JPC is a peculiar phenomenon, both in Airsoft and in the army. One day it became very popular – in the case of airsoft – mainly due to the low weight and cool appearance. Let me remind you that JPC was originally designed by Crye Precission for PJ’s and soon for general use “hit & run” and began to copy it to other gear companies, including Polish ones. Leaders are Red River and Currahee providing JPC for the military, MIWO Lubliniec has done something once, but for us they are more important are TMC and Flyye / Modi products, because they are cheaper, more accessible and more popular. However, another company has entered the market – Gingers Tacticool Gear, presenting its own copy of JPC which is (considering the pics) almost like the original design of Crye, including the “kosher” materials such as Cordura MC, Hypalon, or spandex / soft shell in Multicam.


Photo: Fredzia/Can(n)on Fodder

Of course there are supporters and opponents of JPC. Supporters praise the vest for low weight, the fact that it’s not constricting arm movement and it’s the last the fact that it’s airy. On the other hand opponents have more reasons to complain: uncomfortable laying of the shoulder pads and the plates relative to each other, low “capacity” and lifting capabilities of the vest or sinking side tapes. As for me, the truth lies in the middle – it’s just a vest for specific tasks, not a universal plate carrier.


As we mentioned there were no compromises in implementation of the vest. Materials used in the vest were high quality, so no one will say that it was made to cut the expenses . GTG didn’t choose the easy way and brought all supplies from the States, not Polish supply companies. Well, in the end the purpose of those decisions was to obtain the most faithful copy of the Crye vest and crew GTG succeeded. First of all, you can see the attention to details. The fact is that the materials used are not the most important matter – PC is really well made. A decent job. No inadequacies, crooked stitches you can see that it was sewn with a great precision.


The primary panels are made from Cordura 500d with MC tape system in molle system (25 mm) and their size depends on the carried plate (SAPI size M, L, etc.). At the top of the front we have a small admin panel – a pocket with Velcro with a single tape for organizing the interior of the pocket. At the bottom of the vest on the cummerbund closing panel, we have placed triple magazine pouch M4 / 16. This is the shingle type pouch, opened, and the magazines are hold by rubbers with tapes. On the rear panel we have assembly of cummerbund, which is also waits adjustment of the vest.


Front and rear panel – the pockets are perfectly matched to the size of the plate, so before placing an order you have to decide what size SAPI will be best for us.


Organizer on the chest panel is perfect for some basic things, though, the bigger phone will fit there too.

Insides of the panel are made of stretchy material – soft shell, the same as in the original JPC. However, in the upper part a thick spacer grid has been inserted, which significantly increases the comfort of the vest with hard ballistic plates but, it is less likely to get yourself hurt with the edge of plate – which in the JPC is not difficult. The inside of the panes is made of cordura.


JPC from the inside – the sides (as well as shoulder sleeves) are made of stretchy soft shell material. Of course the inside is Cordura, while the top panel is thick spacer grid inset.

Cummerbund is essentially 4 pieces with 2 strips of thick shock cord and 2 three-row stiffed tapes . ended with Velcro panel. You intertwine the tips of the halves with the molle of the back panel with shockcord, and we have a cummerbund. The regulation therefore is quite large, although snippy, because often to change the user’s “settings”, you have to unravel everything. Despite this, the big plus is the use of a decent stretch cords, making breathing much better cummerbund than in the Chinese counterfeits of JPC.


And there we have the cummerbund – 2 belt elements and 2 elastic tapes interleaved by the vest. Simple, and as links stretch over time, just replace it. In an emergency situation “trytytka” is enough or just any kind of string.


As you can see, you can not only choose the size of the panels, but the sides also.


Side straps are stiffened with plastic inserts. I personally did not mind and it was more convenient than in Chinese JPC. The only note was that while interleaving pouches through the tapes you can hit stiffening, which somewhat, Troubles mounting of the pockets.

If you want in a set from GTG we get 2 tapes ended with velcro that can replace the cummerbund. To mount them we have “ladders” on the rear panel, and on front we are strapping same as in the standard version, on the Velcro panel between the board and pouches.


Without a doubt, belt assembly improves breathability of the vest, though of course negatively affects the stability, because it is only 25mm. You can dream of the vest “breathing” with a flexible cummerbund, installation of additional pouches and the relative protection form the BB, which (more or less) gives the side tapes. As you can see, size M vest is really minimalistic and does not give high cover even for a slim person (as shown), of course, all off this at the price of a very large freedom of movement and mobility.

Shoulder guards are made of Hypalon, very thin and durable material. In each panel, there are two halves of armlets coming out which you connect with Velcro and cover with sleeve of soft shell, which is the same material that forms the inner surface of the main panels. These last elements are the two Velcro “stitches” for attachment Camelback tube or radio cable.


Armlet with hypalon is as thin as a sheet of paper and very nimble. Not everyone will love it but a huge plus is that thanks to this fact the vest keeps very low profile there is no trouble to fit the backpack straps, because they do not interfere with shoulder pads.


Several people from GI have used JPC, including myself and have had to deal with a copy of the TMC, and Ola from Flyye.

