From now on Gear Inferno begins a new cycle of weekly gear news. This will be an article that will appear once a week on Sundays, about 18 o’clock, so do not forget to follow our FB fanpage! Otherwise, you may miss something or just die 🙁 Anyway, instead of on the blog’s again and again news – it’s just better to do a summary of the week not everyone has time to watch the FB news from Monday to Friday. Soooo… tea, cake and Sunday Gear Inferno evening news.

Let’s roll!

You are from the EU and you need cool awesome tactical “murica!” gear? Note the appearance of the TacticalKit shop with equipment from Tactical Tailor. Most worth paying attention to this company are delicious backpacks.


Operator Pack 35000 can be worn as classic backpack or added to tactical vest.

How about Miwo Lubliniec ? They got a nice surprises for us – a low profile vests and JPC/6094 like plate carrier. Apparently MIWO reactivated new projects… or began toshow products from the Polish military contracts.


PACA style – MIWO Lubliniec low profile vest.


JPC/6094/PC QR LD “like” vest – bigger and advanced (4 plates and with comfortpads).

Husar Group – this time not tactical gear, but uniform – combat pants (something like Crye G1 with some G3 parts) in Pencott Badlands camo. Soon probably Greenzone. Niiiice 😀


Husar Group’s combat pants. Polish Badlands 😉

You like LOWA combat boots? Well, Mother Russia loves them. Russian Garsing company made LOWA Zephyr “brother”- ALLIGATOR. Looks cool. But… still as Zephyrs. And it’s not Chinese 😀 Awkward!


Garsing Zephry Alligators :v

If anyone has BIG wallet, you may want to pay for a new product in the store e-military, which is the Carinthia HIG 2.0 cold weather jacket. Price destroys the system, but who said that among gearwhores there is no CEOs of large corporations :D Overall, emilitary drop into a shop quite a bit of new Carinthia products, ideal for winter.


Looks great, works perfect, costs A LOT.

Old gear but better? We contacted with DBR Custom Gear, which converts and upgrades old tactical gear, mostly in classic US woodland. Ofcourse, as you can see on DBR fanpage – they also upgrade uniforms. Good work, thumbs up!


Frag pouch from LBV – here as universal mini cargo.


And light woodland chest rig on AAV vest.

You are a sniper? Great! Sprinter Custom Ghille has something for you – Viper Hood Multicam ghillie system and boonies: Sniper Boonie and Commando Boonie available in WZ.93 (Polish Army), PenCott Greenzone, Multicam and Multicam Tropic camouflages.


Viper Hood MultiCam – Pro version.


Multicam commando boonie (ventilated version).

AVE! See you next week!


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