come out from the pants.


GEARLIST: Spearpoint’s Air Frame helmet cover, SPECOPS ULPC (with ULKBK pouches and WZM-1 dump pouch), THIRDLINE Bayonet Belt with MIWO Lubliniec „Gadget” holster, Strike Systems kevlar gloves, Merrell Ventis Ventilator boots.

Neck lineup made of Polartec makes wearing this shirt much more comfortable. It’s big enough to not smother like in UBACS. It’s a bit difficult to wear it off, but in action it doesn’t bother anymore.


The corpse part is long enough that if we but our hands up it still won’t pop out from the pants.

The real BS problem, not couting the price, is that the zippers are really small. While the middle one is just okay, the pocket ones, even without any gloves, are nearly impossible to open in the middle of action.


Sewing in the bigger zippers could be a better idea. Bands begged out from Spearpoints trash 😉


The internal pocket visible – with our bands – much better.


Velctro panels on top of the pockets are big enough for many of morale patches.


After all, we can complain a little to the sleeves – they are fitted so we can’t wrap or pull up them alike in UBACS or MASSIF shirts.


Well, long sleeves are for protecting and stuff, the more, with protecting pads, but while not being in action, it could be really nice to pull them up a little. Such a hot weather this summer…


Generally, the pockets is a nice idea – splitting them on two is useful for little things and wound dressings.They are not very big, just big enough for documents or phone.


GEARLIST: Flyye Ind. RRV Chest Rig (Templars Gear TG-FNR/DFNR & SPECOPS ULKBK pouches), TG-PT1 pouch with TG-AZ1 medkit, WZM-1 dump pouch and THIRDLINE Bayonett Belts, Spearpoint Vector 3 backpack, SCG commando boonie hat, TMC combat pants G2, LOWA Elite Desert boots.

The blouse is proven in battle and we really recommend this one, even for that price. Well, for Greeznone stuff it’s not that bad, but the uniforms costs even more that the President 😉
The BS-1 is perfect for every kind of vests and chest riggs (tested by us with ULPC, TG TPC, VSO Falanga and RRV) and it not incuring over the velctros, just pills softly over the gear. Just a little bit.


Img_1047 (2)

I hope I don’t need to talk about the camuflage again. I’m just happy that the green color of corpse part fits so good to Greenzone.



Is 450 zł a bit too much for a combat shirt? Well, looking for UBACS (100 zł) and MASSIF (100-200 zł) prices, it’s really much, but BS-1 is perfectly designed, sewn and works without any problems. It’s the best construction I’ve ever tested, and even while the wallet hurts, the ejnoyement is really high. Blouse is highly breathable, not limiting any movements, and not smothering. Just perfect, except a bit too small zippers. If not the price, this product could be a bestseller between combat shirts.

The distributor of SPECOPS gear is Sprzę, who lent to us BS-1 for tests.



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