As every week it is time to sum up gear news 😉

Let the twist begin!

Templars Gear  has made hybrid cummerbund due to opinions of customers. That cummerbunds provides both good ventilation and flexibility. Good move!


Whiskey Tango – Tactical Gear has presented a new product on it’s fnpage, FullSpectrum Plate Carrier.


Tactical Custom has expanded his oldschool chest rig with 4 little pouches. But why the camouflages is tilted? 😀


Cool and simple chest rig with tilted camouflage.

MCT fanboys should be happy because uniform from MBS-2 od SPECOPSa is now available Sklep Sprzętmilitarny.plWe re curious if there will be any of MCT gear available from Specops.


Helikon-Tex decided to make SFU pants in woodland so here are the results! And here is our review.


Helikon-Tex has presented new outdoor trousers on this year IWA which are to be released this year. Codename – OTP 😉

11025786_927654130598887_4590048297580974678_n (1)

One the one photo of Helikon IWA2015 we can notice a new model of bonnie hat in Pencott GreenZone camuflage and a cap in Pencott Badlands. And now we wait for them to release some secrets.


Another interesting thing is a prototype masking overall system in PenCott SnowDrift.


Moar Viper Hoods, I SAID MOAAAR! Like as I wished Sprinter Ghillie Custom has made one in A-TACS FG, which looks great in Grabek’s opinion. Probably he will get himself another one :D. 


Wisport presented it’s new bacpack, ZipperFox, which will be released at april.


Gunfire has visited Condor’s booth, took a butcher’s and saw that this season we will have sow new stuff made from Cordura, Rhino Skin and Hypalon and also laser cut molle vests.


Photo –

Guys from WMASG visited Gunfire booth and noticed some new stuff in PenCott from Rasputin. We are waiting for it


Photo –


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