MCP is Neptune Spear’s, unique project. The name comes from Modular Plate Carrier and gives away the nature of the product perfectly. Neptune gave us a pretty cool spectrum of addidional parts of the vest – 3 types of cummerbunds, 2 types of vest’s front panel and dedicated comfort pads. That let us customize the vest just alike we’d like to. Also, we can order the vest with our own changes – the pros of ordering stuff from private tailors 🙂



The vest is made of Cordura 500D in MultiCam camo, but you can get it in many other camos – from Coyote Brown to AOR2 or PenCott Creenzone (or order the unique ones, like woodland or flecktarn).


Testing pack from Neptun: MPC, 3 types of cummerbunds, cargo (Greenzone) and 3 types of pouches.

The palls are standard 25 mm MOLLE ones (Olive, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Greenzone, ATACS FG). In our one you can see the controversal ones – braided multicam, not printed on the material – it loks a bit different, but it’s much more durable… and muuuch cheaper.


Evacuation grip. You can see the braided type multicam material, not the printed one.

The vest is builded of the parts:
– two SAPI panels (front and back)


Front panel with mag pouch.


Back panel.

– cummerbund – one of 3 types – 3-Molle pals with mesh or 3-Molle pals frame type (JPC styled) or 1-Molle pal 5 cm wide.


Cummerbund 3-Molle pals type with a mesh.


Cummerbund 3-Molle type frame type. Not really prefect, even with the stiffening… which not really works. At least they tried 😉


The last type of cummerbund with one molle pal.

– two types of the front flap: 3x STANAG magazine made of elastic material (I personally love those ones ~Grabek) or the one with a place for insert with places for magazines (like in TPC/APC or JPC. Or LBT 9064).


We can fit a mag, radio or everything else with the same size into the elastic mag pouch.


– dedicated comfort pads

The main panels. Inside they has a ventilating mesh. Every cummerbund is mounted by shockcord in two places, by tying them trough molle pals on back and inside the pocket of back panel.


DSC_8221Fornt panel with 3xSTANAG elastic mag pouches. AK mags firts well as well. I love those type of pouches 😀 (~Grabek)


DSC_8200Fornt Panels are mouted with 4 velctro panels which are under the bottom molle pals. Quick and durable solution, and lets you change the front panel quickly.

Comfortpads are doing their job pretty well, they are nice and comfortable. Wide velctros inside lets us hide in there camelbak straw, radio cords or tactical slings. Classic and best option to choose from.

DSC_8214We need to metion how wide is the vest adjustement system – I’m tall and thin, so usually gear is hanging on me which doesn’t look good, and it’s not comfortable. This problem just doesn’t exist here. You can fit it to like everyone.

The sewing materials and sewing itself is really good quality. There’s not anything dmaged, yet, I don’t feel like being nice to my gear ;D Elastic material is still firm sexy, holds mags very well. Also, inserting mags needs some practice, and it just becames easy, even with one hand. The vest itself is really comfortale and nice, you can even bend down without problems.

DSC_8202Well, nothing is perfect – I couldn’t fit the rigid ballistic plates – they come in, yet I can’t close the vest’s flaps. It’s too small. Also, the shockcord mouting of cummerbund is a little bit too small on the back panel – the loops shreds the shockcord’s tops which makes it much harder.DSC_8226Also, Neptun promised us he’ll change those parts in the new vests. If you take a look on his profile you’ll see how the project is still in developement – for normal and custom orders


I really like MPC. It’s really light and comfortable. There’s many ways of customization and the adjustement system makes it lay comfortable on my torso.

DSC_3325The adjustement is realy easy and you can do it even in action – like in JPC, yet it may take a while.

DSC_8197The huge pro of this vest it the front flap with elastic pouches which I just love – after taking the mag they nearly dissapear. Also, it makes them less durable and you need to watch out for buches and sticks or even mags itself. Also, you can fit other mags in there, if you want to, but… you can order just bigger pouches.


DSC_8209Also, I love the braided Multicam pals – looks much better for me, even than Coyote Brown ones. Yeah, yeah, pouches covers them anyways, but not all. It’s Airsoft and you can cry about those details! 😉

DSC_8190Talking about cummerbunds – I like mostly the first one – 3 molle pals and mesh – you have a pocket inside it, it’s more stiff and looks better. Not a like the other two cummerbunds. It’s personal opinion, duh!

DSC_8196The mesh on front and back panel works well, even with the cotton blouse under it. In the newest versions of the MPC there’s different pads for even more air cylculation. With Combat Shirts it’s just perfect – and that’s what they’re made for 😀



MPC to is light, simple and great vest made for purporses alike the JPC ones. With different cummerbands is much more universal than the second PC. Neptun always cares about the customizations and quality of produsts, and you can see that here as well. As we were testing, he made new versions of MPC there’re more photos in the gallery on our Facebook page. The family of Neptun’s vest is still getting bigger and stronger so better be tuned if you’re going to order something from him.

Let’s be honest – the quality, customs and wide pectrum of camos is a really attractive offer.

zgrabna, prosta i lekka kamizelka o przeznaczeniu zbliżonym do JPC. Oczywiście dzięki  comfortpadom można na nią wpakować nieco więcej, co czyni ją dość uniwersalnym lekkim PC. Fakt, że Neptun zadbał o ogromną modułowość kamizelki to bardzo duży plus. Podczas testów doczekaliśmy się już nowszych wersji kamizelki, a zainteresowanych odsyłam do galerii na FB. Rodzina plejtów Neptuna stale się rozwija i sądzimy, że warto dalej obserwować ich rozwój i szykować już zamówienie dla siebie.
Nie okłamujmy się – dobra jakość szycia, customy i sporo dostępnych kamuflaży przyciąga uwagę.


We also tested Neptun’s 3 types of pouches, yet that’s a story for other day 🙂



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