This time we tried to described some waist packs of Polish production. Of course not all of them because there are also MIWO fanny packs but we got ourselves as many as we could directly from producers. Many thanks to them for that because without them this article wouldn’t been made. Only mod.02 fanny pack was begged from SCDTV. SCDTV And here is what we got:
Spearpoint: Individual Designing Solutions – SIM waist pack – “Super” waist pack mod.02

Baribal Poland – big waist pack

Wisport – Gekon

Whiskey Tango Tactical Gear: waist pack mk.1


In fact, fanny pack isn’t only a cool piece of gear and its advantage can be seen very early. Personally, I haven’t been using waist packs for years. I just thought “I don’t need it”. But after some time I couldn’t put my gear in my BDU pants in a way it wouldn’t rock, tactical pants didn’t always meet my needs with pockets and sometimes I had to wear jeans trousers and in that moment I realized – WHERE I CAN PUT PUT MY STUFF? The truth is that the more gear we carry the more our pockets “feel” it. Problem is solved when we can put everything in one place, of course nicely sorted out.


From top left: Baribal Poland, Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear, next is (from the left) Spearpoint Infernal SIM, Wisport Gekon and at the very bottom is mod.02

Attaching folding knife on the front pocket isn’t a problem. But putting keys in this pocket, phone into the other… and we still have flashlight, pen, notebook, permanent marker, MP3 player, wallet, job-card… It became quite heavy. And imagine someone carrying also a telescopic baton, pepper spray, some food. Of course you can carry a bag but it prevents quick access for everything and they are also big, heavy and are catching eye like backpacks. And a flashlight are rocking in the cargo pocket in BDU pants like a pissed wasp…. So, for what are waist packs made? – for large number of stuff when we have pants without organizer (like in BDU pants) or when we don’t have enough space (jeans pants) – we come home, take the fanny pack off and we wander lightly, not taking lot of stuff from pockets or just dropping pants on floor making hole in it – we want to go running or cycling and have lack of pockets or our stuff rocks in pockets – phone, mp3 etc. – we need some kind of organizer pouch during Airsoft games or competitions for magazines, ammo, batteries, tools, IFAK. Times are hard. There are more and more tactical stuff and the space in trousers is still the same. And here comes the waist pack…


Is it easy to compare 5 different constructions? They are all waist packs but completely different. One feature connects them all – the are tactically useful and cool, some less, some more. In few sentences I will describe every fanny pack and after that I will move to the more precise comparison. In fact this is not easy because there is huge amount of material. Written information can be managed easily though photos are the most problematic – waist packs had individual and group photo shoots… and every time we forgot something. So you can expect further photos in any moment. For me, text is done – we mentioned everything we wanted. BARIBAL. The biggest and the most capacious of EDC fanny packs. Lot of organizers, lot of cool solutions and possibility of making it as a chest rig with additional harness and also attaching it to the MOLLE gear. And a Velcro for some morale patches. I think this is now the most popular waist pack when taking price to quality and capacity – less than 200PLN including shipping. Wide belt provides good stability even during active exercises not only EDC. Sometimes its size can be problematic but recently mini version was made – similar in size to “Super” waist pack.


Baribal – the most popular waist pack on the Polish market – you can buy an additional chest rig harness, “go bag” panel and there are MOLLE bands included.

SPEARPOINT. Quite recently tested by us because it is a fully individual waist pack – everything can be modified and made to meet your needs. It is a choice for active people because It is very stable during running (outstanding), cycling and what is more it is great organized internally. It has 2 separate compartments which has a great meaning (in WTTG due to construction it is not noticeable so much). It can be ordered with harness like chest rig, mounted to MOLLE panels etc. (belt is compatible with Spearpoint pouches, it is possible to attach to Vector family backpacks as an enlargement of main compartment). The most capacious.


SIM in version of TRIM – it is a deep modification as a medical chest rig. Yet the same base but definitely different – Spearpoint at its best (photo by Spearpoint).

SURVIVALTECH. “Super” waist pack mod.02 is the smallest fanny pack of all we got and the most compact. Very good for everyday use due to its sizing and thanks to side panels it can have additional pouches attached and with additional chest rig harness it makes it a platform which can be in combat use. And also for bottle pouches so it is good on the hike too. Only “on belt” version it isn’t quite good for running due to 25mm band which is not as stable as 40-50mm band in other constructions. There is possibility of attaching it to MOLLE gear (vests, backpacks).


