Bayonet’s belts has been mentioned many times – it Is a Polish producer who greatly succeeded, not only in our country (at the beginning forum and later, SpecShop, and soon but abroad too. From where comes that big curiosity of Bayonet’s belts? Mostly from the excellent and revolutionary quick-releasable and very durable buckle – AustiAlpin Cobra. Belts are custom made and for our choose we have not only types of buckles and its colors(50mm, 45mm, 38mm, 33mm, 25-28mm) but also bands (olive, MultiCam, black, coyote brown and other) or release clips. Belts don’t have test results but one w its parameters is high durability enough for rapid evacuation – these are rescue – safety belts. Plastic buckles are also available. These are made by ITW-Nexus – less durable but lighter and metal-free.


Bayonet – Made in Poland. At this moment this is the most known Polish “tactical” brand throughout the world.


Bayonet offers two kinds of belts : – COMFORT: for everyday use, for trousers (also SAFE version with loop for pitons, harnesses); – THIRDLINE: hard, definitely as a 1st line in your equipment (also SAFE version available). THIRDLINE belt was made for us from: – PASAMON olive band (according to lighting – green or brown-olive) double folded, hard and glued, sewn 5 times (when ordering you choose the length of the belt); – Cobra buckle 9kN 45mm (with XL release clips), in elephant grey; – Ariadna S.A threads ( as Bayonet says single thread can hold 5,5kg when regular thread only 0,2-0,5kg); – Velcro


Velcro prevents not only the loose end from sticking out but also from secures the belt from getting out from the buckle (but construction of regulating system holds perfectly).

Durability of the buckle for ripping is more than 900kg and bands blah, blah, blah… Is it even needed for Airsoft players? It is not attested so it shouldn’t be in hard use for safety etc. I advise against too and I treat THIRDLINE like awesome inner belt. Fuckingly awesome. Practically it holds me (80kg) and my gear (further 20kg) very easily.


I am just showing it is possible but I wouldn’t trust plastic buckle so much. Everyone is doing that on his own responsibility.

Belt is made very good, looks very durable and hard to damage. Highest quality. Just label sticks out quite retarded but it doesn’t affect at anything. It cost about 150 PLN which is really high price in comparison with ALICE belt (about 30 PLN) or hard belts from Miwo (60-80) or similar 5.11 (around 80PLN). At least half of the price is the awesome buckle.


The biggest advantage of this belt is a buckle – we can unfasten the belt with single hand in a blink of an eye and without problems. But it is worth mentioning that the bigger the load is unfastening is getting harder too, I would rather say impossible. In my belt I chose XL release clips which improves greatly unfastening the belt and there isn’t any possibility for independent opening.


Did I put the belt upside-down? Does it change anything? Regulations is on the other side (here on the right) and that’s all.


Larger release clips aren’t problematic – just the opposite. Belt still won’t unfasten itself, especially loaded and when we want to get your our gear off it really is faster and easier.

It is a THIRDLINE version designed for as a inner belt of tactical belts or to carry holsters and other small stuff directly on it. According to that belt must be hard and in fact it is but slightly less than well-known LC belt. In my opinion bands could be harder for better stability – as I remember TI MultiCam band are harder. Nevertheless it’s good as a main belt or inner belt for MOLLE sleeve belts. You can unfasten the belt in any moment with a single hand and fastening is easy too.


Belt is hard but It could be more. For sure, we will buy MultiCam version as it is made from harder bands (different producer).

Regulation can be made in two ways – from both sides of buckle or from single side – we can decide when placing an order. In my belt regulation is simple – single side. Loose end of the belt is tied together with belt with Velcro panel, it additionally secures whole belt. So we don’t have anything sticking out but we can also order an extra loop. I have chosen a 45mm version not 50mm because I was afraid that 50mm wouldn’t fit in the trousers’ loops (and it isn’t unnecessary). While using 45mm belt it is noticeable that 5mm lack and the kydex holster is a bit loose and it is harder to draw a pistol from it and a bit longer. But on the other side there isn’t any problem of fitting belt into trousers but it is possible only when one side of the buckle is detached. Buckles are big but still smaller than fastex buckles and they go through only in DPM/DDPM/MTP trousers. Belt in UTP trousers sits very well thank to good positioning of the loops.


Due to fact that UTP pants are made to cooperate with holsters so there is no problem with the kydex one too. Of course of the fact of different construction than IMI holster it is needed to tighten the belt as much as possible because it depends on either we will have easy or hard drawing the pistol from the Kydex holster.


Flat Cobra buckle has one great advantage – it is flat It is more comfortable when we use more than one belt – as on the photo I had belt in trousers, THIRDLINE for gear and the fanny pack and it did the job well.

When we want to use the belt every day in all conditions, including without weapon, I recommend the COMFORT version which is softer but more universal and won’t bruise the user after long usage. THIRDLINE is a typical gun-belt and it should be used only for that. If you are looking for a belt only for holster and magazines – take the 50mm version of THIRDLINE. I use mine mostly as an inner belt and it is perfect for it. Yeah I know, I mentioned it could be harder for that purpose but it is still great. Buckle doesn’t make any problems while putting it through the molle sleeve belt as the fastex buckles did (2 or 3 times bigger). Moreover it can be dropped with a single hand thank to quick releasable COBRA buckle. Inner hardening of the belt is good enough to stabilize pouches well and the pistol can be drawn from the kydex holster. And it looks tacticool 😉


150PLN for inner belt? Quite a lot but mostly due to COBRA buckle. But for this price we get great, hard belt with quick release. If I must to hang on it – I would rather trust AustrAlpin than fastex. Of course it is not certificated (great amount of

money) so everyone use it on his own responsibility. When it comes to using this belt as a platform for holster, magazine pouches, handcuffs – THIRDLINE is worth recommending and it will do well. As an inner belt it is a little overkill. Not so big when you need QR 😉 For everyone else better choose will be a regular duty belt, costs half of the THIRDLINE, harder (only when the plastic buckle won’t go into the molle sleeve). Maybe it isn’t so high-speed but we will save more money for other stuff. – they also speak English, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Translation: Hell


Soon we will also test COMFORT belt with AA ITW Nexus buckle.



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