As mentioned – JPC vest is for special operations, for quick trips or for auxiliary units, such as drivers, medics, recon. This is not a PC, on which you can pack a lot – just 3 magazines, first aid kit and 1 liter hydration system and that’s all. More is not necessary, or simply armpads stop working, they are not actually any comfortpads- they are simply thin strip of hypalon wrapped in soft shell material So if we pack it too much we will feel it really quick. When we compare it to the TMC there is a big difference, because the shoulders in TMC were quite stiff due to the implementation of rubber and cardboard. Hypalon, which is as thin as a paper card, is stiff at all and not everyone will love this solution. The thing that connects all for better or worse in JPC is mostly flat shoulder pads that allows more convenient positioning of the backpack of any size.

Adjustment is a bit of a pain and time-consuming. It requires installation of the cummerbund and putting it together again, sometimes several times – eventually you will adjust the vest to your size. Of course cummerbund works because of a nice, thick and stretchy shockcord used, but nevertheless you cannot expect such revelations as in the case of elastic bands. Shoulder adjustment isn’t the most convenient, because you have to pull off shoulder pad sleeves and refasten the velcros. But we deal with all the stubbornness at home…

I think that we have a posture that the plates are not going well with each other. Adjusting is one thing, and comfort is another and unfortunately this vest doesn’t look good on every person. The horror is the fact that it applies not only to airsoft, because when we will look at the photos of soldiers in the JPC then sometimes you can see that one or the other panel moves eg. It’s too low and does not provide adequate ballistic shields. And the lack of evacuation grip, but that’s typical disadvantage of this magnitude PC.

Pouch on the front panel fits 3 M4 magazines or 2 magazines AK47 / 74 or similar. In case of the last one, you cannot fit 3 of them, because it may cause a stack of all magazines. In addition, the AK clip due to protruding parts is rather not suitable for the inner JPC pouch. Let’s be honest – it’s an American vest for American magazines which are M4 / 16. Perhaps one day someone will make an attempt to create a JPC front pouch that comfortably fits 3 magazines for AK. One way or another – the pouch is not perfect, and it is made according to the original. At the top we have a Velcro which is used to fasten empty flat pockets and only in the lower part there are two elastic bands dividing it into 3 pouches for magazines. But as we push the magazineS we need to hit the target properly because we often hit the rubber. You have to get used to – pouch is designed to be efficient when you want to remove the magazine fast , putting it in is second matter. Unless you do not have a dump bag then you’re in trouble ..


NOPE! … Sorry, but JPC pouch was never designed for the AK family magazines, and unfortunately for them, it’s not suitable. Yes, you can carry 2 of them. I suspect that 2 M14 magazines will fit, but the pocket is rather deep.

Alex due to her stature prefers lighter plate Carriers and hence her choice was the JPC. In the case of GTG appreciated especially quality and better breathability compared to Flyye. In case of GTG she especially appreciated: quality and better breathability compared to Flyye. Soft shell material may not be a game changer, but still in a certain extent, improves airflow – it’s better than the “bare” rubberized nylon or Cordura. Definitely a better option would be some distance pads, which would give a significant air circulation, but in the end it’s just a copy. Thanks to this fact it keeps a low profile. On the other hand her attention turned to stiffer side tape, for her taste too stiff and they’re unpinning. By the way, this is probably the biggest weak point of JPC. The front panel / cummerbund Velcro deserves the plus, they are ultra-strong and go easier, but also not enough to be uncomfortable when using the vest. JPC quite well managed adapting her slim silhouette, although the rear panel of the vest looked terribly twisted 😛


JPC from Flyye looks a bit poorly compared to GTG. Above all – our eyes are raped with the view of all the tapes … besides AleX linked the cummerbund: v

Personally, I did not mind the side tapes, however I have a different stature than her. The comfort when using the vest with heavy replicas or original SAPI plates, raises stuck down onto the layer of mats of the same size. Plate, and so will fit (although it is worth noting that there is no slack pocket and is very well suited to ballistics) and is really very comfortable, not only during “normal” movement, but also during bending, when the hard disc can hit the stomach. Also, I recommend – add the “Kevlar”. Exactly. Bending, and the restraint of movement, or rather lack of. JPC works very well here, though there were allegations that the cummerbund should work easier, make it easier to breathe. However, with such a structure, unfortunately, you cannot expect miracles.


JPC (SAPI M) fits to Alex perfectly.


For the tests with double pouches vest, we got magazines, including a copy of Crye. As for the quality, there are no objections, but the convenience is a whole different story. This is a typical pouch with a flap which is not removable (but you can always push it under a magazine) and rubber in the middle, so that it is stable even with one clip in it. Mounting tapes for most of their length are double, stiff and pain in the ass when we want to mount it. I prefer to have long thin strips, which are much easier to mount on molle gear, yet it still has a good stability. But what the hell – a copy is a copy.


JPC in Poland? Either Chinese or domestic production, however sometimes you have to wait sooooo long for the Red River copy, due to the military tenders and orders, but it is available with the pads. In case if you do not want to wait, GTG welcomes you with arms wide open, although at the moment they offer MultiCam vest version only (but in several sizes). For me there is no comparison with the Chinese copies, whether ACM (even 35050€), TMC (approx. 60€) or Flyye/Modi (approx. 95€). Is it worth it to spend 130€ for it? If anyone needs that type of vest we can honestly say yes it is worth it’s price. Ginger is making a decent product. If anyone needs this type of vest. However, if someone does not carry the most of gear on the belt but on a vest – a body covering vest will be better choice – with comfortpads on the shoulders and convenient fastening system and regulation. Perhaps that will be the new GTG vest, over which they are working on.



Fotki leśne – Fredzia Can(n)on Fodder/fortowe – Rocker Tankista


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