We are gonna start this weeks’ summary with a MLS Gen.2 Plate Carrier by Neptune Spear. He’s been updating us on his progress, and it is finally finished! There have been many changes, compared to V.1. yo can find the description here.


Fot. Neptune Spear.


Fot. Neptune Spear.


Fot. Neptune Spear.

We have great news for all Beltkit and Templars Gear fans! They’ve made a new version of their  TG-PT1 beltkit- TG-PT2 :D. here are main differences, according to the producer.

Main differences:
– better silhouette;
-stiffer construction;
-integrated belt with Cobra buckles;
-compability with belt mounted pistol holsters;
-compability with leg holsters (Safaribland, BHI Serpa etc.);
-compability with leg panels


Fot. Templars Gear.


Fot. Templars Gear.

If you’re looking for some Templars Gear stuff, we got a word that Koner Polska has just received a new shipment. Better get it while you still can :p.


Out of ideas on what to do with your gear? Take a look at American Materials Custom Tactical Gear and their custom M81 shirt, great for snipers and scouts.


Fot. American Materials Custom Tactical Gear.


Fot. American Materials Custom Tactical Gear.

Or maybe you’d like some waist bags, 100% made by E-szpej that have just arrived to Cytadelaasg. We’re curious how good they are. Anyone’s got any info?


Fot. Cytadelaasg.


Fot. Cytadelaasg.

As you know, every EDC consists of the same components- Mora knife, Sanremu, Baribal waist bag, g-shock and a Victorinox. If you don’t have the last one, then you should head straight to Specshop.pl and get one, because they’ve just received a new shipment of them.


Fot. Specshop.pl

Some poeple find adjusting their Plate Carrier correctly difficult, so why don’t you take a look at a video, showing how to corectly put it on, and what it’s supposed to protect.

Wanna feel like a soldier from BattleField 3 and beat you enemies with a under-slung shotgun? Heres’ a way, because PPS has just finished working on their XM26 replica, available at Gunfire.pl.

We know, that most of you love IMI holsters, but maybe you’d become interested in Fobus holsters after wathing SCDTVs’ review.

Remember to chech out Gunfire.pl and get some gear at lower prices. Just kep in mind, that the discount is lower every day, so better hurry up!





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