Comfort” belt is a next belt, after THIRDLINE, from Bayonet Belts I have pleasure to use for few last weeks. Which makes it different from other “tactical” belts is a much softer band and plastic(!) AustriAlpin-ITW Nexus buckle. So we got light, everyday belt – cheaper (about 20-30zł) and much more handy than version with the mithril made buckle 😀


Top side – THIRDLINE, below is COMFORT


Belt made for us is a classical comfort with 45mm dark CB band with Velcro for loose end and Cobra GT (sound like a sports car 😀 ) buckle, also in CB.
Quality is top-shelf of course, it is hand made by Bayonet. All materials – band, Velcro, threads are one of the best ones and are very durable, few times more than Chinese made. For example, following info provided by Bayonet, single thread he uses holds minimally 5,5kg when standard thread up to 0,5kg only. Buckle is the other topic because it is not metal AA which is very popular on a belt market but Cobra GT – “made fully from non-metal material with increased durability by American company ITW-Nexus. It can’t be detect by metal detectors due to lack of the metal in its construction so there won’t be necessary to take it off. Besides, it is prettier and lighter than metal one but slightly bigger.”

pasek 7

What? Are you whining? Funky buckle and two times expensive than standard ITW-Nexus buckle (fastex)? Well, difference is big – you can unfasten it with one hand and without problem and also in hick, winter gloves.

Plastic buckles are cheaper and available in 38, 45 and 50mm, black or CB. Producer gives us a very important information about security: “Durability of this buckle is about 250kg, buckle is NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY FORM OF BELAYING”.

pasek 2

The loose end of the belt we can block on Velcro – of course we have multiple choices here. Producer offers a Velcro, loop or simply nothing 😀

Despite the fact I weigh less than 250kg I will not hang on this belt for photos like my crew colleagues. This belt isn’t designed for that. This is Comfort, not Thirdline. For everyday use so it main purpose is not to harm and to disappear for user while using and simply to hold the pants up 😉 And it does it very well.

pasek 8

Mounting of the buckle on the band is strengthen but remember – Thirdline will be much more durable for hard use.


Well, so for whom this belt was designed? Answer is very easy – for every single person. It is made for everyday use, in jeans pants, tactical pants, whatever. If you work in place where you are checked by metal detectors often or if you fly often, you won’t have to take it off every time. Buckle is made 100% without metal. Softer band also increases comfort while wearing “civilian” trousers.

Gunfire_ultimate_thepesh (4)

Of course COMFORT will be good in jeans as well as in uniform. Maybe buckle is plastic but it is very durable plastic.

As a producer mentioned, belt isn’t suitable for any type of insurance but I am aware that I weigh less than half of its limit and in the dangerous situation it will be able to save my health or even life. But I will do it for my own responsibility.

Let’s talk about the buckle again. As all of the AA buckles it can be opened with one hand within blink of eye, even in thick gloves. What is more, it isn’t as heavy as metal one and after opening it doesn’t go down as hard as the standard buckle.

For last few weeks I have been using it mostly with SFU Next trousers – I think they were made just for themselves. Perfect combination. A perfect set for low profile civilian use.

Gunfire_ultimate_thepesh (8)

Cobra GT buckle is of course bigger than metal Cobra or a standard ladder in riggers belts but it is more comfortable in use.


Want a good belt? Contact with Bayonet – he offers really wide offer of buckles and bands. Everyone can assemble belt for his own preferences. It is fact that those belts cost a bit, they aren’t made of cheap materials. We know for what we are paying for, those belts are for years, like those made of real leather (not some cheap, Chinese leather-like shit) For everyday use it is one of the best belts on market, very comfortable and a bit tacticool 😉 Of course it isn’t so much idiot proof like standard metal AA buckles but thank to plastic it is very lightweight. Worth every penny, if you buy it from Bayonet you won’t want other belts later 😉
I highly recommend them.



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