The only good thing on Sunday evening is Gearnews!

Let’s begin!

Our summary we begin from showing that even Japanese players are buying products made in Poland and for sure they will be satisfied with it because those are Templars Gear plate carriers.


Of course Templars gear is not stopping with developing new products. So far ha has published a small leak of a new backpack. It is going to be awesome!

11262469_829911020422138_9149970075906564170_n (1)

Photo – Templars Gear

Before going for an airsoft game it is advised to get yourself some knee protection than later pay for surgery. Check out AIRSOFT HQwhich has recently restocked Future knee pads. 

10339620_441193989391002_3276518052946885429_n (1)

Photo – Airsoft HQ.

Quite interesting thing is a tool in a shape of credit card named WALLET NINJA which you can buy from SPECSHOPIt is made of steel so don’t worry, it won’t break.


Surge Poloniahas presented it’s new product from Surge ARMIA collection. It is a small bag made out of Cordura with Cursed Soldiers logo. For us, it is a bag for a women not a man :D.

11209445_835366089882393_2281269623732719975_n (1)

Photo – Surge Polonia

If we have some Viking fans out there this will be perfect for them. New morale patch “Die in battle and go to Valhalla”. We think that many of us would wear it proudly ;).

11207308_821301914613676_286760642604109869_n (1)

If someon needs a medium sized backpack he should check Bastion 69  Military Shop  and buy Mortar Ammo Bag 45L which looks quite good. Only DDPM version.


Photo – Bastion 69 Military Shop

ONLY RUSSIAN GEAR! But wait, what camouflage is that?! Smersh in our national, Polish wz.93 Pantera from VSO ;).


Photo – VSO

Sincenow, Miltur is giving a small moral patch to every order worth more than 200zł.


Photo – Miltur.

Husar Grouphas published photos of it’s new beltkit with built in hydration pouch, and 2 triple shingle pouches for AK/AR magazines.


Photo – Husar Group

Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear, has released Fullspectrum Combat Belt, which looks very interesting. Grabek is going to have it so wait for a review!

11201108_696330470494521_179878790550928731_n (1)

Photo – Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear

Summer is coming so think about getting yourselves a new pair of UTL shorts from Helikon Tacticool shorts!


Photo – Helikon-Tex

People often use small backpacks during airsoft games. Just to carry usefull and necessary stuff.Of course there are plenty of such constructions like MBSS pack but none of them are so near as FLATPACK by Haley Strategic Partnerswhich looks really great. So simple yet very useful.


Photo – Haley Strategic Partners

And now something new from airsoft guns market! If you watched Expendables and you were amused by all this slaughter done with AA-12 you must check your wallet because Tokyo Marui has shown the prototype of very first AEG AA-12. It has 3 cylnders so it will shoot 3 BBs at once and every barrel has it’s own hop up system.


Photo – Tokyo Marui

But if you prefer short, pump action shotguns you should check out Gunfire store to buy M870 Breacher replica powered with Green Gas . Interesting is that you can shoot 3 or 6 BBs at once and the gas chamber is in pistol grip, not in every shell.


Photo – Tokyo Marui.

We have also a good news for marksmanship maniacs because ASP company is going to release SVU replica (bullpup SVD) which isn’t common on airsoft games ;).

11214332_887646297940803_9201857502106177538_n (1)

And if you are a proud user of an AK you can buy in the nearest future a PBS-1 silencer from LCT or long silencer for SR-3M to take out your opponents quietly. Silencers are made of steel of course.


Photo – LCT


Photo – LCT.

We all know that the man is a really a grown kid. He only changes toys for bigger ones an more expensive. So you should check out Gunfire to buy even more toys because they have a -30% promo!


We have a growing amount of HPA kits available for airsoft guns and now even the Brits will find something for them – a HPA kit for ICS L85.

And at the end of our Gearnews we would like to invite you to take part in the giveaway organised by Frag Out Magazine, because they have a really cool stuff!



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