Helikon-Tex, well know by our followers, constantly proves it’s strong position on the military/tactical clothing market. Today we’ll show you their quite daring and very succesful step into more outdoor field. 

What can you get from combination of the Urban Tactical Pants with soft shell? Something very comfortable and veeery cool. We present you the OTPOutdoor Tactical Pants



At first sight, they look an awful lot like the „classic” UTPs, which we’ve reviewed some time ago. And they indeed are – OTP are about 95% UTPs. The difference is in the fabric and a few design changes.

Img_1201 (2)

Img_1203 (2)The fabric they’ve used is a light and stretchy „4 way elastic”- a blend of nylon and elastic spandex, thanks to which they work great on your body. Moreover, it’s been covered with a layer of DuPont teflon, which protects them from rain and dirt.

Img_1216Looking from the top we have the waist with seven wide beltloops. Two front ones have additional loops for a carabiner to addtionally secure our stuff. On the back there is an elastic insert.



Identically as in the UTP they’re fastened with a zipper and velcro.

DSC_2386There are ten pockets in them – two less than in UTP. In this model there are no inside front waist pockets for pistol mags.

Img_1211Front top pockets are quite big and are reinforced on the bottom, to prevent damage from a falshlight or a folding knife with a clip.


Asspocket 😉

In two back pockets, which also are quite big, we can find two smaller pockets- quite narrow with a seam a cross (removing it will make them deeper – it’s designated for a flashlight or telecopic baton.

DSC_2291Cargo pockets are nearly identical with those in UTPs. There are a few, purely cosmetic changes, like a wider flap covering the small pockets on the front or elastic straps inside the cargo pockets to secure their contents.





In the cargo pocket there is an elastic band, divided in half. Just a small organizer to make your life easier.

Internal design is very important in all low-profile pants – OTP have mesh on the inside, which supports air circulation.


Img_1207The same kind of mesh was used to make internal slot for protective inserts on the knees.

DSC_0728I’ve had no problems with their quality- there were to threads sticking out, all seams were straight, and even after few months of usage they still look brand new.

So you don’t need to worry about most problems that UTP had. The farbric is different from one used in the Trooper or even LVL5 copy jackets. It’s thinner and more stretchy.

DSC_2328They cost around €65 and it’s a very fair price. Available colors are: Shadow Grey, Mud Brown, Olive drab and Khaki. There is also a Short version. In Poland you can find them in for example e-militaria: . As in UK, they can be bought form Military 1st.



I like UTPs- i think that they’re one of the best looking and at the same time functional low profile pants, good for preety much anuthing- The shooting range, for work, Airsoft game or just walking around the city.
When i got the „touristy” version i was very curious of what would come out of such combination- and now i know that they’re even better than UTP. Not to overpraise them, but they are the most comfortable, pants i’ve ever worn, and also goo looking and very functional.
Their stretchiness is very impresive- sitting, squatting, jumping etc. are no problem to the fabric. Their breathability, air circulation and thickness are good even on warmer days.
I’ve fallen in love with them so much, that for a long stretch of time i’ve used them for nearly everything- cycling, outdoor trips or even daily wearing. For me OTPs are 10/10!


I’ve had a plasure of wearing them for two months. They were used both for every-day wearing as well as a trip into Bieszczady mountains. And in both situations they were great. Only thing that caught my attention was the fabric –  they feel like tracksuit pants when you wear them. Logical, right? 🙂 And i don’t mean it as a draw, because that makes them very light. so they can be compressed a lot (so they’re perfect as an outer protective layer), and also thanks to that you dont sweat so much. Moreover they protect you form rain (but not so much) and wind (a bit more). The protective layer of teflon doesnt allow mud to stick to them and water just falls off- of course to a certain point, it’s more of a softshell than membrane. For me the’re perfect for outdoor activities, like long walking trips. Personally i’ll get myself a pair soon, but in a different color.


Just like Maniek, i love UTPs. OTPs wiped the floor with them, they’re simply more stretchy and are unbeliveably comfortable. The fabric is light, “breaths” well even on warmer days and on colder days it protects from wind, cold and, to some extend, rain. They’re like some ultra-light tracksuit pants with softshell qualities. Perfect for outdoors. Thakns to their stretchiness and thinnes you can even roll them up over your knee. When compared to the original LVL5 softshell they are a bit less resistant to weather conditions, but they’re soooooooo much more comfortable. OTP are a great introduction into theit outdoor line. They may not be bulletproof, but during long walks they work great. Unfortunately they’ll lose to branches, wires and all that nasty stuff, unlike more classic designs. But despite that i really like them and couldn’t recommend them more. And in my honest opinion it’s the best Helikon product even, right beside  the Trooper.


OTP & Trooper.


An another Helikon-tex hit product? Hell yes- it works great with the Trooper jacket for bad weather, and as a “stand-alone” product for nicer weather.
The range of temperatures they’re good for makes them wildly versitile, and moreover, the elastic fabric makes it possible to roll them up above the knee when it’s really hot. The design, well tested in the UTPs makes them great for any situation. With that many advantages, quality and usefulness, the price is very fair. OTPs are a great choice for any outdoor fan. The combination of an outdoorsy chlothing with a tactical design is a great idea. If you have UTPs and you like them. definitely check out OTPs.
You may just fall in love with them.



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