We’ve already described Leo Köhler KSK Field Jacket and Leo Köhler EXPLORER pants, so it’s time for the last “everyday” clothing item from Leo Kohler- Tropic MC KSK Commando Shirt.

It offers everything we are used to in Leo Kohler- simplicity, durability and usefulness, just as in previously reviewed products. Now it’s even simpler and lighter- there are no zippers or even buttons, so there’s nothing that could fall off or break. Everything is really flat and closed using Velcro, so it’s very comfortable when worn under a Plate Carrier.






The shirt is made using the same fabric as previously reviewed products- 52/48 NyCo ( 52% nylon, 48% cotton). It’s made using a licensed MultiCam Tropic fabric. Despite being used in various conditions and being washed a few times, colors are as good as new. It has a typical BDU style collar. It’s not closed all the way up under your neck, making the airflow easier. Additionally, there are mesh inserts under the armpits. Helps the airflow and reduces sweating. Wristbands are adjusted with Velcro. The stitches are made really well, there are no strings sticking out or other flaws. It’s better quality that most uniforms available in Poland. As Dev said- it looks a bit old-fashioned, but it’ supposed to be reliable and effective. It costs around £45 on flecktarn.co.uk.

It’s closed with three 3x10cm Velcro patches, which is quite an unique solution, but very reliable, because there’s nothing to fail.

DSC_2685It has a typical BDU style collar. It’s not closed all the way up under your neck which may be really uncomfortable, and makes the airflow easier. Additionally, there are mesh inserts under the armpits. Helps the airflow and reduces sweating- maybe not as effective as zippers, but makes the shirt more durable. Wristbands are adjusted with Velcro.


Mesh vent under the armpit

Shirt has 4 pockets- one on each sleeve and two on the chest. All of them are closed with Velcro. Those on the sleeves have a fold that prevents the pockets’ contents from falling out.


Chest pocket



Nametag space


As you can see, sleeve pockets have folds, similar to those on British trousers’ cargo pockets- the do a great job of preventing it’s contents from falling out.


. You can see a strap used to open the sleeve pocket- makes it a lot easier, even when wearing thick gloves. Sleeve pockets also have Velcro panels for patches. Additional Velcro strap for a nametag can be found above the left chest pocket.

The shirt also has chevrons.


I’m quite a big guy- 188cm and 90kg and the shirt is in size L. I’ve used in during a few games and for every-day wear. Never had any issues with breathability- of course it’s just a blouse, not combat shirt, so it feels similar to wearing something like a CPU  shirt. It fits great, nothing got ripped, there are no strings coming out.


. 52/48 NyCo fabric used to make it is really good- dries quickly and drains sweat, the vents ensure airflow which is very useful when wearing a Plate Carrier. Lack of zippers or buttons makes it really comfortable when wearing even really tight PC.

DSC_3349Pockets’ capacity is pretty typical- they can hold your phone, wallet, cigarettes etc.


Camo- as you probably have already noticed, our blog is divided between Pencott GreenZone and MCT lovers. Works good, really good. Sometimes even better than GreenZone.

DSC_3384 DSC_3117


I’ve used it during a few games. Never had any problems with it, really comfortable. Lack of a high collar (despite seeming a bit odd at the beginning) works great when wearing a Shemag or something. Top quality, just as any other Leo Kohler product.



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