A few weeks ago we reviewed Direct Action’s Dragon Egg backpack. And now we have their new product in our hands – Foxtrot shoulder bag, in two colour variants: Olive Green and PenCott Badlands.


What Foxtrot is exactly? It’s a small messenger bag that can be carried in three ways: on a waist, on a shoulder strap or in the hand. Its dimensions are 30x19x12 cm, so it’s about a size of a larger waist bag or a compact messenger bag. According to the producer, its capacity is 6.6 l spread over several sections. Weight, including a shoulder strap – 962g. The bag is made of 500D Cordura, coated with DWR (durable water repellent).

Looking from the front of the bag, we see a laminate panel, covered in laser- cut MOLLE PALS, with a small (4x8cm) Velcro panel for patches etc. in the bottom right corner. Right behind the front panel there is a flat pocket, closed with a YKK zipper, good for documents, maps, bus tickets etc.


The front panel and a first pocket are right in top of a 3 cm wide pocket, divided into few smaller sections and pockets- pen slots, little pocket closed with Velcro, and yet another flat pocket for documents etc. closed with Velcro.

IMG_0156 IMG_0159

On the right, there is another small pocket good for carrying 0.5l bottles or in our case Camelback’s Better Bottle. The pocket can be closed with a strap with a Velcro at both ends. It can also be used to carry a radio: we’ve used a Beofeng UV-R5, and the closing strap does its job pretty well.


On the left side of the bag there is another pocket, about the same size of a bottle/radio pocket on the right side, although it’s made out of laminate with a laser-cut MOLLE PALS, closed with a two-way YKK zipper. Inside, there are some loops for fastening keys etc. and a small net pocket.


All of the pockets described above have drain holes on the bottom.

On the top of the main pocket’s flap, there is a Shockcord with a stopper. It can be used to carry a Soft Shell or some other light jacket. Also on the flap there is Direct Action’s logo, embroidered in a matching colour, so it blends in nicely.


Below the flap, on both sides of a bag there are two Fastex buckles, used to attach a shoulder strap that comes with a bag. A shoulder strap itself is adjustable lengthwise and fitted with a comfort pad attached to a strap with Velcro. A comfort pad itself is covered with rubber to prevent it from sliding off.


There is also a carry handle, made a lot like ones in sport bags, which is two straps connected with Velcro into a carry handle.

IMG_0173 IMG_0174

Foxtrot bag is mainly designed to be a carried at the waist, so it has two large “wings” on both sides. They are used as comfort pads for your waist and have a main belt attached to them, closed with a buckle. Both “wings” are 20 cm wide panels covered in a laminate with a laser-cut MOLLE PALS and also featuring flat pockets closed with zippers. Back of the bag and “wings” are padded with a grid spacing and a foam with vents underneath the grid spacing. Not as noticeable as Combat Vent System® in Direct Action’s backpacks but it helps a lot. Both “wings” can be slipped into a slot under the padding on the back of a bag.

IMG_0136 IMG_0144

After opening the top flap, we can access a flat net pocket closed with a zipper, perfect for small, light objects. The main compartment is divided into two sections. The main section comes with walls covered in soft Velcro to attach some pouches and accessories like pistol holsters and mag pouches. There is also a flat pocket closed with Velcro and covered with a soft material, which is perfect for tablets.

IMG_0201 IMG_0190

Much like in Dragon Egg, all zippers are made by YKK, with paracord in a shrink sleeves and plastic end. Buckles are custom made by Duraflex® with Direct Action’s logo.


ThePesH – I liked this bag so much that when Tommy got Pencott Badlands version for tests I’ve got a cheaper Olive Green one just a few days later. My idea was to use it as a base for an unusual belt kit. I’ve attached some pouches to the “wings” and then some flat suspenders with MOLLE. That gave me a lightweight set but with a large capacity. Besides, my Foxtrot was frequently used for carrying my stuff to work: it contained a small EDC kit, lunch and a softshell jacket. I’ve only one problem with a design of the bag: I don’t really like that the belt is fastened on the side, it would be much more comfortable if the buckle were in the middle.

TommY – Foxtrot is a very reliable bag. When I first got it the more I used it, the more I liked it. It’s surprisingly compact, but it carry whatever you need: some small stuff for Airsoft, EDC, Photography equipment, etc. Not at the same time, of course :p When playing Airsoft, I’ve carried 9000 BBs in there, using just a waist belt, and it stayed in place rather nicely, even while running. Direct Action did a really good job with a number of available colours and camos: Foxtrot can be used in any environment. It’s great for carrying a camera, for a longer walk with a dog, or for a short trip. Although the waist belt could have been detachable: it would improved a capacity of the bag as it takes a lot of space when not in use. Direct Action’s idea of adding a plenty of functional pockets isn’t the best because not all of them can always be used. When fully packed, I’ve had difficulties with accessing some of the smaller pockets. Nonetheless, the bag is great and as ThePesH said adding some flat 1st line suspenders is a really good idea.


Direct Action has given us yet another excellent product, made with laser-cut laminate. It uses great material and components. It’s also really well sewed. It would be great for:

– a large EDC: it can carry a lot of knives and accessories

– work: you can carry tools, books, tablet, etc.

– photography: it can contain a camera, spare lenses, memory cards, filters and batteries

– Airsoft: it would be a great butt pack: main compartment for BBs, batteries, gas, and “wings” for mags or grenades

Foxtrot bag is available in several colours and camouflages: Black, Olive Green, Coyote Brown, Shadow Grey, Ranger Green, Polish Woodland, Camogrom, Pencott Greenzone, PenCott Badlands, PenCott Snowdrift, Kryptek Mandrake and Kryptek Highlander.It costs from £47.00 to £61.00 (for Kryptek and PenCott camouflages).

Product link: http://www.military1st.co.uk/itemlist.html?searchquery=foxtrot

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Foxtrot bag was kindly provided by Military1st, UK’s distributor of Direct Action.



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