6094 Vest is a very popular both in military circles (SF) and ASG. This is a carrier medium sized (larger than APC) classic plate, which allows to load up everything you need, without the need of adding “the goods” on the belt. Its characteristic feature is the internal pocket for magazine inserts on the front panel, as well as side pockets made of flexible cummerbund, giving the portability of additional magazines or side plates. Made by Flyye, is 6094 actually worth more attention and deservedly so popular? I will try to answer this question in the following review.


Pew pew pew!

At the beginning you need to point out one thing – Flyye 6094 has a lot of competition, because this type of vest in different versions and different camouflages is also produced by TMC and Toy Toy Soldier. Moreover, even the native MIWO thought to develop a similar vest, but without place for the front inner pouch – I mean “Wasp”. Much less reminiscent of 6094 is the TF-50, but it has a common feature in the form of internal pocket for magazine pouches.


Tested version was made of Cordura MJK.

The vest, as befits Flyye is made of 1000d Cordura. Seams are made moderately neatly, there is nothing to complain on, but let’s not lie to ourselves it’s still only a better Chinese product and even to MIWO there is a long way for them to achieve that level, but it’s performing better than the TMC.

Construction of the vest is a classic for this type of construction – almost identical to the APC.

The vest is composed of two panels connected by braces and cummerbund on the sides. There is a sponge sewn into the front and back panels, shoulder pads and side straps increasing comfort when carrying a vests, especially with hard plates. Whereas there is no spacing, but we’ll talk about it late … It put on the same as all the vests based on a velcro system with elastic belt, which is…


We raise the front panel flap, disconnect fastening of the cummerbund (which facilitate the handles on the sides), and there we have it 🙂

This system is widely used in vests and basically there is no sense in replacing it. someone keeps up with the articles on the blog then he had to read about it. Adjusting the 6094 and putting it on / off is unfortunately noisy, but quite fast and comfortable, although we can’t always fasten everything evenly. Usually, it does not interfere too much when used, it spoils the aesthetics more, unless you just fasten it whole too loose. The biggest advantage of the system is that you can adjust the clasp of the vest all by yourself. Cummerbund is flexible, although it’s to much lesser extent than in tesedt APC, and PACA. Fastening of the sides of the front of the panel is not done quite well – I think there were used too strong Velcros, which extended the time of putting the vest on and dropping it, also significantly increases the noise level accompanying while doing it. I know that everything must be firmly fastened and keep the load of ballistics, magazines, and other junk, but for eg. In Praszka there are “weaker” Velcros used and yet it works and nothing falls off.



The front panel is capacious as the one in the APC internal input for eg. 3 M4 magazines or 4 smg.

6094’s front panel is large enough to fit a pouch for 4 or 8 M4 magazines or less in case of internal inputs for magazines. Personally, I haven’t checked, but as someone insists it will fit 11 magazines on the panel, but nevertheless it will be neither convenient nor handy (3 in the insert plus 8 in pouches).


Due to the lack of internal pouch while testing – sample photo. Without the inputs you can just use that pouch even for a map.

The top 3 rows of molle are covered with soft velcro, so it’s suitable for a name tag / morale patch without attaching the admin pouch. a mini pocket located on the inner side is perfect for small items, it’s located on the top of the panel…


Inner pocket is tiny, but it will be perfect for documents, small things, keys or a debit card. Everything is secured with Velcro, so there is no way for something to fall out.

If you wonder why there is so much soft Velcro on the inside of the vest (I was wondering) then with help comes Wkurzony with his knowledge – you attach ballistic comfortpads to the panels. You can also attach ballistic protection of arms and neck. The lower pals are used for mounting the belt which is designed to stabilize the vest. Knowing the ingenuity of tactical tailors, when someone wants clip-comfortpads with spacing mesh, which are not included in in 6094, they will make it for him, which unfortunately deals significant impact on the “sweating” – well, in the end it’s a bald Cordura and how it’s supposed to breathe?The advantage is that the jacket from inside is sewn with a soft sponge, both on the main panels on the sides, as well as on the shoulder pads. Also, there is no problem that the plate is hard, Cordura and all that we feel – no, between the plate and the Cordura there is a cushioning layer.

The front panel of course as big as the rear one it fits SAPI / SWIMMER M plate, but considering the amount of space in the pocket for ballistics, I advise to put on the L size. However I would like to mention, that the vest itself is the M size.


Fastener is a little weak, because the plate is slack. The situation would improve if the soft Velcro was “longer” and then the tab holding the bottom side of the plate could be better fastened.



