It’s time for our weekly summary of what happened in the Gear World!

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We’ll start with SPECOPS’s brand new MKT-4 vest in Multicam camo- a great example of a simple and effective design.

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SPECOPS has also presented a new SPC-1 place carrier in A-TACS AU camo, with extra padding on the inside, for more comfort.

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But there’s more! SPECOPS has also presented a new, light-weight MCS uniform, great for Airsoft! Only thing that we would improve is lack of built-in kneepads.

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A really new, young company Neptune Spear is working very hard, and makes a lots of new products. They had just presented, via FB, their new ultra-light Cummerbund, that also allows you to add more pouches to your PC, which is very useful for a Light Infantry- type loadout.

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Also from Neptune Spear a really interesting product, being a belt for ten 40mm grenade launcher shells. Just imagine the amount of BBs that you can pour down on your opponents…


If you’re looking for a good discount on some high-quality pouches, you should definitely check out Orkans’ shop. Who knows, maybe you will save some money on a product that you wanted for a long time.


Taiwangun has introduced some really interesting eye protection, with a very low price and a suprising durability. They can even stop a shotgun round!

A new company, Arma Tech known for their LiPos’, was introduced to Airsoft replica parts market. According to the producer, their products will work flawlessly with springs up to M180. They make gears, pistons, nozzles, motors, wires, spring guides etc.

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