After the review of Explorer pants it is time to introduce upper part of the uniform. Of course we stay with the MultiCam Tropic and Leo Kohler. Producer has in its offer a tactical jacket or rather shirt named KSK Field Jacket. Unlike the trousers it is a full budget version because it costs 369PLN (about 88€) which is almost the same price as KSK pants. It is quite a lot according to the cut of the jacket but it is standard when we think about other gear made in the newest camouflages like MultiCam Tropic, PenCott GreenZone, Kryptek. And it is G.I. quality – it is Leo at last 😉


As you can see MC Tropic uniform blends perfectly with the gear (Cordura made) of Templars Gear in MC Tropic too. There is no difference in colors of both materials which is quite often seen. Inner belt in TG-PT1 is of course Thirdline made by Bayonet.


The jacket was sewn from the same material as trousers we have already reviewed – mix of nylon (52%) and cotton (48%). It has 5 Canadian type buttons covered with a flap. It has a classic collar, not a Mandarin Collar like most of the jackets now. Ends of the sleeves are velcroed. Under the arms there are nets sewn in which improve cooling.


What really catches eye is collar which looks more classic than that from BDU jacket. Velcro panels above chest and arm pockets are DIY, there aren’t any of them normally.

Pockets – there are four of them – two angled on arms and on two on chest. Arm pockets are ckloed with 2 Canadian type buttons covered with flap. On the pocket I small Velcro panel. Chest pockets are closed from the top with a Canadian type buttons and from the inner side with a zipper (like cargo pockets in trousers). Size of this pockets is a mystery for me – the layman of Bundeswehr gear and clothing – they are huge.


Chest pockets – zippers are sewn inside, “napoleon” style. Cool but under the vest we can face some problems with quick access to them. I prefer the solution made in Helikon CPU uniforms – zipper on the outer side. From the top, pockets are close with Canadian type buttons.


These buttons are everywhere. Not everyone likes them, many people prefer Velcro (which is louder). For sure, its biggest advantage is higher durability than buttons directly sewn to the material like in BDU uniforms.

Attention – Velcro panels on the chest pockets’ flaps and nametag Velcro are DIY – they are not sewn in factory.


But there is a hanger so we can give Gear Inferno Approved sign 😀


Let me remind you, I am 176cm tall and slightly less than 100cm in chest circumference – Medium size Is perfect for me. I used jacket few times with chest rig on it, sometimes I used it for a walk – I have made some kilometers in it so far. NyCo material does its job well – respiration is perfect and nets under the arms work perfectly. It is still mysterious for me why those chest pockets are so big. At least they are pretty useless when we put the gear on. I haven’t checked yet but I think that I could fit American MRE in them – they are real gigantic!


If you’re using harness and belt as a main gear platform – well you can put a lot in chest pockets.

Let’s go to the arm pockets – frankly, button closing isn’t very good. Undoing them in gloves is quite problematic, even with the Canadian type buttons. Definitely, Velcro closing would be much better (like in the ACU cut).


At the beginning when we looked at the MultiCam Tropic we were sceptical. We thought it would be too dark, everything would merge and only colors were changed. But after some time it seems that it is quite good and the camouflage does well as you can see.

Camouflage – ehh, what to say here? MultiCam Tropic works very well in the European forests… No, it is not better than PenCott GreenZone and others but still, it’s very good. Dark green is perfect for forests. I want add that photos made outside weren’t altered in any way in any of graphic programs. To be honest, our crew divide into MultiCam Tropic and PenCott GreenZone fanboys.


But – MultiCam Tropic definitively works!


ThePesH: KSK jacket isn’t a typical product – at one side we have good material and modern camouflage (in the offer are other camouflages and colors) but at the other we have weird pockets’ construction. And here is a question for Bundeswehr fanboys – why are these chest pockets so weird? Respiration is perfect as I have already mentioned – quality of material and sewing too. It is a great advantage for someone who wants a high quality product in modern camouflage. Yes, Leo Kohler is a synonym of the quality. Writing shortly – this jacket is like VW Passat – well made, comfortable, durable, made of good materials but not the prettiest and maybe a design is quite old.

DEV: Personally, Leo Kohler is sometimes a hook up of old school and modernity, as you can see on the example of this jacket. Collar as in typical old-fashioned uniforms, big chest pockets and at the same time a number of modern solutions (nets, velcroed sleeves, zipper). Size of the chest pockets may come from attitude of KSK soldiers to the linearity of the gear. 1st line must carry additional, essential gear. You can see similar solutions at KSK Smock. Different case is closing pockets with Canadian type buttons when normally Velcro is used ( but it is louder). Buttons are more silent which is very important on battlefield, especially at night. Also, it is thought provoking why the zipper hasn’t been sewn in at the outer side of the chest pockets. It would be easier to reach them under the vest. Also, jacket is buttoned up not zippered because main reason of doing this is that it is more durable. And the MultiCam Tropic… well, it works as f*ck!

We got our jacket for testing from which has wide offer of Leo Kohler Products.

Author: ThePesH
Translation: Hell



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