One major drawback is quite small evacuation handle. People with large hands, especially with gloves (not to mention about the winter ones) may have problems to have a good catch on the handle.

The rear panel fits a plate and cummerbund mounting system. From what I’ve been told by long-term user of this vest, flexible material over the sides likes to draw and, therefore, the side panels are fastened to the rear with paracord, in order to improve stability.


On the vest, on both sides are sewn 3 tapes velcro closed, in which you can fasten Camelback tube. Unless you prefer the classic, through the armlet.


Side panels are swinging on flexible strips and are double – their design is simply a pouch for the side plate or pouches for another magazine. cummerbund itself is just 2 side panels, linked with cross-linked paracord braid with metal eyelets – the vests circuit is controlled by tightening or loosening the braid. Standardly in each of the side panels you can find a single magazine pouch for M4, fastened with a nap on paracord. The solution is not necessarily comfortable, but nap is more difficult to detach than normal paracord as in shingles. Pouch also fits a pistol, but because of the proximity of the front panel flap it’s not convenient to move the gun this way. Besides reaching for it is uncomfortable too. In the pouch behind the pocket we a place for the plate covered with velcro flap, but because of velcro sewn inside the pocket there also can be placed internal pouches.


Side mounting surfaces are so extensive that you can live with with the 6094 without the need of wearing additional belt suspensors


Thin individuals may have a problem with side plates – simply by reducing the circuit of cummerbund part of the pocket slips under rear panel.


Lower belt on sides is filled with sponge which improves comfort of the vest. Mesh theoretically improves ventilation a little bit.


Although fastening of the pouch with a nap is not something sensationally convenient then the pocket location the is very convenient.


Suspenders of the front panel pass through the ladder on the rear panel and straps together with the velcro. And on everything we mount comfortpad – construction in a nutshell.


This is how “bald” arm pad looks, without comfortpad.


Armlet is almost the same as in SCARAB.

Comfortpad overlay- fastened on a bald shoulder pad is quite thick, due to the fact that between the layers of Cordura we cushioning made of foam. Personally, I prefer comfortpads made of spacer mesh, however the one from 6094 could be more comfortable. On the other hand, Cordura is more durable than the mesh.



6094 has larger panels than carried than plate, but still provides full freedom of movement and even allows smooth bending.

6094 is a medium sized PC, allowing at the same time to pack a large number of pouches and equipment without using an additional belt, while not limiting mobility. Does not restrict the movement and also provides easy way for the shot, but in a slightly smaller at the top of the APC, it is more convenient.


Besides poor ventilation, the use of 6094 is really convenient. Nothing pinches, nothing encroaches – it’s a large merit of separating ballistic with cushioning made of foam. Only the arm pads could be a tad thicker.


6094 small enough that you can hook on the trouser belt a holster on a fin, of course, if we do not have any cargo on its side. 6094 also looks very tacticool, so it will work when styling for SFA and PMC, especially in MJK / CB color.


In the conclusion – 6094 with dyed CamoGrom looks very impressive 🙂


I must admit that I was a little bit grumpy when it came to 6094, but that does not mean right away that this is a bad vest. And indeed it has some flaws, but it is made well, light, very roomy, mobile and has great expansion capabilities with internal pouches. People who don’t like the spacing mesh will be very happy with it, because in spite of everything it’s been made for comfort by sewing a cushioning foam wherever they could. Thanks to that both hitting the ground when falling will not make us feel any inequality in SAPI replica, but also will be more convenient while less dynamic use. Those who prefer a spacing mesh – what are tactical tailors and internal Velcros of the vest for?

6094 is constructed neatly so you can fold back to shot easily and you don’t have a too high profile. As for the price, of course for 400-470zł you can choose something better, but nevertheless I do not think that price is exaggerated. A fortiori you can get used vest for a 100zł less, and because of the lack of spacing mesh – there really is not much that can use up is in the vest.

As for a plate carrier, it is capacious not less than integrated vest, it’s not reducing mobility and looks quite professional. It has no regulation problems, the only drawback is too strong and loud velcro. And besides, it fits 4 plates, and so there is no problem with adequate protection;)


LBT and TMC combat pants.



Article would not have been possible without the cooperation of Daneszem from the Warsaw team JS2305 Cienie, who lent his vest for testing. The tacticoolness ratio on the photos watched GS Pandora from the GS team that had lent his M4 and Cytadela with ASG TMC combat pants . We would like to thank you!



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