Project of Spearpoint – Individual design solutions 20 liter backpack Vector 2 is almost completed. For a long time we tested 20 and 30 liter versions of Vectors (nickname Vector 2 and 3) and we find that they’re greate EDC backpacks. What’s more, both Vectors are compatible with Spearpoint’s plate carrier and chest rig. Of course, we tested it with Templars Gear plate carrier TG-PC from the Templar and ULPC from SPECOPS and the user were very satisfied.

In its current form (in our opinion) Vector 2 is completed final product, but nevertheless there are voices to add also side molle tapes. However, with a significant redesign of the backpack, we will just get another Vector… During testing I didn’t nedd any of additional pouches – Vectors are very good designed and spacious. Still… in airsoft more pouches for magazines, grenades, radio, or other equipment, which need quick access – are welcome.

We’are thinking about few modifications, but as I said, it’s getting out of this a completly new backpack 😉


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