End of week? So this is time on GearNews! We know how u need us :). The most important news in this week is the new tool of Letherman. This tool is full steel and u can wear him on your wrist and you dont never lost him.

Koszt owego cuda 150$ za wersję srebrną i 200$ za czarną.

Cost Silver version 150$ Black version 200$

Husar Group prepare for us a cool watch strap. They can do strap to any watch! 10940445_1595238457361117_6448592993542782389_n In Taiwangun you can buy Tactical Boots from VEMONT. We dont know nothing about this boots but the price is low and descripton is very interesting.

Znajdzie się odważny za zakup owych butów?

Someone wants buy this Tactical Boots to test?

We get from Military 1st the new Smock jacket from Helikon in Pencott Green Zone. We wanna test him hard to check the durability of this product.

Kurtka zapowiada się obiecująco ale zobaczymy czy Helikon postarał się.

Jacket looks very nice on first look.

Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear placed on Facebook Fanpage information about lowprofile belts to pants. The belst have low price, about 30-35zł so this is a 10$ :). 10928981_635255756601993_8291384201327610926_n In VSO now u can buy SMIERSZ PKM on two boxes to your Russia Machingun! Lots of ammo but low mobilty, who cares :D? Zastanawia mnie jak wygląda mobilność człowieka z karabinem maszynowym PKM w łapie i 3 skrzynkami. We got from Sprinter Custom Ghille a Viper Hooda Pro in Multicam. This product is 100% hand made and Sprinter used the best materials to make this Viper Hood :).

Selfie Rednacz Viper Hood Pro MC.

Dev Viper Hood Pro selfie.

The last news in this week is the best helmet of Boba Fett production of The Dented Helmet. We love this helmet :D! 10407974_10153000388657356_1782338226229096723_n


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