While showing off the Viper Hood Pro Multicam from Sprinter Custom Ghille we were talking about being „invisible” on the battlefield. If we already have an uniform matching the environment, our replicas are masked, gloves are on our hands, viper hoods is on our backs and boonies lays on our heads – there’s one more thing. What about our faces? Yeah – we forgot about it and it shines like a shooting target showing your oponent where he should shoot.


Everything is cool… but we can see this cute face from pretty faaar away.


Incomplete camouflage.
And now we ask ourselves – what we can do to hide our happy face (and ears and necks too)? We know that we can wear a sheingmah or balaclava, but then the air flow will change which can lead to glasses fogging, which can be seriously annoying… and you can also die because of it.


Sheingmahs are cool, especially the ones with camouflages, but…


… they don’t cover 100% of our faces and often they are the reason of glasses fogging and sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable.

It seems like using the face painting kits is the best solution but the question is – which ones? We can get the MFH or Mit-Tec ones but they are not really „high-quality”, because even our own sweat can blur them off and cause an allergic reactions. Also, washing them off is difficult. Well, we found better ones – british Camtech face dyes. We tested the green/brown/black version, provided by Sprzętmilitarny.pl.


Here we can see the difference between painted and plain face. Also, for those who say „there’s no need to paint our face ‘cause of tape markers” – what if the only visible thing is your head?

Camtech dyes are based on UV sunscreen cream which has SPF15+ UV protection class. You won’t get any grease stains because there’s no vaseline so you’ll easlily clean off your gear. You can use these dyes in -30°C – +40°C..


Peon Team Six

The dyes are in small polimer-made cointainer which also has a little mirror which helps us with doing our make-up. It closes with a latch so it won’t open in the middle of shooting coloring all our gear in backpack.


GRABEK: We usually used therse on „Team battles” organized by Gajos from CSAR, where the priority were being unspotted and eleminating enemy teams, not shooting and frags. That’s why camouflage was so important. We all can say that Camtech did their job and after 6-7 hours of shooting these still was on our faces – no matter the rain or heat. Also, we have to admit that they are really efficent – since 4 games one container were used by 5-6 operators. We still have them enough for two or more of them.Img_0102For one person it’s a once-per-half a year-payment for about 49 zł (12 EUR) so it’s a big advantage. None of us had any allergic reactions (only Dev once whinned something about dye in his eye when Hell were helping him, but quickly forgot about it). Also, you can easily wash them off with wet tissues stolen from your wife/sister/daughter’s cosmetics bag. Did you mess up your gear with dyes? No problem, here, it’s clean now. The container with mirror is small, you can hide it in a pouch or pocket, and the latch makes you sure it won’t open up inside it.


Grabek – 10h after painting.

DEV: I can’t say much more – dyes really nicely covers face, ears and neck. Those are really efficent, what is confirming whole team, no greay stains. Well, I messed up my sheingmah, boonie and hat a bit with those dyes, but after one washing they dissapeared.  When it get into the eye it may feel like burning for a while, but the then it just dissapears.


Dev – 10h after painting.


We really recommend Camtech face dyes for airsoft use – they covers the face pretty nicely, are efficent and easily washes up. They may seem to be expensive, but one little container is enough for one person for a whole season or even more. Even for a whole team, when you divide the price the cost is nearly minimal if we compare it to res tour gear 😉


– efficent,
– strong pigment which covers the face,
– easily washes off, but don’t go away with sweat

– no allergic reactions,
– small container with a mirror,

– for really cheap ones, price.




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  1. Jak oceniłbyś recenzowane farby względem dostępnych na Specshopie farbek od Bushcraftu (BCB)? Kosztują 25zł, kupiliśmy sobie do teamu i wyrobiłem pewną opinię, jestem jednak ciekawy czy miałeś okazje może je porównywać.

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