Recently I have observed some kind of small madness about PenCott GreenZone camouflage. According to that, it was worth checking out. And as I find an uniform in that camouflage in Cytadela ASG – shop which cooperates with us I thought “why not?”. And as I’m kind greedy when it comes to gear and clothes so I took A-TACS FG as well.


From left: MARPAT woodland, PenCott GreenZone, A-TACS FG, dyed Camogrom, US Woodland, MTP

Helikon is a producer of both pieces and the cut is their newest CPU which was described in a MC/Camogrom uniforms article. Frankly, both A-TACS’ and PenCott’s licenses are expensive and material of the second one is available only from producer. And that’s why the price offull uniform is so high for Helikon – trousers and shirt stands for 83,5€ each which gives us a 167€ for a full set. It is helluva amount of money according to Polish market so both of the uniforms won’t be common so fast.
I didn’t have a chance to get trousers in GreenZone. Guess why? Sold out just a minut before I came in to the store . Also, we didn’t have time to organize some serious and more professional field comparison so far. Comparison of wz.93, DPM, US Woodland, MARPAT woodland, MultiCam, CamoGrom, Flecktarn, A-TACS FG AND PenCott Greenzone would be ideal.
But so far we did our best 😉 It would be a waste of time being in the woods and not taking any photos. Taking the opportunity we also tested SAG pouches with different magazines. So I kindly warn you – don’t take it as a serious, testing photo shoot but rather like casual photos taken outside. But the cred goes to guys who was willing to take a quite long walk to the forest and take some photos which someone could use.
In my opinion – A-TACS FG will be awesome in the terrain like forest bunkers, rocks, meadows and foliaceous forests, especially in early autumn when fresh grass is mixed with fallen leaves.
PenCott GreenZone beats everything in grassy terrain, foliaceous forests, bushes, swamps as it contains great amount of bright green. And it is far more universal than A-TACS FG and Marpat but the last one is much better in the confireous forests. GZ is too bright there.
And now something that is the most important part here – photos…
In advance I thank Cytadela ASG for letting uniforms for photo shoot and Miwo Praszka for giving us their TCP belt and ST-3 harness for testing. Group photos were made by Rocker and main extras were Gabek (Wolna Kompania) – GreenZone/wz.93, Ja Qbek – wz.93/UCP and Mr. Stick (Pan Kijek) – CamoGrom. You can see laso flecktarn on some photos. Guys deserve nice cold beer for their commitment 🙂


PenCott Greenzone

Small comparison


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