Windrunner is one of the more interesting jackets for spring, summer and fall- it’s light and thin, doesn’t take up too much space, just right for small to medium cargos. It’s both an advantage as well as a disadvantage, because due to the design it’s not as universal as a Trooper jacket and it’s best as a backup or for cycling/ running.


Windrunner w rozmiarze M waży niecałe 160 g (tyle co półtorej tabliczki czekolady), co wiele mówi o samym materiale – Nylon 100%. W dotyku jest cieniutki jak materiał malarski, ale jest znacznie wytrzymalszy. Nie ma co marzyć o odporności jak w mundurze NyCo, ale nie drze się jak papier w przypadku zahaczenia o krzaki. Jest naprawdę nieźle. Dostępna jest w kamuflażu CamoGrom oraz w kolorach alpha green (testowana wersja), coyote, shadow grey i czarnym.
Kosztuje 209zł, co wypada mniej korzystnie w porównaniu do Troopera kosztującego 299 zł, ale po kolei…

M sized Windrunner weights about 160g (one and a half bars of chocolate), which tell a lot about the fabric used, which is 100% nylon. It;s really thin, but it’s really durable. Not as durable as NyCo, but it can withstand bushes and branches. It’s really not bad. It’s available in CamoGrom, alpha green (the tested one), coyote, shadow grey and black. It costs around 50 euros, but it doesn’t really look too good compared to the Trooper (70 euros).

The design resembles a typical kangaroo jacket, with a long (almost 30cm) zipper a hood and a through pocket with zippers on either end. It’s lined with a mesh with two small (9x13cm) pockets, perfect for a smartphone, keys etc.

There are mesh inserts under the armpits. on the ends of the sleeves there are elastic cuffs and the bottom is adjusted with shockcord with a stopper.

When packed, it’s about the size of 3 M4 mags and fits in a cargo pocket ar a waist pack. On the inside, on the left there is a pouch that can hold the jacket.

The sizes are just right- not too big and not too small.


The main purpose of the windrunner is protection from the wind, and it does as good of a job as Trooper, you will just get cold faster. Protection agains rai is comperable to your typical uniform, but it dries faster. There is a DWR coating, but don’t expect anything mindblowing- it’s just a windshirt.

It hides tacticool bellies preety well.

Breathability is really good, better than softshells and the fabric dries faster. it’s good for physical activity, and due to its weight it’s great for running. It can be worn on warmer days- just pull the sleeves up and undo the zipper. When running, even during sudden rains it gives the user a lot of comfort, and you don’t get cold too quickly. The adjustable hood also helps. It’s even better for cycling, because you don’t feel the wind so much.

But life’s not all about running. Windrunner ir great for summer nights, but when it gets colder, softshells are way better. Through a windshirt, you lose body heat preety fast, even if you’re shielded from the wind. It’s also not the best for longer patrols, it’s better to take something warmer, becauase even with a fleece under it won’t be better.

Ergonomy. When it gets warmer you can pull up the sleeves and undo the zipper. and when it gest colder- pull the hood and the bottom (adjusted on the bottom right side) snug and create some sort of a “heat buffer”

The chest pocket is quite big, it can easily hold tissues, a smartphone, keys, gloves and whatever else you could need. The inside pockets are perfect for a smartphone, so it doesn’t bounce around when running. but under a vest they’re completely inaccesible.


It’s a preety cool, but quite expensive running or cycling jacket- here’s a quick summary of the Windrunner. It has a lots od advantages, but let’s keep it real- Trooper is waaaaaaay better and it costs only 20 Euros more. But if you run a lot, it’s definitely a great choice. It’s also a good backup jacket to throw into a backpack/ waistpack or a car. And if the price would ba a bit lower, around 35 euros and come in brighter colors it would be a perfect sports jacket.



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