Practical use of waist pack mod.02 as an additional platform for chest rig./caption]
WISPORT. Touristic waist pack, construction is the most similar to normal, civilian fanny packs and thanks to it the most comfortable to carry across the chest. Very capacious, some zippered compartments, ability of MOLLE attachment, 2 organizers. Despite the MOLLE webbing this is the most classic and civilian construction among of all fanny packs we had and due to that it will surely find a lot of users. Despite its civilian look it is made in various camouflages and it can be bought easily and quick. Carry belt isn’t the best part of this fanny pack – it can dismounted when we want to carry the pack on molle panel. Compromise, it’s a pity because classic belt would be better.


waist pack – type: banana… or rather I would say Gekon 🙂

WTTG. Well, hard topic because it is very modular construction. In the most simple version it could be an EDC waist pack but version we got is some type of combat fanny pack which can be used as an administration panel or commander panel. It can be adapted to carry a gun in a holster (external, very quick access), magazines and it comes with the map panel. And a lot of additional things like for example for the compartment with Velcro. It is rather a small hip bag than a waist pack but in the combat or even Airsoft use it can be very useful and we are sure it will find many users.


Exemplary set of WTTG waist pack – at the left we have map panel (an insert for outer compartment), next organizer and IFAK organizer (inserts for Velcro compartments).

So let me summarize…


There is never too much of good gear. If you want – you can. What is most interesting is that the Mod.02 waist pack is quite good as thigh pouch.

1. General information (material, price, availability, colors).

BARIBAL’s waist pack costs about 168PLN (40€; shipping included) and is available only via allegro,in black or ranger green (Cordura 1100D). What is curious, mini version is available too in the price of 113PLN (27€) which can appeal smaller people or people who want lower profile. Producer offers also some minor modifications like D-ring for keychain inside the compartment, splash-proof zippers in front and back of waist pack, molle at the side and so on. For about 40 PLN we can buy additional harness and buckles to carry it as a chest rig.


Due to its size, Baribal waist pack can be used as a small backpack on plate carriers. If we treat plate carrier only as a ballistic carrier and all the other gear we have on the belt – it is good to attach it even on the front. If we don’t stuff it, it won’t be more problematic than the EOD panel and we still will have a good access to it. As you can see on the photo, we attached Baribal waist pack at the bottom back of JPC from GTG and we still have place for little Source like Kangaroo.

Spearpoint waist pack SPEARPOINT’s waist pack which construction comes from the medical SIM waist pack costs about 250PLN (60€) but as you remember – everything can be modified so it can be cheaper or more expensive according to the additional stuff the client wants. We can also choose N.R.P., more civilian version or even the chest rig version like TRIM or Hammer – smaller, one compartment version of SIM. Waist packs can be ordered only via Facebook page because all of the products are made individually – and made from cordura 500d in CB, RG and black (different material per order).


Waist pack is a great addition for plate carriers if we don’t use any molle or duty belt. It is a great organizer but sometimes also and additional magazine pouch because Spearpoint’s waist pack’s external compartments holds AR/AK magazines. What is more, this waist pack is so capacious it can fit huge camera (like Nikon, Canon etc.) and ammo too.

According to the camouflage, price of the “Super mod.02” waist pack mod.02 is about 250PLN (60€) and is avaiable in green, black, tan/CB, MultiCam and PenCott GreenZone. In the last option Cordura 1000D is used. This waist pack can be orderes only in webshop and as can be seen – it quickly goes SOLD OUT and you must wait until Specops will make them which is a manufacturer. Chest rig harness can be bought additionally.


Due to its sizing, mod.02 waist pack can be used as a thigh panel as well – especially when we add extra straps from fanny pack’s buckles to belt.

WISPORT Gekon is available almost everywhere, starting from their own webshop, Gunfire, and ending on SpecShop, with multiple coloristic versions (2 types of green, black, CB, A-TACS AU/FG/LE, wz.93, MultiCam) and is made of Cordura 500D. It costs 169PLN (40€) and special 189PLN (45€). They differ in material and addons. Special is made of US made Mutlicam, A-TACS AU/FG/LE, CB and wz.93 cordura + transport, buckles and others, especially in TAN color. Here comes the difference of 20PLN (not even 5€, so not very much if you ask me).


On a tiny person Gekon is really huge but thank to its civilian cut it fits almost every stature.

TACTICAL COMBAT WAIST PACK by WTTG isn’t avaialbe yet because it is still being developedand further modules are being designed. It is only avaiable at the producer and its posiible cost is about 250-290PLN (60-69€). It is made of Ranger Green Cordura 1100D. When talking about modules producer predicts many organizers, IFAKs, inner holster and a map panel.


