Lasercut laminated Cordura, modern design, vast amount of camouflages available, three types of backpacks and three types of bags – this is an offer of Polish company Direct Action. Let’s take a closer look at the Dragon Egg backpack which we got from Military 1st shop. Of course, in our favourite Pencott Greenzone camouflage.

dragonegg (4)


Let’s start from the obvious things. Backpack is made of laminated 500D Cordura, has a capacity of 25L and dimensions 48 x 30 x 26cm (measured on stuffed backpack). It is available in many colours and camouflages like black, olive, coyote brown, grey and ranger green, wz.93 (Polish woodland), Camogrom, PenCott GreenZone, PenCott BadLands, PenCott SnowDrift, Krpytek Mandrake and Kryptek Highlander. It consists of 3 pockets:
– backside, flat pocket hardened with foam, good for notebook or water reservoir,


Laptops eater

– middle main pocket,


Camelbak’s and mesh pockets.

– outer organizer,


Organizer. For sure, a great thing is a full access to the pockets by unzipping them all way to the bottom.

What is more, there are two open top pockets, perfect for water bottles (Nalgene on photos). There is a small compartment with soft lining at the top side of outer pocket, perfect for electronic stuff (phone, GPS) or glasses; things we don’t want to get scratched. Quite interesting thing is a top handle made of the entwined paracord so we have an extra string in extreme situations.

IMG_0017We can alter the capacity and the shape of the backpack according to our needs by adjusting 4 side bands. At the front we have two bands with loops to mount additional and bigger stuff. This solution is mostly known from hiking backpacks. Dragon Egg has comfortable harness with quick release system and a chest band. Hip belt is made of 40mm band which is mounted with 2 triglides. At the bottom we have bands with buckles to carry long stuff like tent or foam mattress.



Combat Vent System®.

IMG_0085Front upper compartment (with soft lining) is 11cm deep and 17cm wide. It will fit glasses, up to 5,5′ smartphone, GPS device. And chocolate bars. Chocolate bars are obligatory


Front pocket (organizer) can be opened in 90%, like a suitcase – zippers go all the way to the bottom. Material used inside is nylon. Dev had some remarks while using Messenger Bag with the same lining. In total, organizer has 6 compartments – at the bottom of the front flap there is a flat mesh compartment. At the main pocket side there are 3 flat compartments, including one made of mesh, 3 pens/chemlights slots, phone compartment and a small PMR compartment closed with a Velcro flap. And of course, a key hook.


When we fully open the pocket we have some kind of table/base. You can prepare some food or take a look into your Airsoft gun without a risk of losing parts.


IMG_0044 IMG_0040

Main pocket has a single flat pocket at the front side and a water reservoir compartment at the back side closed with a band and buckle (7mm width). There is a hole for a water tube under the top carry handle. The zipper of the main pocket is sewn at some angle when we look from the side. Width of the main pocket is 12cm according to our measurements. There is a drain hole at the bottom.


Flat, back side pocket was designed to carry a notebook and for that it was hardened with foam which secures any devices from possible damages. The internal compartment for notebook is closed with a wide elastic band with Velcro at the end. Back side part of the backpack is hardened. While we do not carry a notebook the compartment can be used for water reservoir – we have a loop to hang it there and a water tube hole too.



CamelBak’s “window” 😉

IMG_0108 IMG_0111 IMG_0118

Ventilation system is one of the best on the market. It is made of two angled panels stuffed with hardened foam and covered with mesh with ventilation channels between them. Main channel goes along the spine line.

IMG_0105 IMG_0097

Harness is contoured, thick and soft, with mesh lining at the body side. There are 2 elastic horizontal bands sewn on both shoulder straps which can be used as a cable or water tube guides, and two D-rings. Below them we have a chest band. As we mentioned above, the backpack also has a hip belt and, due to small capacity of Dragon Egg, it is made of 40mm band and mounted with 2 triglides so it can be easily detached.


Stretch tapes for CamelBak’s tube.

IMG_0096Side pockets are made of laminated Cordura and meant to carry bottles (like 1L Nalgene). Lasercut mounting panel, 3 columns wide, can be used for mounting additional pouches. Width/capacity of the pockets can be regulated with the vertical zipper. Pockets are closed with a Velcro.


Nalgene pouch.

The backpack has 4 compressing bands which allow us to adjust the capacity and size of the backpack. These can be used as an additional mount too.

IMG_0126 IMG_0123


Plecak otrzymaliśmy kilka miesięcy temu, od tego czasu wiele razy był ze mną zarówno w terenie jak i na wyjazdach miejskich.

IMG_0007 IMG_0011 dragonegg (3) dragonegg (2) dragonegg (1) dragonegg (5)

Here are the advantages (but there are some disadvantages as well):

  • Combat Vent System® – one of the most comfortable harness I have used,
  • The overall quality and materials used are on a very high level. Not a single thing we can complain about.
  • Everything is very detailed – zipper endings (plastic parts on the end of the paracord with the thermoactive material), producers logo discreetly sewn, logo on buckles. Loose ends of the bands can be rolled up and secured with a Velcro
  • Despite small capacity (25L) producer added a simple hip belt. Good move is that it can be removed.
  • Many pockets of different sizes and construction.
  • Modern look – Dragon Egg just looks great. Well, lasercut gear always looks great 😉

And now some disadvantages:

  • For me, the carry handle could be more solid. It is just a paracord that can loosen someday. True, it looks great and no one earlier did this but I’d prefer something else.
  • Side pockets – end part of the zipper is at risk of damage in the moment of putting a bottle inside the pocket. Width of the pocket is getting bigger toward the top of it so at the bottom it is still narrow.
  • I don’t quite understand placing two vertical straps known from hiking backpacks when we have MOLLE mounting panel.
  • Weight. As it is lasercut laminated Cordura it should be very light. Sadly it is not. Other constructions of such capacity weights less than 1kg (even those 30L backpacks). Dragon Egg weights 1590g (info from the Helikon-Tex). We understand it is due to its construction with a lot of additional pockets and organizers. Great harness slightly recompenses that weight. Same issue we had with the Massenger bag.


If you are looking for a backpack with great organizer, which fits a notebook, for EDC, school, job etc – Dragon Egg is for you. You can also fit everything for your every week skirmish (without a gun of course). We make no secret of the fact that it costs a lot (almost 2 times more than similar construction with standard MOLLE) but you have to keep in mind the quality of the material and camouflages like PenCott GreenZone. Products made of laminated Cordura are not cheap and so is Greenzone itself.

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Dragon Egg backpack was kindly provided by Military1st shop, UK’s distributor of Direct Action.




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