Welcome to the first Gear News this year!

 Let’s get started!

We’ll start with a brand new Battle Belt from Neptune Spear. First noticable addition is one extra D-ring. Neptune, we could use some more info…


Fot. Neptune Spear.


Fot. Neptune Spear.

If you’re looking for some custom SIG mag pouches, you should definitely get them from Neptune Spear. Also, stand by for some more info from Dev, who couldn’t be happier with them.


Fot. Neptune Spear.

If you’d like to add some more realism to your games, you should definitely check out TAG grenades and grenade launcher. They’re all available at VSO shop. They come in a variety of functions.


fot. VSO.

How much do you like Templars Gear? If the answer’s „a lot”, then you should definitely ger their PVC patch and wear it with pride!


Fot. Templars Gear.

You want to smash doors like a real doorkicker, but you dont know how to carry a crowbar on your PC? Then make sure to check out a new crowbar carrier by DBR CUSTOM GEAR !


Fot. DBR Custom Gear.


Fot. DBR Custom Gear.

Do you remember that famous double-barrel Colt 1911 from WE, thats prototype we saw recently? It’s now available for purchase for 174,93 USD 😀

big small

You like M92F Beretta, but you dont want a gas gun, or the season isn’t good for them? Then you should chech out a brand new AEG M92F Beretta by CYMA. And here’s a review from Tanie Militaria.

We have some great news for reanactors and ASH players- Specshop has just received a M1A1 Carbine replica, powered with CO2 capsules.


Fot. Specshop.

Keep in mind, that Gunfire is cleaning their warehouse, and you can get free shipping! And if you spend more than €58, you will get their 2016 calendar with some nice views :p


Fot. Gunfire.

We would like to once more invite you to check out our   5,95 BBs Test.


As you know, the absolute best precision barrel reviews are made by Mendi. Make sure to check out their EDGI barrels review, published on WMASG.




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