WTTG waist pack can be an independent platform for user’s primary gear – it holds a pistol, 2 spare pistol magazines and one carbine magazine. In fact it is quite huge waist pack with limitations in EDC.

– – – – – – – – – To be honest, only Gekon can be purchased quickly with that amount of color versions and in so many shops it is hard to decide which one and where buy it. In other cases – time depends on how many orders were placed and similar stuff so it is rather impossible to have them right after the purchase. Especially when we want modifications in a final product. So if someone want not Gekon -but othermentioned waist pack – prepare yourself for waiting. But at the category “I want my waist pack to have…” wins Spearpoint because it can offer a product completely different, for clients needs. What is more – it already has few nice designs in its offer.


Do I have to camplain at something here? Well, I don’t habe to. All of the waist packs we got were made very good, there weren’t any crooked stitches or Velcros or threads sticking out. Piece of neat, domestic work. I would be very pleased to see vests, backpacks and uniforms made on that level but not everything is possible. So, we have Cordura (not some shitty rice-made nylon), Pasamon bands, ITW/Duraflex bucklesand the rest is the same – everything is very neat. No shit. If someone is maniac on the

point of matching colors he will of course whine about black buckle in green gear but really, who cares? It is cheaper for producer because color matching plastic addons aren’t as cheap as black ones and not very avaiable in Poland.


Sizing isn’t very precise due to hard measurability of the waist packs I took sizing of the back panel – height x width x depth (last one just to be, some of the waist packs can hold a small tank inside ) Baribal (150 x 200 x 80mm) Belt: 40mm, one side regulation, at both sides narrower 25mm band is sewn underneath the 40mm at the part of 3 MOLLE columns. Outside: – 1 zippered pocket from the body side “hidden” (zipper sewn in the inner side of fanny pack), flat for ID card, credit cards, driving license and some little stuff; – at the back panel is MOLLE webbing (2 mounting bands included) as a 5×5 molle webbing (no clearance); – 1 zippered pocket at the front – annled zipper, inside is organizer made from elastic 40mm band divided into 4 loops; – MOLLE webbing in front, 5 columns x 2 rows, covered with soft side of Velcro; – chest rig harness; – 2 side D-rings; – side shockcord to attach more stuff; – 2 elastic loops at sides. Inside (1 pocket, 2-way zipper): – compartment with edges made of elastic band on the back side od pocket. On compartment is sewn an organizer made from 40mm band divided into 3 cells and another organizer made of 25mm elastic band sewn on bigger one and another 40mm organizer sewn lower divide into 4 cells; – on the front side od pocket is identical compartment with smaller one sewn on it. The smaller one is made of olive net with edges ended with elastic band and it is divided in two (two net compartments).

Spearpoint (150 x 230 x 150mm) Belt: 40mm, one side regulation, compatible with Spearpoint molle pouches. Outside: – 2 pockets closed with Velcroed flap; – side flaps with 2 mollecells of 25mm band; – compressing band; -shkocord at the bottom to carry morestuff. Inside (2 pockets, two 2-way zippers): Big pocket closer to the body: -soft foam and a pocket from a thin material at the body side; -mesh pocket closed with zipper and a keychain piton at the opposite side; Pocket nr2: -organizer made from elastic 50mm band, divide into 4 cells, 2 rings for keys, pitons at the body side; open mesh compartment at the opposite side.

Survivaltech (150 x 170 x 50mm) Belt: 25mm, one side regulation Outside: – from the body side is a pocket (zipper closed) for docs but spread on both of the “wings”; – molle webbing at the back 4 columns wide and 2 rows high – on both sides of the main pocket are “wings” with 2×2 molle webbing on each (wings can be hidden in a tunnel between main pocket and small, body pocket mentioned above) – chest rig harness with bucles sewn into a fanny pack – at the front side, small pocet closed with a zipper with inner organizer made from elastic 50mm band, divided into 3 cells – MOLLE webbing at the front, 4 columns, 2 rows, velcroed. Inside ( 1 pocket, two-way zipper): – opentop pocket at the body side, with a organizer on it (made from elastic 50mm band, divided into 4 cells), at the top is a ringfor keys, piton etc. – on the opposite side is another open top pocket with a smaller mesh vest pocket divided in 2.

