I used do dislike boonie hats. Mostly i didn’t like the wide brim, but that could be fixed by cutting it to preffered size. An alternative, being a baseball hat didn’t really protect from the sun shining from the side. What finally got to like them while testing Sprinter ‘s boonie hat, so i decided to look into what other producers have to offer. Lately a new boonie hat from Helikon-tex has entered the market so i chcecked it out- it’s not as high quality as SCGs’ but it’s much cheaper, widely available and in more color options.



Unlike most hats it comes in two sizes- M (58cm max) and L (61cm max) and are adjusted with shockcord (very similar to SCG’s hat- brim size is also similar).

Around the brim there are straps for camouflage and on the top there is a Velcro panel. There also are 4 vent holes- 2 on the sides ans 2 on the top, just by the Velcro panel.

Inside the hat there are:
– A fleece sweat cloth on the forehead,
– A soft mesh lining.

There of course is a chinstrap. Unnecessary in my opinion, because thanks to the adjustment it sits really well on a head, unless you like to let your hat hang on your neck. They can be easily removed wothout cuting them off.

 The hats are available in various color and camo options that influence the price- around 8 euro for Coyote, Beige, Black, Shadow grey, CamoGrom. Wz.93 and Wz.93 desert. For around 13 euro we get PenCott Greenzone, Badlands and Kryptek Mandrake. The first ones are made woth 100% cotton ripstop and the rest with NyCo ripstop.



It’s your typical boonie hat. i personally think that the brim could be 1cm narrower and a bit stiffer. the bigest plus is the adjustability which makes it really comfortable. No matter how long your hair is, or if you’re wearing a hat or a balaclava underneathi it’s gonna be comfortable.

Img_2916But do you really need that mesh and swear-cloth? Here’s where i have mixed feelings. They absord humidity when it’s warm and they don’t really help it’s circulation but they keep your head warm when it’s cold.

DSC_0131It’s hard not to mention the SCG hats because CPU has a couple of similar features. However Helikons’ product costs about 60% less (in the costlier version). There are some advantages and disadvantages, because you can forget about personalisation, mesh on the top and some other cool features.

Img_2927As you can see you can wear it really low. The fleece sweat-cloth may be a bit small but it helps your sinus on a cold day.



Cool, well thought through and just good – That’s CPU boonie hat for you. Way better than your standard jungle hat and thanks to the price and a lot of color options Helikon gets a big plus. A great addition to your spring/summer loadout and a good base for a ghilie hat. It’s well made, no threads sticking out and no buttons, so they can’t fall of 😉



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