Med pouches are used for 3 things in airsoft: for showing off (they’re used to carry some tactical sandwiches or as cargo pouch), as an actual med pouch (with contents strictly for airsoft, different than military) or as a real IFAK ( with truly combat- ready contents for excercises, reanactment or showing off). The most common is the second version- with the most necessary contents, like band-aids, sanitizer or some pills.



As for design, the most popular are tear- away pouches, easily accesible. mostly they’re attached with velcro, secured with a strap, but it’s quite noisy and gets dirty easily. Spearpoint  decided to go with a different solution.



Let’s start with mentioning that, as always, when ordering from Spearpoint, we can design our FastMED 100% for ourselves. Full custom. We’ve tested two version, one with Velcro that opens into 4 panels, and one with a zipper which opens into 2 panels- more classical design, with a pre-designed interior.


Img_3168Both have similar dimensions, but have completely different organizers. When ordered, we can decide all about the layout. Typical military IFAK may be uncomfortable for an airsofter, so it’s woth some thought.


Img_3179There’s no point in describing the inside, because it’s layout is up to the user. Closing it is more important- in our case a zipper and 2 panels or Velcro and 4 panels.

The most important difference from typical tear-away medpouches is the mounting panel, and more specifically the mounting system.


The medpouch with a molle panel.


The first aid kit on a 45-40 mm belt.

The pouch is secured with a strat with a buckle. the Velcro has been replaces with a stiff strap on the back, that goes into a loop on the panel. may sound complicated, but it’s really very simple.


The stiff strap on the pouch goes into a loop on the panel.



The top of the loop can be stiffened to make putting the pouch back in easier.


As you can see,FastMED isn’t too big.

Spearpoint is giving those two designs up (which doesn’t mean he wont make them for you) for the newest project. We’ve tested the older versions, because the most important feature is the mounting panel. FastMED can be bought with a molle or belt attachment.



 How is it any better than a classical Velcro panel? As we said, it doesnt get dirty and can be deployed very quietly. Also quickly and easily, unlike some Velcro panels. It may come in handy when our arm is weakened due to some kind of injury. Also, after undoing the buckle we can slide it out using our entire body (or an elbow, depending on where we put the pouch).

Dsc_5056FastMED is very compact and small. it’s low profile, so even after filling it up it’s not in your way.


FastMED is around the size of a 100rd SAW pouch, maybe even smaller.

Dsc_5041What i didn’t like about it? Well, it wasn’t designed for me and too small. I’m used to bigger ones like MIWO or Templars Gear. Not a huge problem really, just submit your own design 🙂
At first you may have a bit of a problem with putting it back on the panel, but it’s a matter of practice.


FastMED is preety straightforward. I think that not using Velcro made it better- it can be deployed easier, quicher and more silently. Also, we can design the interior ourselves, so we’re sure it fits our needs.

Moreover, that system can be used for different pouches, like organisers (examples in the gallery).

13077331_1104726592881225_654977170_nThe attachment system  by Spearpoint is available for free: fastmed_system.

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