Wisport (180 x 290 x 110mm – hard to measure because it is completely shapeless) Belt: 50mm, regulations at boh sides, can be detached, Outside: – at the body side is a pocket closed with a zipper for documents but it is at whole back panel, – MOLLE webbing with mounting bands sewn already, 4 columns 2 rows, – at the front side is small pocket with a 2 way zipper with an organizer inside made of elastic 35mm band divided into 3 cells at the main pocket side and with the mesh vest poket at the outer side, – molle webbing at the front. 4 columns, 2 rows, velcroed. – at the left side is a 50mm band with 25mm band sewn on it (this one divided int 2 cells) and at the right side are two 25mm bands divide into 2 and sewn one right under another, – at the left side of the small pocket is a loop made of elastic band. Inside ( 1 poket, 2 way zipper covered with a flap): – at the body sie is a pocket closed with a zipper and with a mesh vest pocket ewn on it, at the opposite side is and arganizer made from elastic 35mm band divided into 3 cells.

WTTG (150 x 210 x 70mm) Belt: 50mm, regulation at both sides, with additional velcroed stabilizators and pouches made from elastic band (single for 1 AR magazine for example, double for pistol magazines) Outside: at the body side is a velcro panel which holds main belt, compressing band and a holster – at the middlupper side is a D-ring – at the bottom is a shockcord – at the front is a velcro-clesd pocket, at the side holded by shockcord, inside everything is velcroed and at the main compartment side is a zippered pocket – also velcroed Inside ( 2 pockets closed with 2 way zipper): – pocket at the body side is sewn with soft side of velcro inside which is destined to hold organizers, compartments, ifak inserts etc. – outer pocket of the body side is open top with a organizer sewn on it (elastic 50mm band, divided into 3 wide cell and 2 narrow + a piton and a shockcord loop) and on the opposite side is open top pocket (with a 25mm band sewn on the upper part with loops to place the paracord) with 2 compartment mesh pocket sewn on it.

– – – – – – – – – CAPACITY. The biggest is Spearpoint’s waist pack, which capacity can be regulated with compressing bands. It holds large Nikon or Canon camera… with some problems it can hold another one. Comes to the mind, eh? Not small digital camera but fullsize Canon camera with typical lens. If we don’t carry much stuff we just compress it and the waist pack is small and compact. WTTG and Baribal are next, the largest waist packs. WTTG is heavier, more complicated and has harder construction. Gekon is capacious too but due to its civilian like shape it is quite annoying (angled bottom). The smallest is mod.02 waist pack but it can be an advantage – it is more compact and the least noticeable while carrying at the side. It takes little space, it is flat so it is good with addition to another gear, it is easier to cover under the jacket and blouse and it is less problematic (for example while driving the car with astened belts). POCKETS. Let begin from the last one – the most complicated is construction of WTTG waist pack and on the first look we can notice that this is a waist pack for special purposes. Outer compartment with a map panel will be a great thing for recce and commanders but also a tourists. Inner holster is rather interesting idea not existing in other waist pakcs (can be ordered in Spearpoint). Mentioned Spearpoint has the most comfortable outer pockets (those velcro closed) with quick access. For phone and keys/access card these pockets will do excellent. There is no need to unzip them, to push in/pull out the phone from the bands of oganizer. Two main pockets is the best solution I have met because it allows us to put our stuff as we want – not just stuuf them in one compartment. In one we can put things we use more often, in other less often used. According to the design of the pockets Baribal, mod.02 and Gekon are quite similar – main pocket and 2 outer pocketś at both front and back sides. In Gekon, main compartment is open horizontally and the closage is like a big flap which allows to put in/out big items, like wallet. At the both others it isn’t very easy as it is in Gekon mostly because the compartment is for every single thing. Gekon has an inner compartment too, closed with a ipper which can be very useful when holding some valuables. In all these fanny packs, body side pocket aren’t very accessible, especially when we tighten the belt. It is very noticeable because chest rig’s harness buckles are pinching – it is a lot better in mod.02 fanny pack where buckles are sewn in.


From the left: Front side – Baribal, Spearpoint, mod.02, Wsiport and WTTG. At the first look you can notice what and how much you can attach. MOLLE webbing is clearly shown on every fanny pack and the systems of additional mounting.

ORGANIZERS. Common used design (except Spearpoint) isan organizer sewn to the open top pocket which causes it will tilt to inside due to bigger load. It is very annoying when we try to put a wallet. The wort organizer is in Gekon because it is at far outside side and there is the bigget burden instead of the nearer of the body. But despite it, it’s good. In WTTG organizers was divided not in 4 but in 5 cells. Three for bigger items and 2 or smaller like pens, markers etc. What is more, further organizers can be added on velcro panel in the firt main compartment – and these are optional, there are few of them – ifak too and on the belt we can attach another pouch (carbine or pistol).

