PCS Lightweight Thermal Windproof Smock is the newest piece of a British Armys’ Personal Clothing System (PCS). It’s based on a legendary Bufallo Special 6 jacket, the ancestor of softshells and is basically  a combination of a softshell and light fleece.

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 Lightweight Thermal Windproof Smock is yet another step forward in British uniforms, which despite being a bit behind Americans is still quite a bit ahead when compared to the Polish Army



The jacket consists of a outer wind and water- proof ( to some extend- it’s coated with an impregnating layer) nylon layer and inner thin fleece- about 50. layer. Softshell (as well as some other components of the system) is made in China- probably to cut down costs.

Dev: it’s quite suprising to me, because Asian-made equipment often doesn’t quite match the specification. Good example would be some socks with silver ions- those made in China were significantly worse than those made in Saudi Arabia.


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 As you can see, this smock-softshell is very simple and neat. nothing but the essentials. that means no velcro panels for pathes, which is quite suprising to be honest

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 The jacket is coated with a 50. fleece fabric from the inside. it makes it perfect for cold and rainy days, but not as universal as “clean” softshell.


As we said at the beggining, the jacket is based on a Bufallo jacket, which means that it’s a anorak type jacket- put on through the head. Looking at the top, the jacket has a high collar with a welt (shock cord) to adjust it to your neck, which protects you from cold and wind.

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 The collars’ zipper goes all the way down to the chest pocket. It should be noted, that all zippers are splash-proof.

There is a hood in the collar- very simple, made out of a single layer of nylon with a rubber band to make it fit better.

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 Interestingly though the hood isn’t lined with fleece. Too bad, it would give some extra heat. Also a little peak would be nice.

The zipper goes down to about 1/3 of the jacket to make it easier to put on through the head. Below there is a flat pocket good for a map, closed with a zipper. Below it there is a large pocket, just like in a hoodie, closed with two angled zippers. The wrists can be adjusted with  Velcro. On both sides of the jacket, going up half way to the sleeves there are two zippers that make putting it on easier. On the bottom of the jacket there is a flap with Velcro, meant for adjustement in the waist. Under the armpits there are two zippers for ventilation.

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 There are two zippers under the armpits- preety standard for all the soft and hardshells nowadays.

The back is long and cover up your rear- a solution known from for example cycling jackets.


I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and i’ve been using it since the day it was delivered, in the british climate preety much every day, both static and dynamic (cycling). During that time i’ve encountered some rain. The water was formed in little drops and rolled off, without being absorbed. I didn’t experience any heavier rain, but that’s not the point. Nylon works great in the wind and stop sit, and the fleece inside makes it nice and warm. I’ve took it hiking in the mountains for a couple of hours, with several weather changes- some sun and warmth down in the valley and some rain on the peaks. When it was warm, opening all the zippers did the trick and made it nice and cool. The zipper are in such laces, that the shoulder straps of the backpack goes between them, which is very comfortable. Unfortunately, i didn’t have much experience wearing a tactical vest with it apart from at home just to try it on. Unfortunately, when wearing a Plate Carrier accessing the chest pocket is impossible.  With smaller PCs (FLYYE FAST ATTACK PLATE CARRIER on the photo) though you can access the bottom pocket. There is no problem with opening the zippers and armpits vents whatsoever.


As you can see it works preety well with light PCs, like Flyye FAPC on the photo

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The zipper on the side giver easier access to your sidearm or mags on the belt- similar solution was used on Helikons’ Jackal jacket.


I’ve bought it in Grade 1 condition off of eBay for £30 with shipping. I seriously love it- i think it’s one of my best buys in the military-tourist category. I couldn’t recommend it more.


The new PCS Softshell jacket looks like it’s going to be a very useful piece of gear, both for Airsoft and sport or hiking.

Dev: it looks very interesting, i’m wondering when it’s going to appear on Polish market and at what price (allegro/armyworld.pl). Lightweight Thermal Windproof Smock looks like a very well made softshell, perfect for fall lor just colder days.  Sure, it’s design may be disliked by some because it doesn’t open all the way. Also, it’s not as vesitile as for example Trooper, because of the fleece lining. But, despite that it’s really well priced, it looks good, and, knowing all the British uniforms out there- it will we an inexpensive and well made product.

On the photos:

From the backyard


From the mountains

Whiskey Tactical Gear small universal panel

-triple AK shingle- Night Fox

-small Flyye admin

Wisport Sparrow 20 backpack

-a bit wisible survivaltech.pl waist bag.



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