Weekend or not, here’s a fresh Gearnews for all of you out there!

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Coying will never be good but if the manufacturer admits to that an mostly enhance the original project we might forgive him that. What are we talking about? MBSS pack by Shephard’s Tactical who still thinks about putting it in the offer.


Photo – Shephard’s Tactical

As the week before, we highly recommend to buy some sort of knee protection so you should tak a look on the LWP knee pads by strong>PIG-TAC,  which you can buy in FORT 19 store. They are very similar to Hatch knee pads, aren’t they? 😉


Photo – FORT 19

It is getting warmer and warmer but remember that the weather can change in any moment. Think about buying a survical candle made by polish company, Vulcan, which you can buy at Gunfire shop. For 12 hours you can warm your hands, boil your water, cook a meal and so on and all of that thanks to 100% bee’s wax.


Photo – Gunfire

< Now it is official. You can buy a TG-Vector2 backpack that was made in cooperation of Templars Gear and Spearpoint – Indywidualne rozwiązania projektowe  and it has been “refreshed”, thanks to lasercut material.


Photo – Templars Gear

Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear has added a new product to it’s offer. Carbine fastmag pouches named HDMP which has a regulation of pressure. Great solution because the user can regulate to his own preferences.


Photo – Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear

If we have tourists or hikers reading our blog – that thing will ber perfect for them. Pouch for bottle or other item similar in shape made by Miltur It can be attached to everything that has MOLLE panels. Simple and useful!

caption id=”attachment_7221″ align=”alignnone” width=”960″]11377279_643114979121747_2954239340544279986_n Photo – Miltur[/caption]

And now let’s see what is new in strictly airsoft world. Taiwangun1897558b898767807318755df6e4c18ad5e477c2 Photo – Taiwangun[/caption]

CytadelaASGg has come to a rescue for those who needs chronometer. They added XCortech x3500 model to it’s offer so you can check your toys’ velocity. Only those buttons look like those from old gaming consoles.

11217549_809758132449191_8964462910322183850_n (1)

Photo – CytadelaASG

French company, Cybergun, is going to fight the producers who use markings without permission or license. Do you know that Cybergun owns right to use term of Hop-UP? Frankly, the company uses replicas from CYMA or JG with markings so the prices are higher. And that’s all. Not a single replica built.


And at the end of our Gearnews we would like to invite you to a giveaway organised by Baribal.11113696_461984653977726_6688404864015125106_n 🙂


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