HARNESS. Belts… we can assume that WTTG and Wisport waist packs are dualside due to regulation at both sides. Spearpoint is leftside (it can be chosen while placing an order), rest of the waist packs are for right handed users, unless somebody when the buckl is pinching him. Detachment of the Wisport’s belt is made not very well. It can end with losing the waist pack while regulating the belt – the band is just slipping out which is just cutted at loose end, not sewn. Even making a stopper with folded band would prevent it and it would be still possible to detach it. The most comfortable is on Spearpoint – band and the regulation ladder. And that’s all. No additional elastic bands and shit. In Gekon and WTTG there is too much band at both sides. Funfactor provided ( (Hell)I agree with that, Gekon drives me crazy with that bands… ) Only Spearpoint hasn’t got molle webbing (but can be ordered) and WTTG (the same, can be ordered). Other construction have sewn full molle webbing with mounting bands (Gekon and mod.02) or without them (Baribal). In Gekon whole belt can be detached if we want to carry it on MOLLE, in mod.02 “wings” and belt can be hidden in a special tunnel and in the Baribal… stuffed into inner pocket. In WTTG construction belt can be completely detached because it is mounted on Velcro panel.


BOOTY SIDE! From the left: Baribal, Spearpoint, Mod.02, Wsiport and WTTG. Yu can see details of molle webbing and the belts.


EDC which means “every day carry”, not as a mathematician/ cameraman/ librarist but normal from/to job, walking, shopping, travel etc. Mot low profile is mod.02 due to its campactivity but for my needs it was too small to fit everything (wallet, phone, notebook, pens, flashlight, folding knife, keys, IDs, handkerchiefs, chewing gum and few others). And outer zippered pocket was quite annoying for me for keeping a phone. Similar was in Baribal but the main difference was fact that I had more space for my stuff in the main pocket. And I could attach a nametag on front. The worst case of fitting the phone was in Gekon, but the access to the main pocket was the most comfortable. But still, I don’t like an organizer. Especially this one small outer pocket with an elastic oragnizer and small mesh vest open top pocket… In Spearpoint was almost the best – phone always easy to get, keys too and the rest of stuff comfortable placed in two inner pockets. “Everything having” WTTG is just too big and too heavy for EDC and also what is easy to notice – map panel was useless. In every aspect it was like Baribal fanny pack but the biggest problem was to place a phne to quickly get it – it is typically military construction.


The most classical carry position of waist pack – on the hip. The most universal, the less problematic and allows to put additional gear or dropleg holster.


On the belly we have quick access to the stuff inside, doesn’t matter if we are right or left handed. Such position isn’t very well if we have waist pack stuffed a lot because it will be disturbing during running, crouching or proning.


The most “swag” position Neither comfortable nor usefull. Only stable but you can’t even see the stuff inside. But it is possible…

RUNNING. And here stability matters the most. Frankly, mod.02 didn.t manage here. For me, 25mm belt is too narrow for enough stability in mot activities but its size is perfect fr running.. Baribal and WTTG are too big for this kind of activities but thank to its wide belts they are very stable. Also Gekon, as a tactical development of civilian fanny packs did well in the field but it must be remembered to secure the loose ends of the belt. Spearpoint was again the best but most comfortable is to have it on back than on the side or in front. CYCLING. Not rocking as hard as while running so there weren’t any problems. The most important was such position of the fanny pack when the buckle won’t pinch into stomach. Here, WTTG fanny pack can be used if you ride on trails when you need a map. Than, folded map panel is very useful. But if we decide for a ride (or run) with a bottle of water under the fanny pack the Spearpoint is the best. DRIVING A CAR. Mod.02 wins. Less is better. Fastened belt doesn’t bother or waist pack itself soesn’t bother while fastening belts. The most comfortable I to just… take it off 😀 AIRSOFTING. Quite similar to running but the most important thing I a cooperation withother gear like vests, tactical belts or hip/thigh panels etc. Baribal, mod.02 and WTTG are good because they can be attached on MOLLE and Gekon is quite problematic because of side “wings” which stick out uselessly and cover MOLLE but still something can be mounted there. Batteries, tools and other was most comfortable to carry in Baribal, WTG and Spearpoint but of course when we put more stuff in it the more it will rock. But thi topic is mentioned right below…


Yippie kay yay – there is MOLLE so we can attach something. Straight rom the package only Spearpoint is able to carry magazines in outer, velcro closed pockets. They holds both AR and AK magazines. What is more, it is possible to order a version where outer pocket will have additional elastic band so we will have shingle pouches. Unles we don’t change the design we won’t carry much ammo because mounting pouches on belt is too unstable.


