Trousers in original Multicam Tropic camouflage for only 65€? Hmmm… big smile appeared on my face. Multicam – my attachment to it begins from the period of “great showoff” in the Warsowian team FCS, when everyone was wearing it when others couldn’t even dream about it. And here’s a bargain for a common man – brand new Tropic version made by German company Leo Kohler, cheaper than widely known Helikon-Tex trousers in CPU cut, e.g. A-TACS FG (75€) or PenCott GreenZone (84€), and for comparison – still a modern camouflage.

Trousers are available in, mentioned above, PenCott GreenZone for the same price (not expensive than other camo variants) but for obvious reasons they were sold out in a blink of an eye. It is worth saying that Leo Kohler is some kind of Hugo Boss in tactical clothing and it sews uniforms for German Bundeswehr and German SOF unit – KSK. Leo Kohler designed trousers especially for that unit, tested recently by but it costs 105€ due to higher complication of the cut like using Cordura for strengthening some parts. It causes that they are heavier and thicker what makes them less airy.


Explorer model – as the name says – is destined for exploration, not only to use them in the battlefield so they are universal trousers connecting classic BDU trousers and low-profile trousers)


Trousers are made in simple and comfortable cut. But it’s not like old BDU trousers – I would compare Explorer to rather low profile urban tactical pants than military BDUs. The material is a NyCo 52/48 (nylon 52%/cotton 48%). Taking it from the top, part of the waist was shaped in the rear part like in the battle belts (e.g RATS from Miwo Military).


If someone was expecting that Explorer pants are alike to BDU/ACU trousers he will be surprised – despite of simplicity of the trousers some of the solutions are very clever and also creators take look to good profiling the trousers.

Trousers are done with the flap with Velcro on the inner side and has zipper fly. Five wide belt loops was ended at the bottom with the sewing creating a smaller loop which allows to fasten a piton or tie a paracord wire.


[Dev] In my opinion, instead of 1 rear loop there could be 2 or even 3 wider placed which would better stabilize the belt.

There is lack of the second strengthening layer of material on the butt characteristic for other pants on the market but it is an advantage because it’s more airy. Pantlegs are straight, not too wide. There are two layers of the material on the knees. Pantlegs are finished traditionally, like jeans trousers so we won’t find any strings to tighten them up. There are cargo pockets on thighs. Trousers has six pockets at all.


From the left: They are done like UTP model of the Helikon, waist with the Velcro flap and zipper fly. Pockets are standard – two at the front, two on the butt and two cargo pockets.


Butt pockets are closed with the flap with a small part of Velcro. Besides that, we can see “insignias of the greater showoff” – MULTICAM 😀

Quite classical – two front, two rear (deep, closed with flap with Velcro on it) and two cargo ones. Cargo pockets are not exactly on the side but moved a little to the rear. They are capacious and expands due to double folded material on both of them. They are close like the pockets on the butt – flap with Velcro on it but we can also gain access by a side zipper. That trivially simple idea allows comfortable access to contents of the pocket while we are sitting (for example in a car or a turret).


Access to cargo contents by the zipper side isn’t problematic because it is quite wide. Of course, to some extent, that solution made pockets less durable and due to that they must be taken more like tactical than strictly uniform.

Following the label, company has their products made in sewing factory in Tunisia – I didn’t noticed any defects, pendant threads, crooked stiches and so on. Highest quality to be precise. Decent German work, maybe there is any product quality differences for LE, military client or for regular people but we don’t have any info about NIR visibility (but this material is genuine Crye Precision).


I have already made a few kilometers in this trousers. I am 176cm tall (5ft 9in) and 88cm (34,5in) waistband and I fit in M size of Explorer pants. They are almost perfect on size – I regulate width with my belt and that’s all. They are very airy and comfortable yet still simple cut. Cargo’s side access is excellent when sitting in a car – for me it is great solution. Until know it could be find only in low profile trousers like Lightweight model from Blackhawk.


Both types of access to cargo pockets.

After two weeks of using I have objection to one thing – too short zip puller. It could be longer 1cm (0,4in) at last. For some people lack of strings to tighten pantlegs must be something strange because those are pants to use in forest, especially in camouflage version.


Pantlegs are straight, without pullers.

Producer, Leo Kohler, offers many camouflage variants – PenCott Badlands, PenCott GreenZone, MultiCam, MultiCam Tropic, Flecktarn, Wustentarn, A-TACS FG, black and olive. Everybody will find what he ( od she 😉 ) needs. At this moment it is hard to get them because… they are cheap? Two times more expensive than Helikon? VW Golf is more expensive than Daewoo 😛 Remember that PenCott version is CHEAPER than Helikon which still receives complaints about product’s quality. Leo pants are very reliable and have genuine MultiCam 🙂

10349870_793179194071446_7093679036427861563_n copy

As shown above, NyCo has the same color as the Cordura in MC Tropic. As we know, it can vary in other cases. Templars Gear webbing is shown for the comparison on the photos.


Having comparison to other low profile trousers like Helikon’s UTP and Blackhawk Lightweight Tactical Pants – I must admit that product of Leo Köhler have met my needs with it’s comfortable cut, genuine material from Crye Precision and quite low price for such a piece of gear. Buy or not to buy, that is a question which crosses reader’s mind – I recommend. None of the other producer can offer trousers in that camouflage with so low pricing. Remember only that these are low profile trousers, not military. If someone is looking pants for hardcore usage in the field I will recommend KSK model from this producer (mentioned in the very beginning). If I damage these, I will certainly buy Explorer pants again. About MultiCam Tropic we will write next time widely but you can see how better it is than standard MultiCam in European climate on photos. Photos were neither retouched nor boosted up in Photoshop or programs alike.

During the photoshoot we used Templars Gear tactical gear in MultiCam Tropic – the gear will have its own article as soon as we collect full set up in it – plate carrier TPC, profiled belts, IFAK and pouches.

Trousers were bought at

Text: ThePesh

Photos: Tomasz Gdalewski

Translation: Hell


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