Well… can we put a lot of gear? YES, WE CAN! 😀

The biggest capability would be in mod.02 if it would have wider belt and it would be more stable (but therefore it would be problematic to hide belt and “wings” inside). But still it is pretty stable. And for that purposes chest rig harness can be added. It is most ammo capacious waist pack because 4 pouches can be mounted, one at each side and 2 on front but closed with flap, not shingle (higher centre of gravity). In all cases MALICE clips were the best because they provided the bast stability. In WTTG and Baribal can be attached on front but the first one is more stable what means that whole set is more stable… but when the fanny pack is stuffed we have thick kit which will rock heavily.


Even such big waist packs like Baribal or WTTG don’t disturb while shootingif we use a plate carrier vet only. It can be quite problematic while using integrated vests which are longer, more bulky and cover more body. As the picture shows, it doesn’t collide with small PC vest.

Gekon… it is possible but it hasn’t been designed for that purposes. It can holds two magazines as the rest og presented waist packs (except Spearpoint). Problem is that the bands are quite loose.


Improvisation know no limits – especially when we have many possibilities of attaching additional gear (MOLLE) and how stabile it is.


On the first look we can tell if waist packs are suitable for this. The best is WTTG with all its aditional features – it has a holster, double pistol pouch and a single slot for carbine pouch. The best were MOLLE pouches (the most stable) closed with a flap – due to lower center of gravity, leveled with a belt.

If we want to go crazy with waist packs – Spearpoint, Baribal and Survivaltech are avaiable with chest rig harness and it is a cost around 30-50 PLN. BTW, when we got a set of harness from Baribal we got it in “IKEA” version which means everything was detached and without manual. Unless the photos from Allegro we wouldn’t be able to put it together.


Did this test allow us to choose which waist pack is the best? No and it wasn’t its aim. This test was made to present in which category single waist pack is the best and in which is not. All of the have its advantages and disadvantages, there is no design without flaws but Searpoint can be designed as we want it to be. We differ among us with out look on EDC, job or even personal preferences so every single of us has his/hers own needs. So for one perfect will be mod.02 and for another person WTTG. Let sum it up.


So much gear

Baribal – the cheapest and the most universal waist pack. Though why it is so popular It will do well in many situations but it is quite big. EDC, shooting, everywhere. Everyone should be satisfied. Spearpoint – our version is great for EDC and running. For Airsoft or range it is good as an organizer, but not as additional ammo carrier. There is no problem withorganising stuff and carrying them, starting with wallet and phone and ending with Nikon/Canon camera or a gun. Super Fanny Pack mod.02 – small fanny pack for regular EDC or like a MOLLE mounted organizer. Not very stable for bungee jumping but very low profile, the most compact from all of them. It can be converted in a nice chest rig but it also could have 40mm belt to improve stability. Wisport Gekon – civilian-tactical waist pack. Too complicated belt (mostly the regulation) but quite capacious. Cheap as well but need to be altered. Due to humongous avaialibity and useless additional things it can find its way to civilian users as well. WTTG – field waist pack, not EDC. Very complicated construction. Great modularibity will provide many different uses. Goo alternative for commander/EOD panel from MIWO or map panel.

Material (cordura) Sizes Number of pockets Number of organizers Stability Much? 😀 Availability
Baribal Poland 1100d 15x20x8cm 1 inner 2 outer In main pocket, 3 bands Average 40€ allegro, have to wait
Spearpoint 500d 15x23x15cm 2 inner 2 outer In outer main pocket 1 band High 60€ custom, have to wait
Super nerka mod.02 500/1100d 15x17x5cm 1 inner 2 outer 1 per pocket Low 60€ have to wait
Wisport Gekon 500d 18x29x11cm 1 inner 2 outer 1 per pocket Average 40-45€ just choose the shop
WTTG 1100d 15x21x7cm 2 inner 1 outer 1 in main pocket, rest can be attached Average 60-69€ have to wait

The main aim of this summary was to desribe every construction. Now, every waist pack was given to crew and will have its own article in about 2 months. For now, only Spearpoint has its own review because we got it earliest and it was desribed closely. And now it was send to SCDTV 🙂



Spearpoint SIM

Survivaltech mod.02

Wisport GEKON



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